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LoveBots – OP x BA

It’s that time again~ Where I post pictures of a figure I got. XD

This time around it’s that special two-pack from Wal-Mart (That I had to get from Ebay b/c my Wal-Mart refused to carry it…no really. I check every week and they never have a single TFA toy. >_<)

And not just any two-pack! But my favorite couple from TFA!!! That’s right. Optimus Prime x Blackarachnia.

It's blue tinted because I don't know how to work my camera.

If you know me well, you know that I can’t watch anything without shipping something – and Optimus Prime x Elita-1 has always been a OTP. So…naturally it carries over into TFA (even if Blackarachnia x Silverbolt is my OTP for Beast Wars…. Why do you mess with me so TFA!?)

Anyway, the figures are great even if Blackarachnia is a little hard to model. But I love ‘Battle Damage’ Prime. Makes him look manly.

OP is whipped.

Still whipped.

But he's still got a giant Ax.

And hey~ It's OP's lady. Gotta' give her the lovin.

Anyway. I’d take more pictures but I’m out of time. So now they’re just cuddling on my desk next to Arcee & Blurr.