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Hosted (My Stuff!)

These are sites I host myself, right here on liliy.net!


The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred

A webcomic featuring the journey of Wiglaf and Mordred as they try and figure out life and each other with the chaos of family, magic artifiacts, super villains, aliens and whatever else decides to pay them a visit. (Updated Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.)


Broken Pocket

My original writing & novels can be found here, including information as to where you can purchase them!



My blog updated with musings from anime to art to whatever else I feel like talking about. (No longer updated. Available for archive purposes and for reading.)



A completed comic about a Scientist who saves an abused experiment. 24 pages. (Non-Updating Site. Available for archive purposes and for reading.)


Elsewhere (Me On Other Sites)

These are accounts I have on other sites, such as art sites, blogs, or whatever else have you. It's not a complete list (since I don't list forums, or less social web sites), but they are the most active ones. :D



Want to help support me create more art and novels? You can help out at Patreon! It's like continuous crowd funding, where you set how much you'd like to donate per month! :D




Check out what I'm reading~ Or have read. Not to mention all of my books that I've written are also listed here! You can read reviews and all that great stuff.

my currently-reading shelf:
Liliy's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (currently-reading shelf)



While my published works can be found on Broken Pocket, I also have a selection of free works and works in progress you can read on Belletristica! I hope you can check them out.



I've joined a federated site! Come say hello to me on Bluesky. I'm pretty active over there and loving the personal feeds!



I've recently taken up both Crochet and Knitting! You can see my projects and all sorts of other fun things here on Ravelry. I'd love it if you were my friend so I can see what you've made! :D


Grey Liliy's Stuff (Tumblr Account!)

Enough people asked, so I had to deliver with a Tumblr. Now I can't seem to stop using the site. This is definitely the most updated of anything on this list, so here it is if you want to follow me--but be warned, there is a lot of fandom and squeeing to be found here in addition to series reviews and discussions. ;)



My Twitter account. Whoo~ You know you want to read short updated bites about my life. (This is also where I announce art streams for Wiglaf & Modred. :D)



I joined Instagram. I'm not super active there, but I have an account! Drop by and check out some photos. :D



I have a TikTok. And this is my account there. XD


Archive of Our Own

A wonderful place to host fanfiction (Username "GreyLiliy"), and where you'll find most of my more recent works. Feel free to stop by and read or comment! (I mirror older items here from fanfiction.net or Tumblr by request only.)



All of my fanfiction used to be hosted at Fanfiction.net (Username "GreyLiliy"). As of now, I only update the works that are already there, or mirror ones I'm proud of. Check it out if you want - just remember to review!



I am on Dreamwidth! Feel free to say hello or check me out there! :D



I'm on Reddit now! I'm not there a ton, but I do post in discussions from time to time.



All of my artwork is hosted here on Deviantart (Username "Liliy"). Feel free to stop by and comment and chat!



I am on Gaia Online. Though, I stay more for the NPC characters. I've never been good at keeping threads going. And the avatars are way too cute:



Adoption site. Cute things. I was hooked. What can I say? (Please click my pets! :D They like it!)



Friends (Cool Peeps)


Mary Sneddon

Fellow author and all around awesome person. :D


Cowgirl Em

Home of my good friend Emily. Here you can find information about her artwork, commissions and all sorts of other things.


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