Liliy is a Fangirl #7

…I’m not very good at keeping a schedule, am I?

Uh, short one this week. XD


Read Planet of the Apes (GoodReads review here!) by Pierre Boulle~ Good stuff, actually. One of these days I’ll actually watch the Heston Version of the films considering I’ve only seen the Tim Burton reboot. (Which I liked.) Considering I quite normally despise Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Orangutans, it’s an oddity that I seem to like this series so much. Go figure.

And I ship Ulysses x Zira. Like no tomorrow. Nova and Cornelius can hook up on their own.

Probably something along the lines of how I can adore Finding Nemo, but am seriously freaked out by normal fish eyes.


Deathstroke #2: …not much happened. It was basically Slade beating things up for twenty pages. Don’t get me wrong, Slade being bad ass is awesome, but it gets a little tedious when that’s all he does for the entire issue. Things that will keep me reading the series regardless of this issue being kinda boring:

  1. Cristoph <– Love him. Seriously. Slade’s manager-dude wins.
  2. Hopes that he’ll run into Nightwing – it’s Slade. He’s got to go hunt down Dick Grayson and tease him/make him miserable at some point. Even the advert for other comics in the digital version was ‘Nightwing’ XD
  3. It’s Slade. And he’s making puns. Saving grace of the issue, no question:
Slade Makes a Pun - "You Catch a Flat?"

Oh, Deathstroke, you.

Swamp Thing #1 & #2: Random comic purchase of the evening. It was good, but I’m really confused. I feel like there’s a ton of back-story I should have gotten. XD It’s probably not a good sign when the issue starts with “A lot of stuff happened that I’ve put behind me” and not knowing that that stuff was…oh well. The art is pretty…? We’ll see how far I get with this one. XD


A little taste of the old stuff.

Superboy #2: We got a taste of sarcastic, 90’s Superboy in this one with his teasing of Rose. Not as much as I’d like (I’d take 90’s wanna-be playboy, Lex Luthor!Jerk, Superboy over the new angsty one in the Young Justice cartoon any day), but I can see they’re trying to work his old behavior in with the more mature/calm one from his later Teen Titan days. It works out better than the all serious all the time version on the YJ Cartoon by far. Still a good issue all around and I’m excited for when he meets Tim again with Teen Titans.

Because if Tim Drake and Superboy aren’t best friends, closer than Superman & Batman, making them one of the classic World’s Finest Team-ups,  eventually (I shall allow the build-up character development to occur as it did originally – they didn’t just meet and be bosom buddies, after all): I will not be happy. The fans raging over Starfire will be nothing compared with my fan!rage fury.
Tim and Kon-El. <3