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Liliy Is A Fangirl #15

Today’s review is full of spoilers everywhere for just about everything. I also had to write this pretty quick, so expect a typo or two. Fair warning. XD


Watch this:

Did you watch it? Good.


SQUEE. That was flippin’ GRIMLOCK. 

War for Cybertron is quite possibly one of the best games I’ve ever played, and it has everything to do with the fact it is FULL of Transformers stuff from every single generation all merged together in this true to the Transformers feeling game of awesome. *breathes* And then I see the trailer for the sequel and it’s just gone baby. I’m on the verge of pre-ordering a game that’s over a year out because-damn.

That was Bruticus in the trailer. Bruticus! And Grimlock. And…and…the song! That I bought! And. I can’t even breathe. I squealed like a little girl who was just got told she was visiting Cinderella’s Castle (okay, so maybe that was just me–but I freaking love the Disney Princesses).

I can not wait for this game. Expect me to be playing through War of Cybertron a few more times this year. XD


Deathstroke #4: I don’t even think I can comment on the entire issue just because of the last scene. *twitch* But I’ll give it a go.

Cristoph Feels Old

He's got a point, Slade.

So we start out with Slade giving orders, blah blah blah, and Cristoph points out that he’s not in his twenty’s anymore and is having a hard time keeping up. It helped reinforce that Cristoph has been my favorite character since this series started, if only because he knows Slade well enough that he can well, gripe to him. How many people do you know who could complain and whine after seeing Slade kill a dozen people with ease on a highway, or pull off the jail thing at the beginning of this one?

And, to reinforce that even further, Slade takes it pretty well and gives Cristoph some time off. Literally, not time off as in ‘you’re dead,’ but time off that shows concern & promises a real, relaxing vacation. Awesome all around.

Slade Gives Cristoph Time Off

Yeah, I'd be asking that too, Cristoph.

Slade visits Peabody and finds out that the thing in the box is his son Grant’s mask & Grant might be alive and blah blah blah, Slade goes off to fight some Blackhawks for info. The original Ravager coming back? I can’t tell what I feel about that. All I know is if Grant comes back, we better get Joseph, too–because it would be a whole lot of fun to get the whole Wilson clan back together.

And then this happens:

Hello Cristoph


After this scene, the guest proceeds to stab Cristoph in the eye with a knife. He dies (presumedly). Why. WHY!? It’s only been four issues! Why is my favorite character dying already!? I know it’s going to happen eventually because that always happens to my favorite character but why now? *sobs*

The only way I will accept this is if Slade pitches a fit over Cristoph’s death. And I don’t mean a little ‘Oh, they’ll pay for messing with my stuff,’ I mean a full out ‘They killed one of my only friends and I’m going to hunt them down one by one!’ fury. *breathes*

Or he could have survived and now gets a nice eye patch to match Slade and the rest of the one-eyed Wilson clan. I’ll work with either.

Superboy #4: There was an issue of Superboy this week? XD

Ha ha, no. It was a calm reflective issue over Superboy taking a day off to cause trouble around the city while he thought about himself. Sort of the slow burn that Supergirl’s been up to lately, so it was nice.

I will say one thing though, the art in this issue went straight through the roof. Flat out gorgeous in every panel. R.B. Silva, Rob Lean & Richard Horie seriously outdid themselves. Awesome combination of players to create some of the prettiest artwork I’ve seen yet in the DC 52.

Superboy Fight

Love it.

The Power of Shazam #6-12: This series really picked up. Loved it. XD I might give The Power of Shazam it’s own little plug sometime. There’s a lot to cover. (*cough* Black Adam *cough*)

And that’s it for me. XD