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Nightmare Moon and Friends

I have been to Toys ‘R Us.

And they actually had the “Favorite Collection: Featuring Nightmare Moon”

I may have squeaked.

You know what that means? Photo party. That’s right. *puts on DJ Pon-3’s glasses* Let’s rock this.

Cadance and Shining Armor

Ha ha. You thought this would be from the Nightmare Moon set, didn’t you? But no. I started with this.

Okay. So that’s not from the set. Doesn’t matter. I’m not even showing you all the photos. XD Just the ones that were my favorites. And the above I actually bought at Target like three weeks ago. I just forgot to show them off. Love them. Loved the Royal Wedding. Uh. And stuff.


Fooled you again! XD I bought Rarity like three weeks ago.

Rarity is the best pony.

Nightmare Moon

Nightmare Moon is awesome. She needs so much more screentime. Not, Luna. Nightmare Moon.

I bought the entire Favorites Collection for this figure. You don’t even know how much I freaked when I saw the first few previews like a year ago. Love the mold for her, and just…I love this figure.

Pose It Nightmare Moon

She can work it.

More Nightmare Moon. I love the glitter on her Cutie Mark. XD

Nightmare Moon and Trixie

Two of the show’s villains! :D My Little Pony has those you know.

Trixie Lulamoon. What’s really fun is I actually bought her separately as a gift for a friend. XD Now I’ve got my own. Not that I like her. I don’t hate Trixie, but she wasn’t exactly my fav either. Love her Cutie Mark though.

Vinyl Scratch aka DJ Pon-3

I love how her glasses don’t fit properly in the little eye indents.

It says something about Hasbro that this figure exists. A pony that got two seconds of screen time took off as a fan favorite. And now it has a figure. Crazy. XD

Blackarachnia vs Nightmare Moon

Blackarachnia vs Nightmare Moon

Uh oh. My Blackarachnia figure doesn’t like that she’s no longer the only bad girl on my desk. She may have to assert her authority.

Compromise Optimus and the ladies.

Optimus put his ladies in line. Respect.

Optimus Prime decided compromise was in order. He always wanted a pony anyway.

Yes. I still have Optimus and Blackarachnia (Elita-1 version!) snuggling. I SHALL PAIR THEM FOREVER.

Thank you for yet another toy photo session. They bring me great joy whether people read this or not. :3

LoveBots – OP x BA

It’s that time again~ Where I post pictures of a figure I got. XD

This time around it’s that special two-pack from Wal-Mart (That I had to get from Ebay b/c my Wal-Mart refused to carry it…no really. I check every week and they never have a single TFA toy. >_<)

And not just any two-pack! But my favorite couple from TFA!!! That’s right. Optimus Prime x Blackarachnia.

It's blue tinted because I don't know how to work my camera.

If you know me well, you know that I can’t watch anything without shipping something – and Optimus Prime x Elita-1 has always been a OTP. So…naturally it carries over into TFA (even if Blackarachnia x Silverbolt is my OTP for Beast Wars…. Why do you mess with me so TFA!?)

Anyway, the figures are great even if Blackarachnia is a little hard to model. But I love ‘Battle Damage’ Prime. Makes him look manly.

OP is whipped.

Still whipped.

But he's still got a giant Ax.

And hey~ It's OP's lady. Gotta' give her the lovin.

Anyway. I’d take more pictures but I’m out of time. So now they’re just cuddling on my desk next to Arcee & Blurr.