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Author #12 – Children of Hephaestus Cover

Children of Hephaestus Cover

It makes you want to read it, yes? Yes!?

So, I know I’ve been a bit quiet on the book front lately, but that’s because there wasn’t much interesting to talk about. I’ve been working on three or four things at once and spending all that time putting off the final edits of Children of Hephaestus¬†before I format it for print–but that’s all changed because I finished those edits–which means I can show you something great!

Because, as you can see to your left, I have an awesome cover and that’s worth a blog post to show!

If you follow my Deviant Art account, you may have seen my attempts to do the book cover for Children of Hephaestus myself here and here.

I think we can all agree hiring out was probably the better option. Especially since I love the final result and I can not wait to see it on a printed book. :3

Where did I get this awesome cover you may ask? Why, Andrew of Design for Writers! Not only was he amazing in helping me through the process of how ordering the cover works, but he also took the extra efforts to make sure I got exactly what I wanted & more importantly–what was right for the book. I was particularly impressed with his patience and friendly attitude when confronted with my pickiness. :D I’d use him again in a heartbeat, and if you’re in need of a cover (or website), I’d drop him a line. :)

Now. Just need to format the book, send the proofs out for that one last typo check…and then you all can have it! XD

Children of Hephaestus 3D Cover

Plus, a 3D cover wrap-around was included! How cool is that? :D (It's cool right? I'm not just easily impressed, right? Yeah. I'm right. It's cool.)