Roy II Got Hot…ter.

Random post is random…my poor blog was wanting some love.

And Okay, so I know I haven’t had time to talk about my Disney Trip yet with KGJ/CageyJay (no time this month XD) but I did FINALLY get one of my souveniers out of the bag and serving it’s intended purpose.

But first – a quote:

“[Liliy], you have always loved Jessica Rabbit and it’s something I’ve never understood but have come to accept.”

Well, it may not be exact but ‘Jay said it. XD

And it’s true. Jessica Rabbit has been one of my favorite female characters/actresses for as long as I can remember from the first moment I saw her on my television on the Disney channel playing an edited version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

So…when shopping we happened to run across a vinyl window decal of her in a store & I knew I had to have it and it needed to be on my car.

So now it is:

Jessica Rabbit Vinyl

You have no idea how giddy it makes me to have that on my car. Almost as the same as when I realized ‘Jay had bought me a hand drawn sketch of the woman on our last trip there together. XD

Anyway. Finally had something I really wanted to share with you all…and now that’s done – I can go draw WaM like a good girl. XD

…closer look:

Jessica Rabbit

2 thoughts on “Roy II Got Hot…ter.

  1. KGJ

    XD No, that’s a pretty accurate transcription of the comment. And to think I was just kicking my self yesterday thinking, “That came out really patronizingly.”

    Well done, putting the sticker on your car. You’ll have to hold forth on your workmates’ reactions when they see it!

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