NekoCon 13

Whoo hoo~ Another Nekocon come & Gone. Only this year I actually talked to people. Hurrah! XD Con Breakdown is now a go!


I got lucky on Friday. I got to the convention around 12:30pm and basically walked over and registered. I was done registering myself and my brother in less than ten minutes. I can’t remember the last time that’s happened at a convention. Good timing. So anyway, I mostly hung around the Tamuran booth and bothered them as a pest in general save for the few moments I wandered away when they got busy. Even picked up the first issue of their comic & I got a button of the Tree Creature. Glee.

Tamuran Issue 1

Button, button, Whose got the button? I do.

The cute buttons of Ed & Al from Fullmetal Alchemist I got from the TechnoAngel booth next door. & The little Annie button of course came from Megami of Annie. So, a fun social day. XD


The busy day of the con was of course, busy. I arrived with my brother (for once, I cosplayed – even if I was just dressed up in my renaissance bar wench outfit XD) and we wandered about. We hit the dealer’s room & artist alley before checking out the awesome AMV competition. All of the videos were really good this year. I was rather impressed.

Around three o’clock I was back at the Tamuran booth where I snuck behind the line & Erin and I played Kip’s Theme (Me on Violin, Erin on Guitar). After that we just played some folks songs and had a blast more or less. And as I stated over at WaM, Humi paid us a visit and I gave out my first autograph. XD So lots of fun there too.

My Saturday Swag:



Everything except for the Al Keychain came from a random grab box. My bro gave me the keychain. (which is fair considering I bought him two Yoko Figurines. XD). But most importantly – I got a France Hetalia Keychain. I couldn’t make up my mind which one I wanted so I let the box decide for me. Happiness~ *hugs France*

Sexy France

Edit: Also. My brother and I actually went to the Phoenix Wright Mock Trial this year. It was hilarious and I’m glad we went an hour early to get in line. The place was PACKED. Quite literally every seat was filled in the room. So fun stuff there and Frannie’s hair was pink XD


And this morning. After church & lunch with the folks, my brother and I headed back for one last walk-around the dealer’s room and artist alley.

My last purchase of the con was the first volume of Winters in Lavelle. As I told Kasey (the author) I see her advertising on WaM all the time…and since I never had time to go click through her archive I just picked up the book. And she was super nice and we had a quick convo with Erin (who was there coincidentally when I went to grab the book XD) and yet again I was told to get a freaking table…it’s a conspiracy I tell you!

Anyway; she signed the book and drew a cute sketch of the heroine. XD

Winters in Lavelle

Winters in Lavelle

Winters in Lavelle

Authograph & Post Card that came with book~

And that ended yet another successful con. Lots of fun & got to meet a few new authors and fans. Yay!! *throws confetti*

3 thoughts on “NekoCon 13

  1. Aden

    Man, Pika-chan, I got con drama and didn’t even go D: But I’m glad you had fun. I’ve been finding myself sticking around the Artist Alleys and Dealers rooms at conventions a lot more the last few I’ve gone to. It makes me want to try again. :gasp: I’m considering going to AMA when it comes around. You should totally let me know if you go so I can track you down :o Just curious, are there any other cons you usually hit? o.o I’m so disillusioned and jaded when it comes to Neko because it’s RIGHT HERE. Admittedly, AMA isn’t far either. Bra almost always pops up at the cons too, well mostly Neko and Otakon, but still it’s like a reunion sometimes @_@

    I don’t think I’ve been to your blog much. It’s really adorable! XD :love: Good luck with the NaNoWriMo-ing! :] Write, write, write!

    1. Liliy Post author

      Usually I only go to Nekocon on Saturday but this year I actually knew some artists in the alley so I went all three days. XD

      Hmm. Neko, Katsu & Ota are the only ones I really hit. And even then it usually depends on who else is showing up. Haven’t decided if I’m going to either Katsu or Ota this year yet…

      1. Aden

        I’ll have to remember that! Once I get a job going again I plan to hit at least either Katsu or Ota unless I can get my friends to head to like NYCC or something. I’ll find you again one day! XD

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