Liliy is an Author #7

Hello again! My crazy December continues. It’s been wreaking havoc on my comic, WaM, but so far writing hasn’t been too deterred.

The Candlemaker’s Merman

I finished the rough, rough, rough¬†draft of the first book in the series. It’s sitting around 19,000 words, and I figure it’ll hit a nice 30,000 once I fill out the barebones plot with some lovely character development. The beta readers have it at the moment, so I look forward to their feedback before I start digging in too deep.

In the meantime, I’ve started book two, and it has about 2,000 words to its name. And speaking of progress, I had a lovely chat with my brother and I think we came up with some plots for later books. So yay!

I really like this series–it gives me the same sort of joy I get writing WaM, so I want to do it right. That means no slip-ups in the release schedule that I start…so you get to wait longer for the books to start coming out, but after that, they should come out on the intended schedule.

Now if I could only figure out what I want the schedule to be…how long do you mind waiting between short ¬†novellas in a continuing series? (That’s reasonable…don’t say a book a week, or I’ll have to have a buffer of about what? ten to twenty books before you even get one… XD).

Children of Hephaestus 2: Jupiter

18,000 words out of the intended 120,000k. Not bad. Honestly not much to report on this front. I’ll probably stop mentioning it unless something big happens. XD

Children of Hephaestus

Editing is my Achilles heel. I can write like a hare, but I edit like a tortoise. I had four hours of a car ride with nothing to do but edit and I still only managed to mark up three chapters.

Must find a faster way to read out loud and edit at the same time…

Especially since I don’t intend to even start releasing Candlemaker until this one is out. :D *thumbs up*

Author Blog Post

I haven’t been reading much lately, but I just opened up this blog post to read…at this very moment. We can read it together! XD

How Much Should an Ebook Cost? From Seth Godin at The Domino Project.