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Liliy Is A Fangirl #15

Today’s review is full of spoilers everywhere for just about everything. I also had to write this pretty quick, so expect a typo or two. Fair warning. XD


Watch this:

Did you watch it? Good.


SQUEE. That was flippin’ GRIMLOCK. 

War for Cybertron is quite possibly one of the best games I’ve ever played, and it has everything to do with the fact it is FULL of Transformers stuff from every single generation all merged together in this true to the Transformers feeling game of awesome. *breathes* And then I see the trailer for the sequel and it’s just gone baby. I’m on the verge of pre-ordering a game that’s over a year out because-damn.

That was Bruticus in the trailer. Bruticus! And Grimlock. And…and…the song! That I bought! And. I can’t even breathe. I squealed like a little girl who was just got told she was visiting Cinderella’s Castle (okay, so maybe that was just me–but I freaking love the Disney Princesses).

I can not wait for this game. Expect me to be playing through War of Cybertron a few more times this year. XD


Deathstroke #4: I don’t even think I can comment on the entire issue just because of the last scene. *twitch* But I’ll give it a go.

Cristoph Feels Old

He's got a point, Slade.

So we start out with Slade giving orders, blah blah blah, and Cristoph points out that he’s not in his twenty’s anymore and is having a hard time keeping up. It helped reinforce that Cristoph has been my favorite character since this series started, if only because he knows Slade well enough that he can well, gripe to him. How many people do you know who could complain and whine after seeing Slade kill a dozen people with ease on a highway, or pull off the jail thing at the beginning of this one?

And, to reinforce that even further, Slade takes it pretty well and gives Cristoph some time off. Literally, not time off as in ‘you’re dead,’ but time off that shows concern & promises a real, relaxing vacation. Awesome all around.

Slade Gives Cristoph Time Off

Yeah, I'd be asking that too, Cristoph.

Slade visits Peabody and finds out that the thing in the box is his son Grant’s mask & Grant might be alive and blah blah blah, Slade goes off to fight some Blackhawks for info. The original Ravager coming back? I can’t tell what I feel about that. All I know is if Grant comes back, we better get Joseph, too–because it would be a whole lot of fun to get the whole Wilson clan back together.

And then this happens:

Hello Cristoph


After this scene, the guest proceeds to stab Cristoph in the eye with a knife. He dies (presumedly). Why. WHY!? It’s only been four issues! Why is my favorite character dying already!? I know it’s going to happen eventually because that always happens to my favorite character but why now? *sobs*

The only way I will accept this is if Slade pitches a fit over Cristoph’s death. And I don’t mean a little ‘Oh, they’ll pay for messing with my stuff,’ I mean a full out ‘They killed one of my only friends and I’m going to hunt them down one by one!’ fury. *breathes*

Or he could have survived and now gets a nice eye patch to match Slade and the rest of the one-eyed Wilson clan. I’ll work with either.

Superboy #4: There was an issue of Superboy this week? XD

Ha ha, no. It was a calm reflective issue over Superboy taking a day off to cause trouble around the city while he thought about himself. Sort of the slow burn that Supergirl’s been up to lately, so it was nice.

I will say one thing though, the art in this issue went straight through the roof. Flat out gorgeous in every panel. R.B. Silva, Rob Lean & Richard Horie seriously outdid themselves. Awesome combination of players to create some of the prettiest artwork I’ve seen yet in the DC 52.

Superboy Fight

Love it.

The Power of Shazam #6-12: This series really picked up. Loved it. XD I might give The Power of Shazam it’s own little plug sometime. There’s a lot to cover. (*cough* Black Adam *cough*)

And that’s it for me. XD

Liliy is a Fangirl #7

…I’m not very good at keeping a schedule, am I?

Uh, short one this week. XD


Read Planet of the Apes (GoodReads review here!) by Pierre Boulle~ Good stuff, actually. One of these days I’ll actually watch the Heston Version of the films considering I’ve only seen the Tim Burton reboot. (Which I liked.) Considering I quite normally despise Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Orangutans, it’s an oddity that I seem to like this series so much. Go figure.

And I ship Ulysses x Zira. Like no tomorrow. Nova and Cornelius can hook up on their own.

Probably something along the lines of how I can adore Finding Nemo, but am seriously freaked out by normal fish eyes.


Deathstroke #2: …not much happened. It was basically Slade beating things up for twenty pages. Don’t get me wrong, Slade being bad ass is awesome, but it gets a little tedious when that’s all he does for the entire issue. Things that will keep me reading the series regardless of this issue being kinda boring:

  1. Cristoph <– Love him. Seriously. Slade’s manager-dude wins.
  2. Hopes that he’ll run into Nightwing – it’s Slade. He’s got to go hunt down Dick Grayson and tease him/make him miserable at some point. Even the advert for other comics in the digital version was ‘Nightwing’ XD
  3. It’s Slade. And he’s making puns. Saving grace of the issue, no question:
Slade Makes a Pun - "You Catch a Flat?"

Oh, Deathstroke, you.

Swamp Thing #1 & #2: Random comic purchase of the evening. It was good, but I’m really confused. I feel like there’s a ton of back-story I should have gotten. XD It’s probably not a good sign when the issue starts with “A lot of stuff happened that I’ve put behind me” and not knowing that that stuff was…oh well. The art is pretty…? We’ll see how far I get with this one. XD


A little taste of the old stuff.

Superboy #2: We got a taste of sarcastic, 90’s Superboy in this one with his teasing of Rose. Not as much as I’d like (I’d take 90’s wanna-be playboy, Lex Luthor!Jerk, Superboy over the new angsty one in the Young Justice cartoon any day), but I can see they’re trying to work his old behavior in with the more mature/calm one from his later Teen Titan days. It works out better than the all serious all the time version on the YJ Cartoon by far. Still a good issue all around and I’m excited for when he meets Tim again with Teen Titans.

Because if Tim Drake and Superboy aren’t best friends, closer than Superman & Batman, making them one of the classic World’s Finest Team-ups,  eventually (I shall allow the build-up character development to occur as it did originally – they didn’t just meet and be bosom buddies, after all): I will not be happy. The fans raging over Starfire will be nothing compared with my fan!rage fury.
Tim and Kon-El. <3

Liliy is a Fangirl #3

It’s that time again! Though this one is much shorter.


Rewatched Watchmen in honor of my Sally Jupiter Cosplay I’m attempted to put together by Nekocon.

Love that movie all over again. I adore the movie adaption costumes, and the changes they made to the ending and just….well, let’s say I’m a huge fan of the movie and so-so on the original comic.

Speaking of comics:


The new DC 52 continues to pour out the titles & this week I only picked up two: Superboy & Deathstroke

Superboy: Can’t fangirl enough. If I can’t have my 90’s self-absorbed Kid, than I’m glad I at least got this one. This Superboy is sort of an odd mix of the new Young Justice Superboy & the more mature Teen Titan Superboy (as in he acts like an older Kon, but at only 3 months old. XD). Lots of love. Why? Because this happened (spoilers be damned I’m posting it!):

Superboy #1 Clip

Superboy #1 Clip

Yes. That’s right. My favorite part about Superboy was hinted at and so help me if Lex Luthor isn’t his other Daddy, and this was just someone messing with the fans, I will pitch a fit. PITCH. A. FIT. One of the best things about Superboy, aka Kon-El, aka Conner Kent was he came from two total opposite people to create a much more interesting and conflicted character. It’s something I won’t forgive if it disappears from the reboot.

*cough* Moving on.

Deathstroke: Issue #1 involved someone assigning Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, aka SLADE, to a team of teenagers. I don’t know if they’re poking fun at the fact he tends to chase jail-bait or trying to break him of the “I’m famous for molesting the Teen Titans” claim-to-fame, but it was fun none-the-less. They definitely played up the “Slade is Old” aspect and it worked out fairly well. Either way, I’ve been a huge Slade fangirl since he was adapted to the Teen Titans cartoon series, so it’s not hard to believe I’m grabbing issue #2.

And, this last one isn’t from the new DC 52, but it did catch me off guard:

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam (Issues 1-4): My experience with Captain Marvel is pretty limited – I saw his part in “World Without Grownups” (JLA/Young Justice) & a small fight in the first Superman/Batman movie, but otherwise all I knew was he was a kid who turned into Captain Marvel. Comixology had the first issue for free, so I went ahead and snagged it because I was bored.

I was pleasantly surprised. It’s from the DCKids line (Yay Tiny Titans!), so the stories are light, and the art is much more cartoony, but it was a fun read and it made me laugh. It was actually a nice break from all the doom and gloom I’ve been getting from my DC 52 picks. (Detective Comics, why won’t you leave me alone!? XD).

I really enjoyed the artwork & I got all current 6 issues for .99 a piece, so not a bad deal. My only caveat is that I really only liked the first four issues. The artists/writer changed for issues 5 & 6 and I’ll admit I lost interest. The art style lost that fun, lanky edge & it distracted more than I’d like form the story. But the first four were great with Black Adam vs Captain Marvel.

And it had this face:

Theo is not having a good day.

Round Up

I think that’s really it for this go around. I spent so much of my time working on my Rumble-Fest OCT entry I didn’t have much time for other things.

I think now I’m going to go get caught up on Digimon and save the last episode of No. 6 for when I’m ready to give it my full attention. XD