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Just Listen To Her And Run

It hurts Grace deep inside to listen to Bliss and that she’s the only one making sense right now.

Note: There will not be a strip on Friday. I got behind on a lot of things (stressed) and took some me-time to cool down. The result is a skipped strip. But I will see you guys back on Sunday & I hope you’re enjoying this arc! If you are, let me know! :D

More Books!

Hey guys! If you don’t keep up with me on other social media sites like Twitter or Tumblr, you might not know that I’ve had a few more book releases since Children of Hephaestus was released! :D

Some handy places to see my books (and buy them! *hint hint wink wink*) are as follows:

Broken Pocket – My official Book Hub hosted by yours truly. It has all the information you’ll need in one place.

Goodreads – My Author profile. You can check out my book reviews here, add them to to-reading list, or even leave a review of your own! :D

Amazon Author Central – All my books for sale on Amazon. :D

And you can also find my books on Barnes & Noble/Nook, Kobo, iTunes/iBooks and Gumroad!

Last but not least, I’ve joined Write-On! by Kindle where you can read some free stories/see some works in progress! :D

Thanks a bunch guys! And as always, thanks for reading! :D


You may have seen the first announcement on a Buffer Break Post (that has now been deleted), but here it is again more formally: Grey Liliy has a Patreon Account! :D

What’s Patreon?

It’s basically continual crowd funding. Instead of raising money for one big project, you provide a small sum once a month (or per piece of work, depending on the artist’ preference–I went the month route) to support an artist financially with whatever it is that they need. Some use the money to buy better equipment, others are using it to cover their living expenses, and some are using it in place of ad revenue.

Either way, a lot of people donating a small sum means that the artist gets paid for their work, and everyone else gets to enjoy their artwork! Great, right?

And How Does This Apply to WaM?

One of the benefits of Patreon, is the use of reward tiers. While there’s no minimum or maximum that you have to donate per month, if you donate a certain amount, you get perks. Currently, I have two:

Donate $1 or More Per Month: You get to see each strip of Wiglaf and Mordred a week early! :D They will continue to post three times a week on the site, but they’ll be posted at Patreon first. So far it’s been working out rather well. :D

Donate $5 or More Per Month: And in addition to seeing WaM early, you get to read an original short piece of writing by me once a week.

If I think of more things I can provide, I’ll add them, but for now it’s fairly simple.

Other Benfits?

I’m a bit of an anxious wreck at times, and truth be told–it’s had an effect on WaM’s production. Stress during the day, and then the anxiety of being late with WaM’s sort of created a rather low spiral that I’m sure you’ve all noticed.

However, this past week? It’s been good. Really good. I’ve only had the Patreon going for a week and I’m already feeling better about things. Why? Since Patrons are emailed when a strip goes live, I’m no longer anxious about uploading the posts right at midnight. I can upload them when they’re done on the night before without worry, or even a bit late. And then, I can schedule the post so it’ll be all ready to go. I have three strips done and ready to post on time for you all.

No more late strips.

It’s a very little thing right now, but that alone is such relief I can’t even tell you how much.

So thank you for supporting me with this endeavor, even if you can’t or don’t want to donate. WaM’ll still post here, and there’s no pay wall. But, the peace of mind it’s giving me so far is worth it. So thank you, again for sticking with me for so long.

And if you’d like to see WaM early? Feel free to become my Patron. :D

Retired Survey

You might notice the sticky post with the survey is missing!

That’s because I’ve finally retired it. The survey was great while it lastest, but I barely check it any more and the responses have gotten very repetitive. Welcome, but repetitive. So it’s purpose has been served. AS such, it’s all been taken down, and archived.

Thanks to everyone who participated over the years! :D

Drawing Streams

Hey guys! This is your friendly reminder that you can watch WaM be drawn live Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays on the WaM Ustream channel from 9pm to 11pm EST! :D

Attendance has been stable, but down lately, so I encourage folks to come show up and hang out if you’ve got the time. It’s a lot more fun with a large group of people (and helps me stay focused!).

And of course, start times and stop times are listed on my Twitter–as well as any news of cancelations or late starts. :3

Hope to see you there!