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Liliy is a Fangirl #7

…I’m not very good at keeping a schedule, am I?

Uh, short one this week. XD


Read Planet of the Apes (GoodReads review here!) by Pierre Boulle~ Good stuff, actually. One of these days I’ll actually watch the Heston Version of the films considering I’ve only seen the Tim Burton reboot. (Which I liked.) Considering I quite normally despise Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Orangutans, it’s an oddity that I seem to like this series so much. Go figure.

And I ship Ulysses x Zira. Like no tomorrow. Nova and Cornelius can hook up on their own.

Probably something along the lines of how I can adore Finding Nemo, but am seriously freaked out by normal fish eyes.


Deathstroke #2: …not much happened. It was basically Slade beating things up for twenty pages. Don’t get me wrong, Slade being bad ass is awesome, but it gets a little tedious when that’s all he does for the entire issue. Things that will keep me reading the series regardless of this issue being kinda boring:

  1. Cristoph <– Love him. Seriously. Slade’s manager-dude wins.
  2. Hopes that he’ll run into Nightwing – it’s Slade. He’s got to go hunt down Dick Grayson and tease him/make him miserable at some point. Even the advert for other comics in the digital version was ‘Nightwing’ XD
  3. It’s Slade. And he’s making puns. Saving grace of the issue, no question:
Slade Makes a Pun - "You Catch a Flat?"

Oh, Deathstroke, you.

Swamp Thing #1 & #2: Random comic purchase of the evening. It was good, but I’m really confused. I feel like there’s a ton of back-story I should have gotten. XD It’s probably not a good sign when the issue starts with “A lot of stuff happened that I’ve put behind me” and not knowing that that stuff was…oh well. The art is pretty…? We’ll see how far I get with this one. XD


A little taste of the old stuff.

Superboy #2: We got a taste of sarcastic, 90’s Superboy in this one with his teasing of Rose. Not as much as I’d like (I’d take 90’s wanna-be playboy, Lex Luthor!Jerk, Superboy over the new angsty one in the Young Justice cartoon any day), but I can see they’re trying to work his old behavior in with the more mature/calm one from his later Teen Titan days. It works out better than the all serious all the time version on the YJ Cartoon by far. Still a good issue all around and I’m excited for when he meets Tim again with Teen Titans.

Because if Tim Drake and Superboy aren’t best friends, closer than Superman & Batman, making them one of the classic World’s Finest Team-ups,  eventually (I shall allow the build-up character development to occur as it did originally – they didn’t just meet and be bosom buddies, after all): I will not be happy. The fans raging over Starfire will be nothing compared with my fan!rage fury.
Tim and Kon-El. <3

Liliy is a Fangirl #6

I am dropping the ball on this posting regularly on a schedule thing, aren’t I? Well, it’s okay since like 5 people read this anyway. XD

Moving on.


Real Steel came out this week and I still haven’t seen it. RWAR. *noms movie*


Finished Let the Right One In, By Reason of Insanity, & Misery this week. All three very good & worth checking out. :) (All three are horror though, so if you don’t like violence/sex – I’d stay away. XD By Reason of Insanity had the least though; no sex – just a bit of violence but nothing on the level of the vampire book or Stephen King. XD)


Action Comics: Lex Luthor owned this book. I love that Lex & Clark’s rivalry is getting off to a great start. No matter how much Supes changes, he’s gotta’ have his Lex. Lois has changed quite a bit too, and I still can’t stand her. Hmm. Probably because she’s dating someone else. Her only saving grace for me in all previous incarnations is I thought Clark’s crush on her was the most adorable thing in existence. (It’s either Lois or Bruce. I shall accept nothing less for Clark! :3)

Detective Comics: This one’s hurting a little bit, mostly because Batman was so much better. XD Either way, story is moving along. Bruce is a playboy, the new villain’s got a complex about not being known by Batman (ha ha, inside joke since he’s all brand new to the DC Universe~), and it had a nurse. Nurse is fun.

Static Shock: …it may have just been me, but I had very little idea what was going on in this issue. I might have to re-read it or something. XD

Hawk & Dove: I fangirled over this enough.


I joined City of Heroes~ My character is “The Carmine Authority” and she’s on the Freedom Server~

Minecraft still owns me. :D



Liliy’s A Fangirl #1

I’ve decided that I need to update my blog more – to do this I think I’m going to try and start a series or two and hope that keeps me talking to you guys. So I’m thinking the series for Fridays & maybe one later in the week to focus on writing/my comics. Sound good?

We’ll start things off with the first edition of – “Liliy’s A Fangirl” (Fangirl? Friday? Ha ha. So original. *flips hair back*) – Where I talk to you about whatever geeked me out the most this week that you probably saw once or twice on Twitter. xD


Fright. Night. <– No contest. Fright Night won over all movie fandom for the past couple of weeks. I even have a screen of Jerry (Farrell) on my desktop at work. It has caused much teasing but they can deal with it.

Loved the 1985 version of the film like you wouldn’t believe. The actors were amazing (Roddy McDowall~ We miss you!) and the plot was fun. The 2011 version kept that same fun but modernized the story line to more of a Buffy thing. Both worked well and I’m a fan~

Best part of the series? The Old School Vampire rules. It’s just one of those things that should be in vampire stories. Their stupid, stupid rules that counter balance the fact otherwise they’re mostly all powerful and undefeatable. How else can you have a guy immune to bullets be stabbed with a pencil (wood!)? I’m sorry Edward Cullen – but you wouldn’t last a day if you had to follow the rules. :P

Or maybe you’d finally be bad ass. One of the two.


The DC New 52 started this week with JL#1 – I like. I liked it a lot. Green Lantern & Batman played off each other well and we start things off with a Superman vs Batman showdown. That’s the way to start a new series.

Can’t wait for the next new series to start Wednesday~

And thanks to a one-day Comixology Sale, I got all of Marvel’s Ultimates 2 for $14 – good deal. Only read through the first part though. Crazy Thor…oh Thor. *hugs him*

Also, still trying to get through Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist. It feels like I’ve been reading this book forever. >_< It’s not that it’s bad, but it goes back and forth between stuff I care about and stuff I don’t, so when I hit the parts I could care less about I tend to put the book down and forget it exists. >.> The parts with Eli & Oscar are good though. XD

Also, Friend gave me her book in progress~ Really good so far~ Need more time in the day to sit down with that. *_*;


I’ve been pretty lax on anime lately, but CrunchyRoll is helping that. <3 Them. That subscription is totally worth every penny for ad free streaming. I really hope more people support this service & funimation for streaming. Yay Legal options! :D Current favs include:

No. 6 – These episodes won’t come out fast enough and I missed yesterday’s new one…drat. *_* But seriously – Rat & Sion are the cutest things ever and I love it. Also, animation is win.

Otome Youkai Zakuro – Saw this series on an amazing AMV & loved the animation. So, I looked up the series on Crunchy Roll (it’s complete) and loved it. I watched the entire thing in about two sittings. Think Tactics, but with more girls & less shounen-ai everywhere. Very cute fluffy series about three pairings (including a canon twin OT3! XD). It even got me choked up there toward the end of the series with the more serious episodes. A tear may have fallen out.

Blue Exorcist – This series is just cute. >.> Slightly losing interest though with the later stuff. It was more fun when Rin was hiding his powers. XD


“Start a Fire” by Ryan Star.

That is all.


Who Censored Roger Rabbit

Movie vs Book

Some of you are probably familiar with the masterpiece that is Who Framed Roger Rabbit, an amazing movie from 1988 that pretty much set the standard for Toon/Live Action crossovers. If you’re not familiar with this movie – go buy it now. The movie’s amazing. XD

The point is – the movie gave us the awesome detective buddy team of  Roger & Eddie Valiant, Roger’s loving sexy hot wife, Jessica and a crime that he was framed for. Not to mention Christopher Lloyd playing Judge Doom – which also happens to be my favorite role he’s ever done. (Yes, it even topped Doc on Back to the Future).

Recently, I got to read the 1981 novel by Gary K. Wolf , Who Censored Roger Rabbit, of which the movie is based. I think it’s worth pointing out that the movie is a completely different storyline and tone from the novel. While the movie is a fun Buddy Cop film with a touch of Noir – the book is definitely a much more traditional detective noir novel, complete with murder, accusations, suspects and a fabulous femme fatale~

I enjoyed the novel much more than I thought, I think because the story is so different. It’s sort of like how Tenchi Muyo has three (well, more but I forget how many XD) different anime series all with the same cast but radically different universes and story lines that are separate.

Book Summary

The novel focuses on a double homicide – Rocco Degreasy and Roger Rabbit. The cops think Roger killed Rocco and Jessica killed Roger (since she had left Roger for Rocco). And Detective Eddie Valiant gets stuck in the middle as he decides to finish out the case and find out who really is responsible for these events. He has his work cut out for him, too, when everyone friend or foe keeps to the same story of “Roger and Jessica did it.”

Oh, and everyone wants Roger’s Tea Kettle.1

Eddie’s an alcoholic, Roger’s insane, The DeGreasy brothers are actually pretty comical for the main ‘bad guys’, Sid Sleeze (the porn producer) is actually pretty delightful, and Jessica is a manipulative, out-for-number-one, witch – who still manages to seduce everyone. It’s a much darker cast, but the humor is still there with the witty Valient calling all the shots as our main protagonist and narrator (in traditional detective style) and the events fun and woven together. Plus, there was none of the ‘Dip’ stuff from the movie – the Toons could die just as easily as humans could and that includes drowning or being shot.

The ending was good as well. One of the few times where everyone who had something coming to them got what was what & where the killer was obvious the entire time, but you just wrote it off because it was too ‘obvious.’ Worked well & I quite enjoyed it.

And even though it’s a spoiler – Eddie Valiant decking Jessica Rabbit and knocking her flat out cold on the floor was quite possible the most awesome moment in the book. And considering Jessica Rabbit is one of my favorite animated characters of all time (I put her on my freaking car) – that’s saying something.

Worth the read & fun trying to picture what it must look like to have physical word balloons appearing in the real world whenever Toons talked.

Favorite Quotes

And of course, we’re going to end the post with a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

“I went back to my office and let my bottom desk drawer buy me a drink.” – Eddie Valiant

“Dick Tracy came over to the car. I’d never seen him in person before, and I couldn’t believe how tall he was. Usually Toons turn actor to compensate for being shrimpy, but Tracey could look me in the eye with no trouble. And talk about square-jawed. I could have used his chin for a letter opener.” – Eddie Valiant

“You really are a louse, Valiant.” – Carol Masters

“Funerals, weddings, they’re all the same to me. The only difference is whether you walk or ride down the aisle. Either way you wind up six feed deep in misery.” – Eddie Valiant

“Don’t be too sure I’m the louse I’m supposed to be.” -Eddie Valiant

  1. If I had been on TVTropes, this is where I’d put the link to “Better Than It Sounds.”

NekoCon 13

Whoo hoo~ Another Nekocon come & Gone. Only this year I actually talked to people. Hurrah! XD Con Breakdown is now a go!


I got lucky on Friday. I got to the convention around 12:30pm and basically walked over and registered. I was done registering myself and my brother in less than ten minutes. I can’t remember the last time that’s happened at a convention. Good timing. So anyway, I mostly hung around the Tamuran booth and bothered them as a pest in general save for the few moments I wandered away when they got busy. Even picked up the first issue of their comic & I got a button of the Tree Creature. Glee.

Tamuran Issue 1

Button, button, Whose got the button? I do.

The cute buttons of Ed & Al from Fullmetal Alchemist I got from the TechnoAngel booth next door. & The little Annie button of course came from Megami of Annie. So, a fun social day. XD


The busy day of the con was of course, busy. I arrived with my brother (for once, I cosplayed – even if I was just dressed up in my renaissance bar wench outfit XD) and we wandered about. We hit the dealer’s room & artist alley before checking out the awesome AMV competition. All of the videos were really good this year. I was rather impressed.

Around three o’clock I was back at the Tamuran booth where I snuck behind the line & Erin and I played Kip’s Theme (Me on Violin, Erin on Guitar). After that we just played some folks songs and had a blast more or less. And as I stated over at WaM, Humi paid us a visit and I gave out my first autograph. XD So lots of fun there too.

My Saturday Swag:



Everything except for the Al Keychain came from a random grab box. My bro gave me the keychain. (which is fair considering I bought him two Yoko Figurines. XD). But most importantly – I got a France Hetalia Keychain. I couldn’t make up my mind which one I wanted so I let the box decide for me. Happiness~ *hugs France*

Sexy France

Edit: Also. My brother and I actually went to the Phoenix Wright Mock Trial this year. It was hilarious and I’m glad we went an hour early to get in line. The place was PACKED. Quite literally every seat was filled in the room. So fun stuff there and Frannie’s hair was pink XD


And this morning. After church & lunch with the folks, my brother and I headed back for one last walk-around the dealer’s room and artist alley.

My last purchase of the con was the first volume of Winters in Lavelle. As I told Kasey (the author) I see her advertising on WaM all the time…and since I never had time to go click through her archive I just picked up the book. And she was super nice and we had a quick convo with Erin (who was there coincidentally when I went to grab the book XD) and yet again I was told to get a freaking table…it’s a conspiracy I tell you!

Anyway; she signed the book and drew a cute sketch of the heroine. XD

Winters in Lavelle

Winters in Lavelle

Winters in Lavelle

Authograph & Post Card that came with book~

And that ended yet another successful con. Lots of fun & got to meet a few new authors and fans. Yay!! *throws confetti*