Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Movie 4)

Alright, it’s that time again – Twilight Time. Oh yeah. I wanted to see it the day it came out…but I was drawing WaM. Go figure.

I’m sure you figured out by now, that while the books are kinda’ bad, I’m a fan of the movies. I really like the movies. I will probably buy a box set when the fifth one is finally out. I admit it.

The movie is basically the same as the book, so my earlier review still applies more or less, even if I wrote it oh, a year and some ago.

I love Bella’s Dad & Jacob. I swear, I go to these movies to see those two act. Billy Burke needs to be in more films. The man’s hilarious and absolutely perfect for the role of Charlie. Or maybe I just need to see more of the movies he is in. One of the two.

Actually, all the parents and grandparents in this movie are great. The side cast of Twilight are all awesome and talented. :D

And Taylor Lautner is still the best of them, and he works well as Jacob. And since Jacob is my favorite character, book or movie, I wish him well in the future once the Twilight films are done.

As for book scenes to movie scenes, the wedding was great, the honey moon was funny, and the birth of the kid went about the same as the book…probably worse. But I excepted that as there was no possible way to make the scene in the book transfer to film and not have it be horrible. It was horrible in the book. There was no saving it.

At least the imprinting thing with Jacob wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Yay Jacob. Actually, there could have been a lot more of Jacob. All of his book scenes were really slimmed down for the film. Which is depressing since those were probably the best parts of the book.

I also look forward to the ‘Nessie’ scene in movie 2.

But all of that was pointless because by this point, I’m sure you’ve made up your mind about Twilight long ago. :D