Arcee. Rules.

Making Arcee a Toys R’ Us exclusive was the cruelest thing I think Hasbro could have done to the Animated Toy line.

That said – I looked for her in Toys R’ Us. I looked for her quite often. But, I work normal hours which means I could never make it to the store on delivery days. So, thanks to other rabid fans and scalpers – I was out of luck.

And I refused to pay $30+ or more before shipping for a $12 figure.

Well, one day I got lucky. I was browsing Ebay and saw one for $10, I went ‘okay’ and went ahead and bid. I got outbid immediately so curious of the other person’s High Bid – I went all the way up to $21. And then – I find an Arcee for $9.50 that ends in 20 minutes. I went ‘what the hell?” and bid. And ended up winning her for $11. I was freakishly happy and if you follow my Twitter you probably heard me squealing. (Thankfully someone who knows who he is outbid me on the other figure. XD)

She arrived in the mail and I am, very very happy. This is a nice figure and well worth it. They really should have printed more of her because she would have sold out no matter what.

But – I’m going to show you pictures of the other Toys R’ Us Exclusive figure first just to hold out the suspense! :D

Cybertron Mode Ratchet – I actually found him in the store. And he’s a cutie:

Cybertron Mode Ratchet


But none of you care about him (as noted by the fact there’s still another figure of him sitting on the shelf in my local Toys R’ Us…) So here’s Arcee!!

Animated Arcee Poses

She is Hard. Core.

I was not a huge fan of Arcee in G1 – sure I adored her paired up with Springer (OTP!) but she was mostly just there. And that thing with her and Daniel later in the series was just plain creepy. Animated Arcee – now her I liked. She was still meek and modest, but you could tell she was well, useful. Girl was a school teacher! You know she had some brass.

Animated Arcee Poses

She glitters.

And let’s face it – her Animated ReDesign was slick and probably called back to the original G1 design more than most of the cast. This figure just looks good – and it glitters. *_* (See, this is how Glitter is done Edward Cullen! Take some notes!)

Animated Arcee Poses


And best of all – the figure revealed some other fun stuff about her, like the fact her weapon of choice is dual swords. You know she used those on her students. :D

Ratchet and Arcee

Awesome Duo

And much the way Animated drives me crazy with screwing with my OTP’s (G1 Optimus x Elita-One & BW Silverbolt x Blackarachnia somehow morphing into TF:A Optimus x Blackarachnia) – it does it again messing with G1 Arcee x Springer to the above. Ratchet & Arcee in Animated are ridiculously adorable together.

Figures Battle

Blurr is Jealous

And now Blurr is jealous because he’s no longer my favorite TF:A figure. It’s okay, Blurr! Your’e still the second favorite!

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