Google Buzz? Google Don’t.

Google Buzz is the newest thing to hit the Google line. A supposed plethora of features that would connect twitter and a few other services and wrap them into your gmail.

At first? I thought this was pretty cool. Seemed like a neat thing.

So I went to post a buzz and realized that before you can post ANYTHING you have to update your Google Public Profile (I had one that showed me as my nickname ‘Liliy’). I noticed it had my real name attached but didn’t think too much on it b/c I had opted to not show my real name, but instead the nickname.

By agreeing it automatically makes your real name public and enters you into Goggle’s domain to be searched as a contact.

This is not acceptable.

My real name was plastered all over google Buzz to all of my contacts and to anyone who had my e-mail address (and since I offer that freely to anyone who visits my sites – that’s a lot.) My GMail account is for both private and web-related mail which means I deal with both people I know and total strangers. It worked for me. It doesn’t any more.

What’s worse? Google doesn’t seem to care. There are literally hundreds of posts screaming about this violation of privacy that are being ignored or brushed over with “It’s not a big deal.”

The icing on the cake? Google’s Official Reply to the backlash (bold added for emphasis):

“The first time you create a post or comment in Buzz, we ask you to create a limited public profile (at a minimum it’s just your first and last names).”

Has Google not realized that it’s that “first and last name” thing that’s gotten us all so upset? I don’t even have the OPTION to be seen as an alias or Nickname like I do for most of their other services. I’m so livid I don’t even think I can see straight.

I’ve changed my name on my profile and I will not being changing it back until this is fixed. They do not have the right to decide whether or not I want to be available to be searched or if I want everyone to know my RL alter ego.

Yours Truly,


2 thoughts on “Google Buzz? Google Don’t.

  1. LiZn

    Obviously no one at Google has experienced the terror of being stalked before. our Lit professor wants us to have blogs with our names on them and use them to post our personal thoughts. After having gone through the whole “been stalked by a guy who threatened to rape me until I got pregnant” ordeal, Prof can kiss mine. I don’t have the resources to up and move next time that happens. Google has seriously lost it, unless they are assuming new users will just use aliases and current users will make new profiles under aliases.

    1. Liliy Post author

      *nod* The number of stories that sound like yours that have been popping up all over the place show just how dumb this is.

      *shakes head*

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