Liliy is a Fangirl #9

I should seriously just start doing these on Wed. when new comics come out. XD


Finally saw the first Planet of the Apes Film (With Heston) & rewatched the Burton film. I still like the Burton version more. Leo x Ari. Yes. <3


Just read my goodreads page. XD I put everything there.


Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi (World’s Greatest First Love) – This is a Boy’s Love series by the same team that did Junjou Romantica – and it shows. It’s not often you find a full series Boy’s Love that has quality animation, is genuinely hilarious, and has such a great cast. <3 I’m loving Season 2!

And I really need to catch up with Blue Exorcist. XD



Aquaman: Mera is awesome~ I think the best part about Aquaman is his wife – and the fact they’re a superhero tag team. Ha ha. Though, they’re still going on with the ‘Aquaman is a loser’ jokes, and now it’s “AquaWoman” or whatever they’re calling Mera. XD Anyway, good issue – lots of action and Aquaman is still adorable.  He sort of reminds me of a down home, county sherriff.

Superman: Redeemed itself from last issue. The invisible monster fight was great~ And it had a great twist at the end that got Jimmy and Lois into the action. This saved it from the drop pile. XD

Flash: Another good issue. Not quite as good as the first one, but still up there. :)

I will ship them out of spite.

Teen Titans: They  need to back off the Tim x Cassie – like a lot. It is way too early for that. I know they’re just hinting at it, and I know that they dated, but still. (I won’t deny, this is the hardcore Superboy x Wonder Girl shipper in me talking.) But enough of that. They’re still introducing new people and it’s…well, this is always my least favorite part of a series. So I’m working through it.

Also, a little bothered that Bart is reminding me more and more of Wally West from the new Young Justice TV Series than he is Bart Allen. He just doesn’t seem to have that same innocent idiocy going for him…hmm.

At least Skitter is cool. <3