Goodreads is Love

No fangirl post this week. I haven’t bought any comics (Hawk and Dove is next week gosh darn it! *noms*), and I haven’t really watched any movies or anything.

Instead, I’ve been reading.

As you may have noticed, I’ve stopped listing books on my fangirl posts. Why? Because I have a Goodreads account and I hate cross-posting. XD

Why is Goodreads great? I shall list them:

  • Keeps track of my books
  • Has a huge selection, and lets you see multiple editions of the same book
  • Status updates
  • The ability to comment on reviews and status updates
  • The ability to see other people/friend’s status updates and books
Of those features, the Status updates is my favorite. When I stop reading, I pull out my Droid, type in the % that I stopped in the Goodreads app and it keeps track of my reading progress. I can actually see how long it took me to finish a book.
This has been amazing for cutting down my backlog. I’ve read more books thanks to this reminding me “You haven’t touched this book in a while” than having a literal stack of them next to my bed. Love it.
I do have a few nitpicks though:
  • All the commenting stuff does me no good if no one is on the site.
Unfortunately, I only have like 5 friends….and none of them update anything. *sniff* I’m missing out on all the interaction goods!
But that’s minor.
I still love this site. <3
You can check out my profile here & see all the books I’m reading! :D
Or you know, be my friend or something. *cough*

2 thoughts on “Goodreads is Love

  1. LiZn

    I wish I could read, I miss it. Unfortunately, I have not been able to concentrate enough to read much of anything. I hope it’s just a result of the stress.

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