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Fangirl #22 – Supergirl Rules

Okay, I know-I know. Two fangirl updates in a row. But I’m squealing so I’m getting it down while I still got it!

And this is a Comics Special!

I just love this panel. XD

Thor: First Thunder

Just letting you know real quick that I finished reading the 5 Issue special. My conclusion? Hated the artwork, adored the story. Really good & I love how the Donald Blake & Thor thing came together.

And you know–Loki. Man do I love Loki.

But yeah, my only complaint was the artwork–there were frames here or there I really liked, but for the most part it was sort of…blocky? I don’t know. It’s not bad, I just didn’t like it.

And to clarify, I just mean the style–the panel layouts, the pacing and basic framing/poses are great. XD

Moving on.

She is so awesome. <3

Supergirl #7

I just want to take the entire issue and paste it here. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. I squealed, in other words.

Non-stop battle brawl in the middle of the city. Supergirl vs. Four “World Killer” Alien Ladies.

Everything in this issue looked amazing, read well, and was Full-Stop awesome.

I’ve going to say it–I think this Reboot was one of the best things to happen to Supergirl. I love this take on her character, the costume has totally grown on me, and if she keeps rocking like she has, I can tell this is never leaving my pull list.

I really can’t wait for Supergirl to run into the other members of the Super Family. Though, I don’t’ know if I’m looking forward to the Banshee plot lines coming up or not.

Not that I’m not excited for more Supergirl/Kara, but more so that I’m not familiar with Banshee at all. XD

So we’ll see how that goes.

Now, let’s see…ah yes. My Comics fans~ The BATS!

Batman #7

Okay. Massive spoiler follows for the next paragraph, but I’m going to ruin it anyway:

I laughed so hard when Bruce back-handed Dick in the mouth.

I’m done. But no, the Owl’s thing is getting deeper and more involved and gosh darn it I might have to actually go pick up Nightwing again to catch up with what was going on with his end. Dumb multi-book series plot line. XD *grumbles at the owls*

But no. Good stuff.

And of course~

Jason can do disguises, too. The sweater-vest was better, though. Even though that wasn't a disguise. That's not the point. XD

Red Hood and the Outlaws #7

I’m going to say it — It was good. Essence is back, Jason looks great in large glasses, Starfire is adorable when she’s sulking, Roy’s too cute, and well–It was good!

Descriptive, I know.

I am a little glad this storyline is over though. I don’t mind all the deep stuff with Jason’s past and what-not, but I was never too big on it either. I think the All-Caste thing and the ancient city and training thing was…I’m not sure. All I do know is I didn’t quite like it. Sure it explains what he was doing between being raised from the dead and coming back to Gotham as the Red Hood, but it seemed…complicated? I guess. I dunno. XD

I mostly enjoy the interactions between our main trio when it comes to this series–They work off each other so much better than they should.

Also, Roy & Kori are getting to Roy~ *hee hee*

Anyway, good stuff all around and the artwork is amazing like always~

And now for a brief tangent:

Love her now.

Starfire – Another look:

Let’s talk about Starfire for a moment. Mostly because a lot’s been revealed since the first issue and my earlier thoughts.

She’s awesome. That’s all there is to it. I don’t know what it is, but I love this new sulky, cranky, & often very affectionate version of her character. She’s very take-charge without ordering everyone around.

It’s cute.

Anyway, there’s clearly more far more depth to her than the first issue revealed, and it’s a little more obvious Jason was messing with us when he talked about her memory issues (they are not nearly as bad as he made it seem, in other words).

The point is — this is the first time I’ve really liked her as a character, and I think that matters.

The original version of comic Starfire–I always thought she was, well…Boring. What little I read of her, was either falling for Dick, or just sort of hanging around being too happy? I’m not sure. I only read snips and bits and pieces, but none of them were ever enough to make me want to read more about her.

The Teen Titans cartoon version wasn’t much better, either. I didn’t hate her, or love her. She was just sort of there as far as I was concerned. Sometimes she verged on annoying, but still nothing major.

This one? Love her. I think she’s adorable, fierce, and her interactions with Roy and Jason never cease to be amusing. She’s got more chemistry with those two than I ever think she did with Dick & I’m loving it.

And that’s all for now~ :D

Fangirl #21 – HOUJI SADOJIMA <3

Okay. So I actually have something to fangirl about (The regular updating this when I bought comics thing kinda stopped when…I stopped buying comics regularly. Or rather, I got an account at Jmanga, so my budget is between two awesome comic services instead of just one…so I’m counting my pennies, so to speak. XD *thumbs up*)

So let’s start with the quick things before I dissolve into squee-crazy land:


I think I just have a thing for guys named "Donald" <3 Either way, he's awesome.

Thor: First Thunder

Got this on a Comixology .99 cent sale (Oh how I love those things–I’m sorry Marvel, but $3.99 is too much for a digital comic.) & I’ve only read the first issue out of the 5, but I like it so far. It’s a re-telling of the Donald Blake version of Thor finding the staff/hammer & even includes a copy of the original version.

Wasn’t too crazy about the art style–but I LOVE the Donald Blake secret identity when it comes to Thor. The intelligent doctor with a walking stick, who turns into Thy/Thou Thor? Win all around. Plus, it looks like Loki is the main villain which should always happen. Thor and Loki forever.

If you haven’t figured it out by now–I really, really like Thor. He’s 90% of the reason I read anything by Marvel. (The other 10% involves the movies, Iron Man & Captain America.)



Nothing in particular, but lately I just can’t seem to get enough of Spain & Romano. <3

He is way too cute for his own good.

Recorder and Randsell

I like this series/manga a little too much to be healthy. I don’t know what it is about a ten year old who looks twenty and a his older sister who looks ten that’s so hilarious/heartwarming, but it is. o_o And his crush on his little classmate is so adorable. XD

My only complaint is that it’s so short. I don’t mind the 4-panel strips/manga part so much, but the 3 minute anime episodes aren’t enough. The sketch style comedy is fine, but gimmie more. It’s Hetalia all over again with it’s 5 minute episodes–only two minutes shorter. At least now with the Hetalia DVDs I can watch them all in a row. Still–at least Recorder & Randsell got a second season green lit. :D

Madoka Magica

Heh. I’m watching it as Crunchyroll gives it to me, so I’m only on episode 6 but yeah. Madoka Magica. I can’t tell if this series is living up to the hype or what. But it’s good. XD

I miss Mami though. *twitches* Why do I even bother liking characters? They always, always end up leaving me. XD

And Kyuubei is evil. EVIL.

Alright. Here’s the important part:

Houji Sadojima

Houji Sadojima is a character from Rurouni Kenshin–specifically he’s one of the followers of Shishio, and hangs out on equal grounds with Yumi.

Houji Sadojima was my hands down favorite character in Kenshin and him, Shishio and Yumi was my power trio for the series. I loved them. I actually cosplayed once as Shishio and begged & pleaded for my good friend to cosplay as my Houji. (She was awesome by the way–I don’t care what anyone says: her costume was dead on! *hugs*)

I can not physically picture Shishio without Houji and Yumi right behind him. It’s not possible.

Needless to say, when I caught that “The Secret Life of Characters: 33” in Volume 13 that says Houji was one of the author’s favorite characters–glee. And that wasn’t even the best part – during the ending of the Kyoto Arc where they all meet up in Hell? Biggest “Awwwww~~~” Cooing moment in Kenshin. I squealed like the little fangirl I was.

My only concession was that I preferred him breaking his own fingers in the anime instead of ripping his nails off in the manga. That was a tad creepy. XD

What’s the point of all this? THIS NEWS POST. Did you see it? Here it is, right here:

Houji. Shishio. Yumi. They must come in a set.

A Houji figurine exists. The character most people don’t remember, or refer to as “That whiny, creepy guy?” He has a figure. Out of all the characters in that show, they actually kept this little trio in tact. <3 <3 <3

SQUEE. *giggles*

I want. I want. I want.

…I also want that new Shishio figurine, but that’s another story.

Uh. I think I’m done now. Right. Totally an adult right here. Yup.

Liliy is a Fangirl #2

And we’re back for another fun fangirl Friday rambling session. Oh, yeah~


Minecraft. Good lord that game is addictive. I now know why I avoided it for so long. But seriously: Legos for adults. I’m currently building my castle and loving it. XD

And because I’m a loser I play on Peaceful mode. Stupid Creepers. *_*


(I’ll update this post with screenshots once I have them. XD)


The New 52 of DC continues~ After looking at the full list I had about 13-14 series I wanted to pick up. This week had 3 of my definite must haves!

Action Comics #1: New cocky, rebellious Superman. Let’s do a little back story – Superman had never been my cup of tea. He was the perfect Boy Scout and a little boring, so I never really grabbed any of his solo titles. Now, make him dorky Clark Kent or stick him in a room with Batman & I’m all over that. So I definitely never hated the big guy, it just wasn’t my first choice. That said, the new attitude on Superman is almost…weird. I kinda’ miss the boy scout, but I’m willing to give him a shot.

Detective Comics #1: I love Batman. The reboot gives me a chance to get in on the comic action (I was so far behind it didn’t seem worth it XD) so this was a no brainer. Comic was creepy. Seriously. The last page *shiver.*

Static Shock #1: I loved the Static Shock cartoon. Virgil & Richie were fun and had that smart-alec Spiderman thing going on & we all know that super heros deserve proper witty banter. I found out much later it was based off a comic series, but like most didn’t have the money or time to ‘catch up’ to the current issue. Reboot? Yes, please. I loved issue #1. It was funny & entertaining. Can’t wait for issue #2.

And thanks to Comixology Sales, I have a few Marvel comics as well!

The Ultimates 2: I…read this for the Thor storyline. I’ll be honest. I love how differently Thor & Loki were handled and how everyone thought he was crazy. I’m crossing my fingers for Ulitmates (the first part) to go on Sale so I can see him join the team instead of just the ending.

Ultimate Thor: Tie in to the Ultimates universe. Loved it as well. Lots of fun Loki action and gave all the backstory for Thor in The Ultimates.

…I think I just like Thor. A lot. Speaking….that dvd came out this week. *ponders*


No. 6: Episode. No. 10. *twitch* Much, much fangirl squealing commenced after that episode. Words don’t describe my love for Sion and Rat and I refuse to say anything more because I don’t want to spoil it. XD

And now for the real meat of today’s fangirling:

I drew this back in 2001 (or 2003...I don't remember.)


Let’s go back in time shall we? It’s 2001, Liliy hasn’t started her comics yet and she drew constant fanart. Oh yeah, she also had fan-digi characters.

Yes. I had an FDD. Fun stuff that. I even wrote the bad (really, really) bad fanfiction that went with it.

Oh, and I had the biggest crush on Ken Ichijouji EVER. It was bad…sooo bad.

Back to today!

Browsin’ around CrunchyRoll for something to watch inbetween No. 6 updates, and went ‘Oh hai! They’ve got Digimon!” Specifically, Digimon Adventures 02 & Digimon Tamers. I figured – why the heck not? Series 2 was my favorite & I hadn’t seen it in forever (I still wish they had the first series…) so I was on-board the nostalgia train!

Well, once I got past the ‘….this is in Japanese’ weirdness. Having only seen the dub it took some getting used to, but I adjusted quickly.

And I officially fell in love with Wormmon & the Digimon Kaiser (Emperor) all over again. Ken was so much more fun when he was running around being evil. He had better hair, cool glasses and he was a royal little tyrant. I love him so much. Hee hee.

Wormmon won me over though with a single line (that I’ve paraphrased) : “You’re staying here? That means we can always be together! I’m so happy. *nuzzles Ken-chan’s leg*”

I. Melted. Sooo, so cute. Squee. Squee I say. I love that little guy & Stingmon is awesome.

And Davis & V-Mon are also love. And TK. And Angemon.

You get the gist.