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Nightmare Moon and Friends

I have been to Toys ‘R Us.

And they actually had the “Favorite Collection: Featuring Nightmare Moon”

I may have squeaked.

You know what that means? Photo party. That’s right. *puts on DJ Pon-3’s glasses* Let’s rock this.

Cadance and Shining Armor

Ha ha. You thought this would be from the Nightmare Moon set, didn’t you? But no. I started with this.

Okay. So that’s not from the set. Doesn’t matter. I’m not even showing you all the photos. XD Just the ones that were my favorites. And the above I actually bought at Target like three weeks ago. I just forgot to show them off. Love them. Loved the Royal Wedding. Uh. And stuff.


Fooled you again! XD I bought Rarity like three weeks ago.

Rarity is the best pony.

Nightmare Moon

Nightmare Moon is awesome. She needs so much more screentime. Not, Luna. Nightmare Moon.

I bought the entire Favorites Collection for this figure. You don’t even know how much I freaked when I saw the first few previews like a year ago. Love the mold for her, and just…I love this figure.

Pose It Nightmare Moon

She can work it.

More Nightmare Moon. I love the glitter on her Cutie Mark. XD

Nightmare Moon and Trixie

Two of the show’s villains! :D My Little Pony has those you know.

Trixie Lulamoon. What’s really fun is I actually bought her separately as a gift for a friend. XD Now I’ve got my own. Not that I like her. I don’t hate Trixie, but she wasn’t exactly my fav either. Love her Cutie Mark though.

Vinyl Scratch aka DJ Pon-3

I love how her glasses don’t fit properly in the little eye indents.

It says something about Hasbro that this figure exists. A pony that got two seconds of screen time took off as a fan favorite. And now it has a figure. Crazy. XD

Blackarachnia vs Nightmare Moon

Blackarachnia vs Nightmare Moon

Uh oh. My Blackarachnia figure doesn’t like that she’s no longer the only bad girl on my desk. She may have to assert her authority.

Compromise Optimus and the ladies.

Optimus put his ladies in line. Respect.

Optimus Prime decided compromise was in order. He always wanted a pony anyway.

Yes. I still have Optimus and Blackarachnia (Elita-1 version!) snuggling. I SHALL PAIR THEM FOREVER.

Thank you for yet another toy photo session. They bring me great joy whether people read this or not. :3

Fangirl #19 – Mixed Bag

Bit of a mix this week as I’m banning myself from buying any new comics until I get my second draft to an editor…

Didn’t stop me from procrastinating in other ways! :D And you’ll see my new format–disorganization away! :D Bold Title..then what I think about it–go!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I am totally all over the blind bags being on sale. Iv’e gone a little nuts with them. (They are so cute.) Thankfully, by bag 16 or so, I had a Rarity, an Applejack and a Fluttershy–so for the most part, now they’re just ‘I see it so I support it’ sort of buys. XD

But speaking of the cartoon–Today’s episode? Applejacks’ episode, “The Last Roundup” –man was that a great episode. I know everyone’s going crazy about the Derpy thing (I too almost did a spit take hearing that was made canon), but I really liked the main Applejack story, too. Those bits on the cherry farm were hilarious.

And you know, Applejack is great.

Hetalia: Season 3

Man I love this show. So glad I pre-ordered the DVDs from Funimation. *hugs them* I watched the entire third season in a row…and then realized there was a fourth one. *didn’t realize that all of World Series was two seasons, not one*

Love that stuff. And I do like the English dub–it’s funny in a different way from the original dialogue so it’s like getting two great shows in one! :D


This is one of those series where I wait a few months and just catch up with a bunch of episodes at once. (Like right now).

It’s still funny, and Furuichi is getting a lot of screen time in the 40’s–which is amazing. (He is my favorite character. <3)

The only downfall is it makes me want to break out my Yu Yu Hakusho DVDs. XD

Anime in General

Seriously. If you like anime and don’t have an account at Funimation or Crunchyroll or both–you’re missing out. They’ve pretty much made fan subs obsolete AND you get to support all your favorite shows. Do this. If you support them, maybe they’ll get their hands on all the great ADV & Bandai shows that aren’t around anymore. T_T

Deathstroke #5

Cristoph got a decent send off, and that’s all I can ask for. *sniff* Good issue.

Comics in General

It is the year of the Liefeld for me–discovered him with Hawk & Dove, and now he’s everywhere. Not a bad thing–he’s taking over for Deathstroke (I read that anyway), and I’m gaining interest in Hawkman now that he’s taking over for that. Should be fun. :D


Also–I can’t wait for my Transformers Prime Season 1 box set to show up. But that’s in march.


Fangirl #18 – TF Prime is Awesome

I’ve been so busy editing, I haven’t had time for much fan action lately. But I did sneak in one movie during my editing spree:

Transfomers Prime: Darkness Rising

I ordered the box set for Transformers Prime a while ago, but it hasn’t arrived yet. So when I saw Darkness Rising at Wal-Mart for cheap, I figured “why not?”

It’s the 5 episode mini-series packaged together as a movie and It. Is. Awesome. Seriously, I loved this thing. It was everything I loved about Transformers G1 and Animated mixed together. This series gets way too much hate from the Pony crowd. It’s good–really, really good.

Plus, the voice acting is superb. Cullen is back as Prime, and Welker as Megatron. That can’t go wrong no matter how you shake it. The star player so far? Steve Blum as Starscream. That’s right–Roger Smith aka Spike Spiegal aka Kazuma in S-CRY-D as Star-freaking-scream.

And it works.

I had to see it to believe it. And man does it work.

Anyway. Love it, and I can’t wait to get my season 1 box set so I can drool over Knock Out and Breakdown, too.

Oh, I only have one issue with the series–that blue motorcycle? I call her Chromia in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I love her character. She’s awesome. She’s kick-ass. I pair her with Jack like you wouldn’t believe. But she’s not Arcee. Not my G1 Arcee, anyway. Not even the Animated one. No–that chick is Chromia. *stands firm*


I’m really behind on my comics. I think I’ve bought them but haven’t gotten around to reading them. I may or may not mention them unless they really wow me. XD

But there’s only one fangirl bit from me that I’m repeating from a plea over at WaM word for word:

DC canceled Hawk and Dove — the 8th issue will be its last. This makes Liliy very upset. Very, very, upset. Show DC we still want to see them! (Okay me, but I’m already buying their comics and it hasn’t done anything!) If it even looks remotely interesting, and you read comics anyway, buy an issue. Please? *holds hands clasped up in front of her* I hate to play this game with my readers, but I really don’t want Hawk & Dove to go away. XD

The 1980’s series first five comics & the 2011 reboot are both on Comixlogy for $1.99 an issue!!  …at the very least maybe Comixology & DC will post the rest of the old series if those sell well enough up to the cancelation.

End message.

Now for the more fangirl version:


I’m good now.

They also canceled Static Shock, which is also as disappointing. I can see why though, the current storyline is confusing and I’m not getting into it no matter how much I like the characters. I was even getting attached to his sisters even though I had no idea what was going on. Honestly, I was hoping for the series to get past this arc and then things would look up, but I guess it won’t get that chance.

I bet Static gets shipped over to Teen Titans again. XD

Liliy Is A Fangirl #15

Today’s review is full of spoilers everywhere for just about everything. I also had to write this pretty quick, so expect a typo or two. Fair warning. XD


Watch this:

Did you watch it? Good.


SQUEE. That was flippin’ GRIMLOCK. 

War for Cybertron is quite possibly one of the best games I’ve ever played, and it has everything to do with the fact it is FULL of Transformers stuff from every single generation all merged together in this true to the Transformers feeling game of awesome. *breathes* And then I see the trailer for the sequel and it’s just gone baby. I’m on the verge of pre-ordering a game that’s over a year out because-damn.

That was Bruticus in the trailer. Bruticus! And Grimlock. And…and…the song! That I bought! And. I can’t even breathe. I squealed like a little girl who was just got told she was visiting Cinderella’s Castle (okay, so maybe that was just me–but I freaking love the Disney Princesses).

I can not wait for this game. Expect me to be playing through War of Cybertron a few more times this year. XD


Deathstroke #4: I don’t even think I can comment on the entire issue just because of the last scene. *twitch* But I’ll give it a go.

Cristoph Feels Old

He's got a point, Slade.

So we start out with Slade giving orders, blah blah blah, and Cristoph points out that he’s not in his twenty’s anymore and is having a hard time keeping up. It helped reinforce that Cristoph has been my favorite character since this series started, if only because he knows Slade well enough that he can well, gripe to him. How many people do you know who could complain and whine after seeing Slade kill a dozen people with ease on a highway, or pull off the jail thing at the beginning of this one?

And, to reinforce that even further, Slade takes it pretty well and gives Cristoph some time off. Literally, not time off as in ‘you’re dead,’ but time off that shows concern & promises a real, relaxing vacation. Awesome all around.

Slade Gives Cristoph Time Off

Yeah, I'd be asking that too, Cristoph.

Slade visits Peabody and finds out that the thing in the box is his son Grant’s mask & Grant might be alive and blah blah blah, Slade goes off to fight some Blackhawks for info. The original Ravager coming back? I can’t tell what I feel about that. All I know is if Grant comes back, we better get Joseph, too–because it would be a whole lot of fun to get the whole Wilson clan back together.

And then this happens:

Hello Cristoph


After this scene, the guest proceeds to stab Cristoph in the eye with a knife. He dies (presumedly). Why. WHY!? It’s only been four issues! Why is my favorite character dying already!? I know it’s going to happen eventually because that always happens to my favorite character but why now? *sobs*

The only way I will accept this is if Slade pitches a fit over Cristoph’s death. And I don’t mean a little ‘Oh, they’ll pay for messing with my stuff,’ I mean a full out ‘They killed one of my only friends and I’m going to hunt them down one by one!’ fury. *breathes*

Or he could have survived and now gets a nice eye patch to match Slade and the rest of the one-eyed Wilson clan. I’ll work with either.

Superboy #4: There was an issue of Superboy this week? XD

Ha ha, no. It was a calm reflective issue over Superboy taking a day off to cause trouble around the city while he thought about himself. Sort of the slow burn that Supergirl’s been up to lately, so it was nice.

I will say one thing though, the art in this issue went straight through the roof. Flat out gorgeous in every panel. R.B. Silva, Rob Lean & Richard Horie seriously outdid themselves. Awesome combination of players to create some of the prettiest artwork I’ve seen yet in the DC 52.

Superboy Fight

Love it.

The Power of Shazam #6-12: This series really picked up. Loved it. XD I might give The Power of Shazam it’s own little plug sometime. There’s a lot to cover. (*cough* Black Adam *cough*)

And that’s it for me. XD

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Okay. Here we go. XD Spoilers abound below! I shan’t hold back so read at your own discretion. ^^

Transformers – Little peeved they killed Jazz, but otherwise liked it.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – Loved it. Wrote a whole blog post on it.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I’m…split on this one. Half of it was good (and I really loved the parts that were good) and the other half was almost unforgivably bad (I say almost b/c I think I liked the good stuff enough to drive off total hatred…)

So we’re going to do a back and forth! :D

Loved Carly. Loved her so much and I’m so happy Spike’s (His name is Spike darn it! Screw ‘Sam’ XD) finally with the right girl & her actress was great. Her telling Megatron off? Joy. Total joy because Carly was always that sort of girl to walk straight up to the autobots and give them a piece of her mind.

Hated Whiney Sam. Sam was a little needy in this one. He wasn’t winning any brownie points.

Loved Lennox. Sorry, he was my favorite military guy and he got a few good scenes. XD

Hated Que/Wheeljack – for a while. But that was when I thought he was Kup (easy  mistake with the Wreckers in this movie. XD). My rage is gone now b/c his character choices suddenly make sense. XD So…moving on.

Loved Dutch & Dylan. Those two just kept getting better every second. Dutch was a mixture of funny & kick ass that worked very well and he bounced off Simmons amazingly. Dylan was great for various levels from the slightly caring hitting on your girlfriend Boss to the desperate bad guy. Lots of love.

Hated the death toll. This one isn’t so much an issue. I’ve gotten used to it in these films. But still…Starscream and Megatron? Why? Why would you do that? I was quite upset when Starscream when down. And we’ll tack on a hate for Starscream’s spitting problem. *sighs*

LOVED Leonard Nimoy. He should have revived his role as Galvatron, but I’ll take Sentinel Prime any day. Love that man behind a Transformer. His acting was amazing.

Hated that I was wincing at the Autobots. I know these are a far more violent bunch after the last two movies, but when the Decepticons are taking prisoners before the Autobots things are a tad mixed up. As for Optimus killing Megs and Sentinel at the end….eh. I can sort of see it happening with this version of his character. Didn’t mean I liked it, but eh.

Loved Laserbeak & Barricade’s cameo. Laserbeak b/c he was a glorious little smart-ass (like all cassettes should be) and Barricade just b/c he was there. <3 Barricade.

Hated wondering where the other freaking Autobots were ! I mean, what happened to Arcee and Jolt and the guys from the second movie? They couldn’t even get a cameo drive by?

Loved Bumblebee. He needed more screen time. He’s also still my favorite Transformer from this franchise and probably always will be.

So there you have it. Overall I’ll say I liked it, but there was quite a bit to be disappointed with. Enough good overweighted the bad though to make me be too upset with it. Overall it felt like the folks behind it said “Screw it, let’s have so fun.” and went with it. I can work with that. It’s Transformers.