Liliy is an Author #3

How is everyone’s NaNoWriMo going this week? We’re getting close to the bend and hitting that 50k! On that note…

NaNoWriMo/Nonnative Ice

It is very possible this novel may never see the light of day outside of my computer. I’m starting to develop a hatred for the thing. Getting my word count in this month has been downright excruciating. To get to 38k today, it took quite a bit of word padding and shameless repetition of themes (I’m also certain half of what’s written are just the characters voicing out loud the plot problems and story issues that I myself am noticing).

But! Whatever gets those words down, right? *chuckles into the wind*

Not all is lost, though, thanks to:

The Candlemaker’s Merman

I was shopping in BJ’s with my mother on Sunday night, when a story slammed into my head like a freight train. Not joking–that’s what it felt like. However, I had no paper, no proper way to type it out and a good two more hours of groceries. So, while picking up macaroni and cheese and fresh fruit, I plotted in my head. Constantly. I’m fairly certain I was writing in my head while people tried to have a conversation with me, but I could not let myself forget it.

The moment I got home, all 3000 or so words poured out onto the screen and I loved it. I’m really excited about this one. I’m talking CoH is almost completely done excitement. If things work out, this should be the first part in a series of novellas about a candlemaker and the merman he rescues from a fishery.

The only downfall about being excited about a new work, is it has distracted me from the other two…

Children of Hephaestus (1&2)

Children of Hephaestus got no love from me this past week. When I wasn’t ripping my hair out with this year’s NaNo, or falling in love with a candlemaker and a merman–I was playing Skyrim (I’m horrible at this game and yet I can’t seem to stop playing once I start…how does that work!?).

Editing and writing took a hit, I won’t deny it. :D

Author Blog

J.A. Konrath You’ve probably heard of this guy already (if you’re into writing), and probably already have an opinion about him. Me? I like him. He’s definitely the reason I decided to take the final dive into self-publishing. I won’t go into all my reasons here, but the short version would be: J.A. Konrath pointed out that there’s no shame in self publishing if you take the time to do things right.

And I’m glad he did. He’s also fun to read, but you can find that out for yourself. :)

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  1. Aja

    I like this new author feature! It’s fun/motivating to hear about your progress every week. :D And nice to see that someone with a busy schedule is still making time to write.

    …Man, I love that feeling when a new story idea hits. Plot freight trains > plot bunnies. XD

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