Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn (Book 4)

Well, went to a wedding today and that two hour drive gave me just enough time to finish reading the forth Twilight novel. Hurrah~

I don’t actually have that much to say. Despite this book being disliked by even the fans, to be perfectly honest I enjoyed it. It’s finally reached the point of ridiculous in Twilight that I found the book amusing at the very least.

Mostly, just a lot happened. Bella & Edward get married; she becomes a vampire, vampire kiddie and of course the much acclaimed missed moment of awesome when the final battle of the series is…a chat. Etc.

Of course there were the bits that were annoying (read: Bella the ultimate Mary Sue with her perfection in everything from the birth, to handling being a vampire, to mastering her skills at the end, blah blah blah – or the total cop out at the ending. I’m sorry; but it was a cop-out and if you read it you’ll probably agree.) but there were its fun moments.

I’ll admit to laughing when Bella went psycho on Jacob after realizing he nicknamed Renesmee “Nessie” – and thought that despite all the crazy over Jacob imprinting on a little kid it was actually kinda cute. I mean, the kid had the maturity of an adult already so it wasn’t as noticeable as it could have been.

Let’s see. All the characters I liked lived, so there’s that too I suppose.

This is probably the least informative/rant worthy review, but honestly I didn’t have that much to rant about. Let’s face it – I’ve read worse. I really have. I’ve willingly read fanfiction that has a worse plot and even worse writing so for comparisons sake it wasn’t that bad.

And before I forget – about a forth of the book was from Jacob’s point of view dealing with him and his pack and I’ve thought that side of the story was interesting from the second book. Leah & Seth were fun and even seeing Jacob reluctantly bond with Edward was fun. Especially when Edward was freaking out over the pregnancy and admitted that if “having puppies” was safer for Bella he’d go for it. Particularly funny when Jacob thought about what that meant.

Either way, I’ll still end up seeing the double feature that comes out for this book & will probably like it.

Conclusion for the Twilight Series:

Could have been worse. I’m probably throwing myself into the ‘fan’ category as long as we’re acknowledging that it’s mostly a guilty pleasure. XD

Either way – my advice? Read it for yourself and make your own opinion….

And I do like the movies. Heh.

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  1. LiZn

    I’m going to have to have you read my book so you can tell me where it is Mary-Sue-ish and I can fix it. (And any other blunders that will undoubtedly make it in).

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