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Liliy is a Fangirl #10

Hey! Mostly Comics today. XD In fact. All Comics today.

Spoilers~ ohhh~


Action Comics #3: It’s funny, just as Superman starts to grab me, Action Comics starts to lose me. I’m not sure if it’s because Jimmy’s new character design is driving me crazy (I’m not sure what it is–but I can’t stand it) or because it seems kinda boring. I don’t know. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

I have no idea what's going on with her or her 'clone' but I felt for her during this scene. That's what's important. *sage nod*

Static Shock #3: Definitely easier to understand than the last issue – and we’re back to some fun Static action with Virgil working both the school and the local gang trying to kill him. Plus, we’re getting more info on his sister and her ‘clone’ and that side story. Pretty good issue~

Hawk & Dove #3:  I want four. Now. *noms Hawk & Dove* I love them. LOVE THEM.

We’re going to get to Swamp Thing – fair warning, this might be a long one [It turned out normal length to avoid grossing people out with details]. And we’ll have a better opinion on Justice League Dark after. XD

Swamp Think #3: I…just don’t know what to do with this one. I literally freaked out reading this comic. There’s this big thing that happens and everything goes to heck and back and for goodness sake they [this would be the spoiler] show the brutal mutilation of three sick kids and a man’s lung pulled out of his chest and hanging out of his mouth. This stuff looked like it belong in a Left 4 Dead game. o_O But it caught me totally off guard and just. Wow. Man. XD

Abigail Acarne

Though this was in the issue, so that makes it worth it. XD

Moving on.

In my sudden urge to own all things Hawk & Dove – I found out that Dove is in Justice League Dark. So guess what I splurged on!? :D


This is the sole reason I picked up Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark #1 & #2: I bought this solely for Dove, but it turns out it was actually really, really good. The book-end narrative (“I looked into the future.”) with Xanadu was really well put together and the first issue was gorgeous. It’s a dark, serious, magic piece and it works really well.  The second issue was quite good as well and had a nice focus on the relationship between Dove and Deadman which helps fill in some of the troubles they’re experiencing over in Hawk & Dove (and was also hilarious – oh Deadman, you just don’t understand women, do you? Try possessing Hank and see what that does. XD).


I’ll probably be picking up the Birds of Prey Series that had Hawk and Dove because I’m a tad obsessed. *cough*

Liliy is a Fangirl #9

I should seriously just start doing these on Wed. when new comics come out. XD


Finally saw the first Planet of the Apes Film (With Heston) & rewatched the Burton film. I still like the Burton version more. Leo x Ari. Yes. <3


Just read my goodreads page. XD I put everything there.


Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi (World’s Greatest First Love) – This is a Boy’s Love series by the same team that did Junjou Romantica – and it shows. It’s not often you find a full series Boy’s Love that has quality animation, is genuinely hilarious, and has such a great cast. <3 I’m loving Season 2!

And I really need to catch up with Blue Exorcist. XD



Aquaman: Mera is awesome~ I think the best part about Aquaman is his wife – and the fact they’re a superhero tag team. Ha ha. Though, they’re still going on with the ‘Aquaman is a loser’ jokes, and now it’s “AquaWoman” or whatever they’re calling Mera. XD Anyway, good issue – lots of action and Aquaman is still adorable.  He sort of reminds me of a down home, county sherriff.

Superman: Redeemed itself from last issue. The invisible monster fight was great~ And it had a great twist at the end that got Jimmy and Lois into the action. This saved it from the drop pile. XD

Flash: Another good issue. Not quite as good as the first one, but still up there. :)

I will ship them out of spite.

Teen Titans: They  need to back off the Tim x Cassie – like a lot. It is way too early for that. I know they’re just hinting at it, and I know that they dated, but still. (I won’t deny, this is the hardcore Superboy x Wonder Girl shipper in me talking.) But enough of that. They’re still introducing new people and it’s…well, this is always my least favorite part of a series. So I’m working through it.

Also, a little bothered that Bart is reminding me more and more of Wally West from the new Young Justice TV Series than he is Bart Allen. He just doesn’t seem to have that same innocent idiocy going for him…hmm.

At least Skitter is cool. <3


Liliy is a Fangirl #6

I am dropping the ball on this posting regularly on a schedule thing, aren’t I? Well, it’s okay since like 5 people read this anyway. XD

Moving on.


Real Steel came out this week and I still haven’t seen it. RWAR. *noms movie*


Finished Let the Right One In, By Reason of Insanity, & Misery this week. All three very good & worth checking out. :) (All three are horror though, so if you don’t like violence/sex – I’d stay away. XD By Reason of Insanity had the least though; no sex – just a bit of violence but nothing on the level of the vampire book or Stephen King. XD)


Action Comics: Lex Luthor owned this book. I love that Lex & Clark’s rivalry is getting off to a great start. No matter how much Supes changes, he’s gotta’ have his Lex. Lois has changed quite a bit too, and I still can’t stand her. Hmm. Probably because she’s dating someone else. Her only saving grace for me in all previous incarnations is I thought Clark’s crush on her was the most adorable thing in existence. (It’s either Lois or Bruce. I shall accept nothing less for Clark! :3)

Detective Comics: This one’s hurting a little bit, mostly because Batman was so much better. XD Either way, story is moving along. Bruce is a playboy, the new villain’s got a complex about not being known by Batman (ha ha, inside joke since he’s all brand new to the DC Universe~), and it had a nurse. Nurse is fun.

Static Shock: …it may have just been me, but I had very little idea what was going on in this issue. I might have to re-read it or something. XD

Hawk & Dove: I fangirled over this enough.


I joined City of Heroes~ My character is “The Carmine Authority” and she’s on the Freedom Server~

Minecraft still owns me. :D



Liliy is a Fangirl #5

Yeah, so #5 in the series and I’ve already started posting late. Heh. Yeah, Friday’s update didn’t happen b/c work was annoying and I spent all afternoon on:



Seriously, I’ve been in such a lousy mood all week all I did when I got home was play Minecraft from 6pm to 1am.

I made a bridge and started construction on an underwater base….the non-smart way. Heh. Let’s just say clearing soil with running water is difficult and I really should have thought that through. *cough*

Here’s some shots:

As you can see….I should have done some more dirt clearing around it. *cough* But that’s okay, b/c I have a heard of sheep:

Moving on.


This was the last week of the new DC 52 #1’s! Here’s what I thought:

Flash: Loved it. The artwork was amazing, the humor genuine in a different way than Red Hood, Barry Allen is adorable and I love stories that involve fighting friends. Plus, I get to see the Barry x Iris relationship from the start. Eeeee. (They’re cute.) Patty’s pretty cute too, so I’m looking forward to that little Betty & Veronica fun.

Superman: I couldn’t read this the first time through. It’s really, really text heavy. And it’s descriptive text and speeches. I sat down with it later and tried again with more success. Eh. I think this is the first title I’m just going to wait for the price drop to read the rest of… (So, 1 month behind.) We’ll stick with Action Comics for now.

Teen Titans: Yay!! My Tim is finally back. *hugs* And he’s kinda’ power crazy now. o_0 They definitely went straight with crazy!Red Robin Tim for this one. He’s now definitely a mini-Batman with (A reviewer said this and I can’t get it out of my head) that Ozymandias (Watchman) flair. He’s even got Ozy’s hair now. *cough* Anyway, he’s power crazy and takin’ down evil organizations by himself and realizing….he needs a team. Cue hunting down Wonder Girl (Darn it, Cassie! Accept your name!) and a fun little brawl with helicopters. Yay. Next week should be fun and we’re looming ever closer to Superboy vs Wonder Girl in Issue #3. :D

Aquaman: This was the shocker of the week. I grabbed it on a whim b/c I had heard good things about it and man, was it good. The “Aquaman Sucks” jokes may have gone on one page too long, but the adorableness of Aquaman just trying to order Lunch and having flashbacks of his dad made it all worth it. Plus, you know, his wife Mera. She rocks. And I love they took him back to before the beard and hook that…I don’t know. Aquaman just never felt right for me, but now that he’s young, responsible, and clean shaved again – I think we’re going to have a good long run together.

I also picked up a few other comics this week, Black Cat which I talked about in a separate post, and these two:

Detective Comics #843, Opening Night & 844, Curtains: This was sort of a random drive by pick-up. It’s basically the introduction of the new Ventriloquist, Peyton Riley. I’m going to clarify that I loved Arnold Wesker, so when I heard he died in the comics I was a little miffed. But, I wasn’t ready comics at that time so I still had the cartoons to keep me happy. I picked this up when I noticed that Paul Dini wrote it and that Zatanna was in it.

Loved all of it. Peyton’s story is moving, I loved seeing Scarface again, and Zatanna hitting on Batman/Bruce was great. <3


Batman: Under the Red Hood. I watched it again. Loved it again. Why haven’t you seen this movie yet?

One of these days I’ll list Finding Nemo properly considering Iv’e watched it an unhealthy number of times.

Liliy is a Fangirl #2

And we’re back for another fun fangirl Friday rambling session. Oh, yeah~


Minecraft. Good lord that game is addictive. I now know why I avoided it for so long. But seriously: Legos for adults. I’m currently building my castle and loving it. XD

And because I’m a loser I play on Peaceful mode. Stupid Creepers. *_*


(I’ll update this post with screenshots once I have them. XD)


The New 52 of DC continues~ After looking at the full list I had about 13-14 series I wanted to pick up. This week had 3 of my definite must haves!

Action Comics #1: New cocky, rebellious Superman. Let’s do a little back story – Superman had never been my cup of tea. He was the perfect Boy Scout and a little boring, so I never really grabbed any of his solo titles. Now, make him dorky Clark Kent or stick him in a room with Batman & I’m all over that. So I definitely never hated the big guy, it just wasn’t my first choice. That said, the new attitude on Superman is almost…weird. I kinda’ miss the boy scout, but I’m willing to give him a shot.

Detective Comics #1: I love Batman. The reboot gives me a chance to get in on the comic action (I was so far behind it didn’t seem worth it XD) so this was a no brainer. Comic was creepy. Seriously. The last page *shiver.*

Static Shock #1: I loved the Static Shock cartoon. Virgil & Richie were fun and had that smart-alec Spiderman thing going on & we all know that super heros deserve proper witty banter. I found out much later it was based off a comic series, but like most didn’t have the money or time to ‘catch up’ to the current issue. Reboot? Yes, please. I loved issue #1. It was funny & entertaining. Can’t wait for issue #2.

And thanks to Comixology Sales, I have a few Marvel comics as well!

The Ultimates 2: I…read this for the Thor storyline. I’ll be honest. I love how differently Thor & Loki were handled and how everyone thought he was crazy. I’m crossing my fingers for Ulitmates (the first part) to go on Sale so I can see him join the team instead of just the ending.

Ultimate Thor: Tie in to the Ultimates universe. Loved it as well. Lots of fun Loki action and gave all the backstory for Thor in The Ultimates.

…I think I just like Thor. A lot. Speaking….that dvd came out this week. *ponders*


No. 6: Episode. No. 10. *twitch* Much, much fangirl squealing commenced after that episode. Words don’t describe my love for Sion and Rat and I refuse to say anything more because I don’t want to spoil it. XD

And now for the real meat of today’s fangirling:

I drew this back in 2001 (or 2003...I don't remember.)


Let’s go back in time shall we? It’s 2001, Liliy hasn’t started her comics yet and she drew constant fanart. Oh yeah, she also had fan-digi characters.

Yes. I had an FDD. Fun stuff that. I even wrote the bad (really, really) bad fanfiction that went with it.

Oh, and I had the biggest crush on Ken Ichijouji EVER. It was bad…sooo bad.

Back to today!

Browsin’ around CrunchyRoll for something to watch inbetween No. 6 updates, and went ‘Oh hai! They’ve got Digimon!” Specifically, Digimon Adventures 02 & Digimon Tamers. I figured – why the heck not? Series 2 was my favorite & I hadn’t seen it in forever (I still wish they had the first series…) so I was on-board the nostalgia train!

Well, once I got past the ‘….this is in Japanese’ weirdness. Having only seen the dub it took some getting used to, but I adjusted quickly.

And I officially fell in love with Wormmon & the Digimon Kaiser (Emperor) all over again. Ken was so much more fun when he was running around being evil. He had better hair, cool glasses and he was a royal little tyrant. I love him so much. Hee hee.

Wormmon won me over though with a single line (that I’ve paraphrased) : “You’re staying here? That means we can always be together! I’m so happy. *nuzzles Ken-chan’s leg*”

I. Melted. Sooo, so cute. Squee. Squee I say. I love that little guy & Stingmon is awesome.

And Davis & V-Mon are also love. And TK. And Angemon.

You get the gist.