Hawk & Dove #1 and #2

Well, when I picked up my weekly comics on Comixoloy today, I wasn’t expecting to come out with a new favorite series. In fact, I think this just blew the rest out of the water by the sheer fangirl-ness it brought out. I’ve read both issues three times today and I was sure nothing was going to kick Supergirl out of the lead spot. (You can tell because I’m writing about it today in a full post instead of the little Fangirl blurb on Friday.)

What comic would this be? Why it’s in the title and below:

Hawk & Dove Written by Sterling Gates & Art by Rob Liefeld (Colors by Matt Yackey)

The General Stuff

Alexander Quirk, our Bad Guy

But Issue #1 did have this guy and I love this panel. Don't ask me why.

This is my first experience with Hawk & Dove – completely. I don’t think I’d ever even heard of them before I saw the mini series pop up on Comixology before the big DC 52 relaunch (Remember folks, new to American comics save for Batman…) It wasn’t until I was browsing through covers on the main DC website and saw the third issue “Hawk & Dove vs Condor & Swan” that I went “I…think I need to read this.” So, I tacked the first two issues to my Wed. order today so I’d be ready.

I think the fact I picked up Issue 1 & 2 at the same time helped quite a bit where this series is concerned. Issue 1 suffered from a lot of low reviews and so it wasn’t high on my list (since I’m trying to control myself by picking and choosing series).

After reading the first issue, I can see where they got that idea -artwork aside (I’ll get to that later). While I really loved the two characters, Hawk & Dove, the first issue definitely reads more like a prologue or a quick intro (summary?) than a self-contained comic. It made me laugh, though, and filled in some back story for the two characters that I definitely needed. So, definitely important to read, but definitely something that needed a little more immediately after.

(Not to say the issue by itself should be entirely discounted, I definitely laughed during the opening plane scene and I really felt myself attached to Hank and Dawn as they worked out their frustrations on their respective loved ones.)

Crazy Lady

Crazy...but also Crazy Awesome. Love her.

But that’s where Issue #2 comes in. We have a bunch of new characters related to the ‘Avatars’ of Hawk and Dove (Condor!) and we get a lovely crazy lady to go with our new crazy man Condor. Plus, we get to see more of Hank and Dove in action together, as well as seeing them out of consume. Things get even more fun when we see Dove’s boyfriend, Deadman and Hawk’s ex, Ren.

It’s fast, funny and we find out that Hawk and Dove usually get along a little better than what we saw in the prologue (and that they’ve been together for years, not a few weeks or something.) Not to mention our new villains Condor & Swan are completely ruthless (even telling us straight out that Condor is a cannibal), but they work together really well unlike our bickering main duo. It’s a fun comparison and I can’t wait for their big showdown in Issue #3.

Hawk & Dove

I am in love with these two. Hank/Hawk is angry all the time and I love it. Dawn/Dove is definitely the peacemaker (no one should wonder why I loved Red Hood- long live the puns!), but I like how Hank’s constant anger doesn’t really get her down. She just sort of accepts him while dealing with her own problems and secrets – without rolling over and taking it completely (she’ll tell him like it is, but it’s clear she doesn’t want to change him or anything). Despite their bickering, they work really well together on a character level and I think that’s what makes it all so great. They’re like those two friends who fight constantly, but deep down care a lot about each other – and everyone knows it (save for maybe Hawk & Dove, themselves).

(And the obvious jealously dripping from both Ren and Deadman toward Dawn and Hank, respectively, was fantastic. <3)

On a side note, I now ship Hawk & Dove like there’s no tomorrow. Canon or not, they’re my DC OTP. <3

Dove's Battlecry

Although I still can't figure out for the life of me what 'Kaaiw' is supposed to sound like...

The Artwork

I love the artwork of this book.

I hope Rob Liefeld never leaves this series. There’s been this focus on ‘realism’ in the comics world lately, that I haven’t quite gotten into, no matter how popular the Nolan Batman films have been. It’s definitely worked it’s way into modern comics lately with all of the issues focusing on realistic proportions and an overly detailed drawing style.

If I wanted realism I probably wouldn’t be reading/watching Super Hero comics/shows in the first place.

It’s amazingly refreshing to see the exaggerated, 90’s comic style that I’ve come to adore in older book series I’ve been exploring as of late, like the first Young Justice series (which is amazing). Big blocky shoulders, almost-Hartman hips, full lips and exaggerated facial expressions – I love it. I know the art has been getting a lot of bad press lately for a style that’s so radically different from a lot of what the rest of DC is doing right now, but personally I’m really glad it’s there. It adds that extra something to the characters that brings them to life.

Hawk and Dove Heights

And Dove is ridiculously tiny compared to Hawk and it is ADORABLE.


This series hits so many of my fan buttons and I didn’t even realize it. The gruff manly man (I’m such a closet fan of this trope…but no longer!), the adorable level headed girl partner (who’s strong without being in your face about it), bickering couples, jealous spouses, stressed/over worked agent (Watanabe!), and so much more.

Plus, there’s Hank’s backstory with his brother that I won’t get into to avoid spoilers, but I look forward to more flashbacks of that, too.

And of course finding out more about Dove’s secrets (and seeing if it lines up with the spoilers I’ve been reading about the older series’).

The point is – series is good stuff. Read 1 & 2 together to get a fuller picture of what proves to be an amazing series.

Edit: Slight fangirl moment – Liefeld linked here from his blog! (Which is awesome.) And our fangirl moment ends. <3

7 thoughts on “Hawk & Dove #1 and #2

  1. berlin crisss

    i totally agree with you on all points stated…i just came along from rob´s blog because he linked your review given as a reference to HAWK&DOVE latest issue. And it was a real pleasure to read your conclusion of the book. I hate the road nowadays -comic-books are taking, pretending to be horribly sophisticated, complex and ingenious… and i´m bored of that photo-realistic style as well ( who´s really tracing, hm? ). Todays comics take themselves all to serious by now, imitating movies and denying their roots. comics were pulp and pure entertainment in the first place, exaggerative, colorful, simple and because of that so enjoyable… without any kinds of educational sub-messages or pedagogical ambitions. but while every artist strives for perfection many books suffer of sterility, lacking remarkable significance. I really do believe the mistake an artist makes while he´s drawing defines his own remarkable style, it´s his own reflection of interpreting reality. Apparently, Rob isn´t the best artist by far,but he´s extremely inspiring to me as i plan to draw my own comic-book. He takes my fears of contact refering to actually producing comics and also fills me with confidence like no other artist did before. In fact, doing comics is hard labor….talking comics is easy work…. i´ll keep watching you ;-) best regards

    1. ROb

      If you think the TALENTED artists out there who can actually DRAW and communicate in a language that isn’t a pathetic mess of sameness are “tracing” then you are truly and rightly %^#^&ed. Enjoy your liefeld-ian garbage. Aspiring to be like him is like dreaming of being the Fry cook at McDonalds. Idiot.

  2. Tony

    Totally, agree with your article/points!

    Who needs realism when it is a comic book for Christ’s sake:)?…

    Rob’s artwork style reminds me a lot of the late Jack Kirby’s style, in the DYNAMISM that was the King’s trademark! Rob’s artwork, while not realistic – again, who wants a realistic looking comic book story when the art of storytelling is meant to be “dynamic” ?- is AWESOME and DYNAMIC!

    ‘Nuff Said!

    1. ROb

      Yes, who needs realism in the printed form known as comic books. Rob is terrible and you’re worse than Hitler for supporting that no-talent hack.

    2. ROb

      Seriously though. have you people lost your minds?
      I laugh and laugh at the Liefeld apologists who always fall back on “I’m tired of well-drawn comics, I want Rob’s “dynamic” style, it’s fun!”
      You should all be chained to radiators and fed scraps of food thrown to you by curious onlookers.

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