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Hawk & Dove #8 – Final Issue

This is by far my favorite cover...save for Dove vs Swan maybe.

And Hawk & Dove #8 arrives. The final issue.

Content wise, it ends the ‘Hunter’ arc, making it a solid two-parter.

There’s not much to tell you other than that–it’s got some great action (can we say ‘ninjas’ and monster fight? :D) and a conclusion to the storyline. It felt a tad  rushed (you can tell it was meant for more issues before the series was canceled), but both Hank & Dawn get some great last moments with the series.

The most important part: I enjoyed it. It was a good last issue & I suggest picking it up if you can. Give Hawk & Dove a little love! :D


Victory Walk

I don’t care what anyone says, I loved this series. I love the characters Hawk & Dove, and I’ll read anything that features them.

But for this particular case, I think Gates & Liefeld did the characters justice throughout its 8 issue run. They both had their own take on the characters and each brought out something different with them.

I wish the series would have been given more of a chance if only to bring some love to these characters who deserve more time in the spotlight, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way we’d like.

Hawk & Dove was great and I’m happy I got the 8-issues I did. The Trade Paperback is already on Pre-Order & I can’t wait to get my copy. :D

And for those of you who hate on the artwork, or the writing, or whatever all you want–I only have one response: it was a good series & I’m happy to have read it. :) I’m sorry you don’t agree, but that’s how it is. *shrugs*

Also, Dawn & Hank are adorable.

Dawn and Hank.


I plan to continue posting whenever I see Hawk & Dove popping up in the new 52. So, let me know if you spot them and I’ve missed them.

We were promised they’d make some rounds with the other comics, so here’s hoping DC keeps true to that. <3

With that – I love Hawk & Dove. Proudly! :D


Hawk & Dove #7

Hawk & Dove #7: Hunted

The second to last issue of the Hawk & Dove series (insert sobbing here), and another solo for Rob Liefeld writing & drawing. Also worth noting is the new colorist Andrew James Troy.

As for the usual little previews for this issue–you only get one:

Dawn at a Night Club

This is the only frame that matters.

And now that I’m finished drooling over Dawn from Page 1…let’s continue!


Dawn’s gone crazy after the old break up with Deadman and starts partying it up at the local club scenes. Hank gets dragged along to be her wingman (Ha ha. I love puns, you don’t understand how much I do.) but more ends up her bodyguard when the guys get too fresh. He can’t take watching her like this anymore and drags Dawn out into the alley for a one-on-one intervention.

They argue & have a cute little makeup session before…BAM! Interrupted by our new baddie: The Hunter. He’s out for our Bird-Themed heroes and thus ensues a great fight scene. The Hunter takes a couple souvenirs from our main duo (you have to read it…the one he takes from Hawk is particularly amusing) and the fight is held up by the appearance of newcomer Xyra, and the Hunter leaves.

Turns out there’s a cult that worships hawks and that means Hank, our favorite Hawk, is on their ‘false god’ list. Hank & Dawn team up with Xyra for more information and Hunter retreats to the real big bad who has a bit of a prediction of things to come.


Okay, this was the first issue where the art was weak in places. There may have been a cross eyed look here or there and some panels where the coloring seemed a little off with the inking. While most of the book looked great, it was just these few spots that looked slapped together.

I can’t blame them too much, with so many other projects it’d make sense that the canceled series gets the least attention or could hurt motivation. Overall though, these are minor complaints and Liefeld’s art style still holds true and the new colorist did a good job trying to keep the style familiar to previous issues. And hey! We got the pic of Dawn above. That makes up for anything else in the issue. XD (Xyra’s not too bad herself in sweats, either.)


Good issue and I like where the story is going. I look forward to the last issue and I hope Hawk & Dove gets to go out with a real hitter. Definitely pick this one up if you can. It’s got some good stuff from Dawn & Hank bonding and seeing the stress in their relationship.

Hawk & Dove is still my favorite series of the New DC 52 and I can’t wait for this duo to show up in other titles. :3

Hawk & Dove #6

Hawk and Dove 6

I love this cover. I'm such a sucker for little things like that. XD

So, I’m a little behind with my review of Hawk & Dove–I was punishing myself with a ‘No Comics’ rule as I worked on things I had put off. Finally getting to read Hawk & Dove was my motivation to finish!

“Batman” & Dove #6,  is the first issue with Rob Liefeld going solo with both writing & artwork (With Matt Lackey  as the colorist~).

Not only is this issue a crossover with Batman & Robin, but it’s also a self-contained one-shot. So, short & sweet–Actually, this is a great issue to jump in on if you wanted to get into the series.

But I digress (Yes, I’m still very bitter Hawk & Dove was canceled when I love it so).


He is a lot of fun. And how can you not love that grin?


Our issue starts out with Hawk chasing down Blockbuster in Gotham. Blockbuster and Hawk duke it out on the building tops until Dove crashes the party–and she’s still in super-agressive mode from the last storyline.

And of course, since this is a crossover (covers never lie, right? :D)–their chase down is interrupted when Robin takes out Hawk for stepping in on their turf.

Hawk doesn’t take it well.

It’s Robin vs Hawk & Dove for as long as it takes Batman to drop down. (Dove telling Robin/Damian off was particularly amusing: “Dove. And you don’t want any piece of me, kid.”)

Batman vs Blockbuster

Yes Hawk, Batman has some moves. XD

As it turns out, Blockbuster was working for a higher up Necromancer–who Batman and Robin were after–so they all team off to confront the big bad.

The bickering between groups is a given, Hawk & Robin being particularly antagonistic to each other–they’re about the same maturity level, so it all works out! :D

There’s a big free for all for magic artifacts, and Blockbuster going wild, and all that fun stuff you get from an action scene.

They take down the big bad, and part ways with Batman acknowledging that Hawk & Dove will be a formidable team in the future (if they survive each other long enough).

Thoughts: I wasn’t sure what I was expecting coming into this issue, but I did like it. You can tell the difference in writing style between Gates & Liefeld almost immediately, and I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But I was eating up the increase of puns in the text–but that’s me.

Robin vs Necromancer

Hawk is such a dork for a football jock--I love that about him. XD

Artwork wise, it’s continuing to step up issue to issue. Matt Yackey’s coloring is still a perfect match for Liefeld’s pencils & inks and it looks great. It’s bright and colorful without being blinding or too in your face. There were some great shots in this issue–and a spread of The four characters soaring over Gotham was amazing. Loved it!

I think my only comment would be that Damian looked…a tad too old. I’m so used to him being a little pipsqueak that seeing him look about Tim or Dick’s age (and height) was a tad off-putting. On the bright side, his attitude and personality seemed pretty on the mark from what I remember in the old Batman & Robin series, so all good there. *thumbs up*

The most interesting thing about this issue though, was almost all of it was from Hawk’s single point of view. That in itself was an experience–Hawk’s not the brightest toolshed in the box. Never has been, and the thought bubbles fit that. He made puns, obvious observations, and occasionally bad mouthed Batman. (A line about feeling sorry for Robin after a Bat Lecture made me chuckle.)

On Batman’s note, after seeing Hawk & Dove in the Birds of Prey series, I had to remind myself that this was probably the first time they’d seen each other…and it made sense it’d be antagonistic. Hawk & Dove don’t really do the ‘team’ thing outside of their own duo (as we can see how well the Deadman thing turned out–and even in Birds of Prey they sort of did their own thing), so the clash between the characters was a good match up.


I just really loved this frame enough I had to share--Dove looks so pretty here. <3

Final Thoughts: Before Hawk & Dove, Batman was really the only comic-character I was really fond of thanks to the Cartoons and Movies (and my first venture into comics via some Trade Paperbacks I got from Borders XD). So, seeing them together with my Favorite DC Characters was a lot of fun! :D

The only downfall to it all, was that I’m reminded yet again this series was canceled. There’s so much potential for these two in their solo series no matter who is writing them.

But that won’t deter me from hanging in there to the end!

We’ve got two more issues from Rob and I just know they’re going to be good. So check them out & let’s make sure this series goes out with some all time high sales!

*hugs Hawk and Dove*

Fangirl #18 – TF Prime is Awesome

I’ve been so busy editing, I haven’t had time for much fan action lately. But I did sneak in one movie during my editing spree:

Transfomers Prime: Darkness Rising

I ordered the box set for Transformers Prime a while ago, but it hasn’t arrived yet. So when I saw Darkness Rising at Wal-Mart for cheap, I figured “why not?”

It’s the 5 episode mini-series packaged together as a movie and It. Is. Awesome. Seriously, I loved this thing. It was everything I loved about Transformers G1 and Animated mixed together. This series gets way too much hate from the Pony crowd. It’s good–really, really good.

Plus, the voice acting is superb. Cullen is back as Prime, and Welker as Megatron. That can’t go wrong no matter how you shake it. The star player so far? Steve Blum as Starscream. That’s right–Roger Smith aka Spike Spiegal aka Kazuma in S-CRY-D as Star-freaking-scream.

And it works.

I had to see it to believe it. And man does it work.

Anyway. Love it, and I can’t wait to get my season 1 box set so I can drool over Knock Out and Breakdown, too.

Oh, I only have one issue with the series–that blue motorcycle? I call her Chromia in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I love her character. She’s awesome. She’s kick-ass. I pair her with Jack like you wouldn’t believe. But she’s not Arcee. Not my G1 Arcee, anyway. Not even the Animated one. No–that chick is Chromia. *stands firm*


I’m really behind on my comics. I think I’ve bought them but haven’t gotten around to reading them. I may or may not mention them unless they really wow me. XD

But there’s only one fangirl bit from me that I’m repeating from a plea over at WaM word for word:

DC canceled Hawk and Dove — the 8th issue will be its last. This makes Liliy very upset. Very, very, upset. Show DC we still want to see them! (Okay me, but I’m already buying their comics and it hasn’t done anything!) If it even looks remotely interesting, and you read comics anyway, buy an issue. Please? *holds hands clasped up in front of her* I hate to play this game with my readers, but I really don’t want Hawk & Dove to go away. XD

The 1980’s series first five comics & the 2011 reboot are both on Comixlogy for $1.99 an issue!!  …at the very least maybe Comixology & DC will post the rest of the old series if those sell well enough up to the cancelation.

End message.

Now for the more fangirl version:


I’m good now.

They also canceled Static Shock, which is also as disappointing. I can see why though, the current storyline is confusing and I’m not getting into it no matter how much I like the characters. I was even getting attached to his sisters even though I had no idea what was going on. Honestly, I was hoping for the series to get past this arc and then things would look up, but I guess it won’t get that chance.

I bet Static gets shipped over to Teen Titans again. XD

Hawk & Dove #5

And it’s that time again! Hawk and Dove Issue #5, which happens to be the last issue written by Sterling Gates. As of next month, Liefeld is going solo with both the writing & art (well, solo as accompanied by his awesome inkers and colorists).

Not even going to try this time–expect spoilers all the way to the end of the issue with this one.

Hawk and Dove Walk Down The Street

This is my favorite panel in the entire series. I don't know why but this one frame of them strolling along is perfection.


Hawk & Dove call up Madame Xanadu to seek help for Deadman, but she turns them down. She does, however, give them a tip off to where they can find him. Hawk and Dove hunt down a demon named Gob and rough him up for answers. Hawk and Dove get a few kicks in, and Gob wises up when he realizes that even Peaceful Dove is about to break his face in.

This happens to bother Hank quite a bit, and he pulls Dove aside out of costume for a heart-to-heart. He questions if Boston’s appearance in their lives is what’s causing Dove to go crazy–Deadman hurts the balance of their partnership, so to speak. Dove, naturally, gets rather peeved that Hank is even suggesting that she leave Boston and he relents to continue helping her get the guy back.

They find Condor, and realize that not only did he use up all of Boston’s magic, he also ate his parnter Swan (which naturally pisses off Hank). There’s a fight where he goes on about a Circle and the War Avatars and tries to eat Dove. She fights back, accompanied by a lovely corny speech about the power of Peace and her love for Boston. When she’s cut by Condor’s talon, she pulls the same weird light number she did with Swan back in issue three. Condor goes down, and Deadman is saved.

And then Deadman dumps Dove. End of Issue. I’ll get to that down below. XD

Swan and a captured Deadman

The only thing bad about Swan is that I didn't get more of her.

The Bad

Okay. I think this was the first issue where I really had some issues with the pacing (or at least stopped fangirling enough to admit the series has pacing issues). As much as everyone wants to hurry and get to the Batman arc, I think that this one deserved a little more time to flesh out. This issue could have easily been split up into two to give us a bit more details, history and set up for later arcs concerning the Avatars.

I don’t necessarily need to know a whole lot more about the War avatars and the “Circle” that Condor’s referring to (I get that we should leave some stuff for later), but it would have been nice to see a little more of the set up for Condor’s eating plans & Hawk and Dove tracking them down.

And as much fun as it was for Hank/Hawk to screw up Madame Xanadu’s name in his inner monologue, it would have been better to actually see Hawk & Dove go visit her/call her for info instead of just telling us they did it (and still keep that gorgeous spread of Hawk & Dove running after the Gob…those two pages were great.)

Power of Dove

Peace kicks some ass when it wants to.

My only other complaint would be Dove’s light show. Mostly because I had no idea what was going on with that. No, really–I want this to be explained later. If that happens every time she gets a cut, they might want to redo her costume in Kevlar or something.

The Good

Okay, pacing for this arc aside–this was definitely one of the best comics yet (Issue #2 still holding out for favorite). It had a lot of action, the artwork in particular was in top form.

Hank and Dawn Need To Talk

Oh Hank. XD

And I loved Hank’s little “you should break up and not even save him” speech. It was awkward and a little cruel (in an unintentional way, remember Hank’s not the brightest lightbulb), you can tell he’s been holding back about Deadman for a while. I don’t think Hank is interested in Dove romantically (yet), but he’s definitely got an over protective big-brother thing going on that I think is darling. Plus, it’s nice to see them out of costume period. They’ve been in “uniform” pretty much non stop since Swan and Condor crashed the party at the White House, so it’s nice to remember Hank and Dawn are under the Hawk and Dove.

Deadman and Hawk

The only time they've agreed on anything ever. (In reference to Dove's light show.)

And of course there were the little things, too. For example, Hawk & Deadman’s reaction to Dove taking out Condor by her lonesome.

After they’ve both spent issues making it clear they can’t stand each other, that one little moment of fellowship was all the more sweeter.

Which leads us to the last issue:

The Break Up

Alright, the first read through, this seemed like it happened way too fast. “Wait! Hank was just talked about them breaking up and now they are!? I call BS!”

Until I put the issue aside and thought about it–and then decided I was really glad I had picked up Justice League Dark for a few issues.

In Justice League Dark, it was pretty clear that Dove and Deadman were on the rocks with their relationship. In the last issue I read with her in it (#2), she was storming out pissed off at him for continuing to try and jump her with other people’s bodies. It occurred to me, that this is what he probably wanted to talk about when he showed up in the first issue asking if it was a bad time to talk.

Hawk comforts Dove

Inside, Hank is jumping up and down in glee. He never liked that guy. XD

And it was never a good time. Deadman’s probably been wanting to have a serious discussion about their relationship since Issue #1 and has been interrupted by just about everything, including his own kidnapping–where as he said–he had plenty of time to think.

So, while it seemed sudden, after I put it into context, Deadman breaking up with Dawn seemed to fit and was a fairly logical course of action.

What does this mean for Hawk and Dove? Not sure, but now they’re both single and that makes me happy. *cough get them together cough*

Will Deadman continue to be a sore spot? Most likely. Either way, none of that matters because Issue #6 is a crossover with Batman.

What more do you really need to hear? :D