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Liliy is a Fangirl #12

…I did other things this week like movies and tv shows, but they were all kinda’ drowned out by DC’s comics this week. XD So without further ado~

(and you know this by now but — spoilers may appear!)


Batman #3 : Some dude really likes owls. XD I’d say more, but that’s really the gist of what I got from this issue…heh.

Mr. Tycho from Supergirl

Let him be a full time villain. Let him be a full time villain.

Supergirl #3 :  Let Mr. Tycho be a full time villain. Please, please, please, please DC don’t let him be a one shot intro villain. I’m begging.

I love him already.

I don’t know why, but he’s handsome, suave, has a secretary and I really hope he turns out to be Supergirl’s personal Lex Luthor.

Speaking, Supergirl is still rocking. I’m not usually for the slow burn, but with such gorgeous artwork, it happens to work for this series better than you’d expect. Loving it.

And let Mr. Tycho be a full time villain, please.

Catwoman Issue 3

She's awesome.

Catwoman #3 : Man this was a good issue. It had it all: powerful action, a great bad guy and some really moving scenes on Selina’s part.

I’ve noticed people complaining Selina’s been really reckless lately, and not as well planned out as more modern versions–but wasn’t that the point of the reboot? To take her back to a younger, less experienced Catwoman?

She’s still learning, and she’s finally realizing her behavior has consequences. That’s the part of the story that’s engaging and I’m really glad we get to see it here with the Lola storyline.

Also, Batman & Catwoman’s relationship is getting more defined and I love that all over the place.

Nightwing #3 :  This might honestly be the first series I drop from the DC line. XD I am really having a hard time caring about Dick Grayson and his problems. It’s not that it’s poorly written or anything, I just don’t think I’m a huge Grayson fan. I didn’t really start liking the Robins until Tim got to the scene (The Jason/Tim hybrid on B:TAS), and then fell in love with Comic Tim Drake & Jason Todd in Under The Red Hood. I don’t think I started liking Dick until he was Batman and teamed up with Damian…so. Yeah. Having trouble with this one. XD

Wonder Woman in Justice League #3

She won me over with 'Harpy'

Justice League #3 : Wow. XD I might actually like Wonder Woman for a change.  She was awesome.

I’m not even joking. There was something so great about her wandering around, not having a clue about anything, while Steve tried to track her down.

It’s fun and adds to the humor that Justice League has had building through this entire ‘here comes Darkseid’ thing. Plus, Green Lantern called ‘Dibs’ and that’s hilarious all by itself. Loving Justice League. It’s almost worth that extra dollar they’re charging. (But it still hurts.)

And for the record – I like the bloomers. I hope Diana never gets pants. *sits strongly in the short-shorts camp*

Red Hood and the Outlaws #3 : All the haters of Red Hood and the Outlaws? Read this issue. Now. I’ll sum up my thoughts by this:

Kori: Girl, you scary. o_O

Roy: You sweet, idiotic lug head…stop making Killer Croc weird…heh.

Jason: I’m going to beat you over the head. YOU GO GET THAT MEMORY BACK RIGHT NOW! *fumes*

Sorry. XD My favorite part about Jason Todd has always been his daddy issues. No question.

Still, the last scene of Red Hood and the Outlaws is as moving as the last scene in Under the Red Hood.

Look at it:

Jason and Bruce

Perfect Family Moment

Nothing more needs to be said.

Hawk & Dove #1 and #2

Well, when I picked up my weekly comics on Comixoloy today, I wasn’t expecting to come out with a new favorite series. In fact, I think this just blew the rest out of the water by the sheer fangirl-ness it brought out. I’ve read both issues three times today and I was sure nothing was going to kick Supergirl out of the lead spot. (You can tell because I’m writing about it today in a full post instead of the little Fangirl blurb on Friday.)

What comic would this be? Why it’s in the title and below:

Hawk & Dove Written by Sterling Gates & Art by Rob Liefeld (Colors by Matt Yackey)

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Liliy is a Fangirl #5

Yeah, so #5 in the series and I’ve already started posting late. Heh. Yeah, Friday’s update didn’t happen b/c work was annoying and I spent all afternoon on:



Seriously, I’ve been in such a lousy mood all week all I did when I got home was play Minecraft from 6pm to 1am.

I made a bridge and started construction on an underwater base….the non-smart way. Heh. Let’s just say clearing soil with running water is difficult and I really should have thought that through. *cough*

Here’s some shots:

As you can see….I should have done some more dirt clearing around it. *cough* But that’s okay, b/c I have a heard of sheep:

Moving on.


This was the last week of the new DC 52 #1’s! Here’s what I thought:

Flash: Loved it. The artwork was amazing, the humor genuine in a different way than Red Hood, Barry Allen is adorable and I love stories that involve fighting friends. Plus, I get to see the Barry x Iris relationship from the start. Eeeee. (They’re cute.) Patty’s pretty cute too, so I’m looking forward to that little Betty & Veronica fun.

Superman: I couldn’t read this the first time through. It’s really, really text heavy. And it’s descriptive text and speeches. I sat down with it later and tried again with more success. Eh. I think this is the first title I’m just going to wait for the price drop to read the rest of… (So, 1 month behind.) We’ll stick with Action Comics for now.

Teen Titans: Yay!! My Tim is finally back. *hugs* And he’s kinda’ power crazy now. o_0 They definitely went straight with crazy!Red Robin Tim for this one. He’s now definitely a mini-Batman with (A reviewer said this and I can’t get it out of my head) that Ozymandias (Watchman) flair. He’s even got Ozy’s hair now. *cough* Anyway, he’s power crazy and takin’ down evil organizations by himself and realizing….he needs a team. Cue hunting down Wonder Girl (Darn it, Cassie! Accept your name!) and a fun little brawl with helicopters. Yay. Next week should be fun and we’re looming ever closer to Superboy vs Wonder Girl in Issue #3. :D

Aquaman: This was the shocker of the week. I grabbed it on a whim b/c I had heard good things about it and man, was it good. The “Aquaman Sucks” jokes may have gone on one page too long, but the adorableness of Aquaman just trying to order Lunch and having flashbacks of his dad made it all worth it. Plus, you know, his wife Mera. She rocks. And I love they took him back to before the beard and hook that…I don’t know. Aquaman just never felt right for me, but now that he’s young, responsible, and clean shaved again – I think we’re going to have a good long run together.

I also picked up a few other comics this week, Black Cat which I talked about in a separate post, and these two:

Detective Comics #843, Opening Night & 844, Curtains: This was sort of a random drive by pick-up. It’s basically the introduction of the new Ventriloquist, Peyton Riley. I’m going to clarify that I loved Arnold Wesker, so when I heard he died in the comics I was a little miffed. But, I wasn’t ready comics at that time so I still had the cartoons to keep me happy. I picked this up when I noticed that Paul Dini wrote it and that Zatanna was in it.

Loved all of it. Peyton’s story is moving, I loved seeing Scarface again, and Zatanna hitting on Batman/Bruce was great. <3


Batman: Under the Red Hood. I watched it again. Loved it again. Why haven’t you seen this movie yet?

One of these days I’ll list Finding Nemo properly considering Iv’e watched it an unhealthy number of times.

Pro Red Hood Reviews

Edit 10/7/11: Added a pro-Starfire article.

I seem to have a one track mind this week when it comes to a certain DC Comic. Red Hood and the Outlaws is not a book for everyone. It’s definitely got that “love it/hate it” vibe that’s causing a stir whether people have read the book or not.

Unfortunately, the cries of the ‘hate it’ seem to be overwhelming and completely aimed at Starfire, despite the book being not only part of the Batman family, but about Jason Todd. People defending the book or pointing out it could be interpreted in other ways (like my own article) are instantly being attacked as ‘missing the point’ and ‘sexist.’ (Granted, the anger does go both ways –  I’ve heard some not so great insulting stuff from my ‘side’ as well. >_<) It’s rather harsh territory where no one wins.

It makes you start to feel alone when you sit there liking the book for what it is, and the potential of more to come. Since negative reviews are insanely easy to find thanks to certain articles, I’ve decided to gather up some positive reviews for the book series. You know, just to prove that opinions and tastes with comics vary and all that fun stuff.

If you see one I’m missing, drop a link in the comments or @greyliliy me on Twitter and I’ll add it. :)

General Book Reviews:

MaZZNet: Red Hood and the Outlaws #1: A Merry Band of Misfits (3.5/5)

Gotham Spoilers: Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 (4/5) – Contains full issue summary in addition to review.

True Believer Reviews: New 52 Review: Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 (7/10)

iFanboy: DC Comics 52 Pick Up – Week Three (3/5)

Cosmic Treadmill: Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 (8/10)

ComicVine: Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 (4/5) – The site also has some (quite a few – currently averaging 3.3/5) positive user reviews if you want to check them out. :)

Related Pro-Starfire Reviews:

ComicVine: In Defense of Starfire

Panels on Pages: In Defense of… Catwoman and Sexy Female Comic Characters

Bleeding Cool: In Defense of Starfire and Red Hood and the Outlaws 

Red Hood & The Outlaws: Starfire

I must be a masochist…let’s talk about Red Hood and the Outlaws‘ Starfire! (Also, if you see a ‘Skyfire’ pop up – my bad. I’m a huge Transformers fan and Skyfire is one of my favorites, so I’ve ended up typing his name instead of ‘Star’-fire on autopilot more times than I can count this week. It’s not unheard of that I might have missed one…and if I make it all the way through without a slip – yay me! :D)

The following is mostly going to be focused on Starfire, but you can read what I thought of the rest of the comic (along with Catwoman) in a little bit with my next ‘Fangirl’ post. ^^

This is a long one, so I actually used one of my ‘read more’ dividers. Ha ha. This should be a given, also, but there be spoilers below. :)

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