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NekoCon 2011 – 14th Convention!

It’s thattime again! Another year, another Nekocon, another convention rundown~

And just to get this out of the way: if you called out to me (recognizing the Sally costume I told you about) and I kept walking – my bad. I have serious┬átunnel vision at stuff like this and tend to block out everything but my destination or the person I was talking to–which would likely have been my brother. XD There is a very good chance I did not hear you at all. Heh.


This year I went all out and dressed up as Sally Jupiter, aka The Silk Spectre, from The Watchmen.

I think it turned out pretty well, if you ask me.

And I also think this is the first time I’ve dressed up at a convention that I was stopped for photos like every ten feet. On the one hand – flattering to know I got the look right and that there are other Sally fans out there! (I hope that was the main reason…though at least two got my picture because I was “Liliy of WaM” – which still isn’t completely setting in. XD *almost weirded out has fans*)

The other hand: I sort of have no idea where all those photos are going to end up (yes I know — the internet — but where and for what!). I’m still sort of uncomfortable having my picture on the internet…but either way, too late to worry about it now….


Friday was fun. Hung out with ArionWind running around the Dealer’s room and bought some figures before watching a panel on character creation. Also made sure to stop by and say hi to Erin and Chez at the Tamuran table. Didn’t stay long though ’cause they were busy at work. :D


This was hang out with my brother day~ We went to the AMV competition before running around Artist Alley and the Dealer’s room. We got lunch at Taco Bell & made it back in time to watch The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya which is still an amazing┬ámovie. I recommend everyone see it (assuming you’ve seen the anime – watch that first or the movie might not make sense. XD)

And Saturday is where my con time ended. We ended up doing family stuff all day on Sunday so no last minute visit. ^^;

The Haul

Dark Magician

He's adorable. <3

I have always had it really bad for the Dark Magician – you have no idea. XD Loved him. LOVED HIM. So anyway, bought a ton of YuGiOh Coin figures, but am not posting all the photos because I haven’t taken them all out of their boxes yet to display. Need to rearrange some stuff to make them fit…so you just get my fav instead. :3

Misato Katsuragi

She's still the hottest female ever.

And my Misato Katsuragi collection grows! :D This year’s addition is thanks to ArionWind who got it for me as a gift. :D He didn’t have to, but I’ll accept it for now. So Thank you, AW!

But no, seriously, I have it really bad for Misato. >.> It may be unhealthy. This is figure #4 and I have no intention of stopping….this is why I limit myself to one Misato per con. XD

Midori Days

Impulse purchase...not!

Midori Days is one of those titles where I looked at the premise and went “That’s not suggestive…” in all its glorious sarcasm. But it’s one of those series where after I saw the first trailer (years ago) I went “I sort of want to watch that.” but never did anything about it. It was always just sort of there….asking to be watched.

So I finally caved and bought it when I noticed it was a ‘complete collection’ and well, bought it. I hope to watch it soon. XD


Issue #1 was lonely.

I think it should have been obvious I’d be walking out of the con with these. :P Long-form comics are SO much more satisfying in chapters/volumes vs one at a time. XD

Supergirl and Streaky

Supergirl and Streaky

This is probably the true impulse purchase of the evening. I had been admiring (read: Drooling) over the DC/Marvel Bishoujo figures on sale in the dealer’s room, but sort of winced at the price tag. Well…

My bro bought a ‘Cheetah’ AmeComi figure, and the lady said “It’s buy one, get one half off” in which case I went “SUPER GIRL NAOW.”

In that tone of voice.

No, I am not experiencing Supergirl Fangirlisms thanks to the new Supergirl comic from the DC 52 reboot.

So there you have it. :D We got two figures for the price of one! (Well, a slightly more expensive one, but shut up.)


Another fun convention! Now to figure out if I’m going to Katsucon or not. XD

Supergirl close up

She's so pretty.... *sigh*

…I’m done now.

Liliy is a Fangirl #3

It’s that time again! Though this one is much shorter.


Rewatched Watchmen in honor of my Sally Jupiter Cosplay I’m attempted to put together by Nekocon.

Love that movie all over again. I adore the movie adaption costumes, and the changes they made to the ending and just….well, let’s say I’m a huge fan of the movie and so-so on the original comic.

Speaking of comics:


The new DC 52 continues to pour out the titles & this week I only picked up two: Superboy & Deathstroke

Superboy: Can’t fangirl enough. If I can’t have my 90’s self-absorbed Kid, than I’m glad I at least got this one. This Superboy is sort of an odd mix of the new Young Justice Superboy & the more mature Teen Titan Superboy (as in he acts like an older Kon, but at only 3 months old. XD). Lots of love. Why? Because this happened (spoilers be damned I’m posting it!):

Superboy #1 Clip

Superboy #1 Clip

Yes. That’s right. My favorite part about Superboy was hinted at and so help me if Lex Luthor isn’t his other Daddy, and this was just someone messing with the fans, I will pitch a fit. PITCH. A. FIT. One of the best things about Superboy, aka Kon-El, aka Conner Kent was he came from two total opposite people to create a much more interesting and conflicted character. It’s something I won’t forgive if it disappears from the reboot.

*cough* Moving on.

Deathstroke: Issue #1 involved someone assigning Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, aka SLADE, to a team of teenagers. I don’t know if they’re poking fun at the fact he tends to chase jail-bait or trying to break him of the “I’m famous for molesting the Teen Titans” claim-to-fame, but it was fun none-the-less. They definitely played up the “Slade is Old” aspect and it worked out fairly well. Either way, I’ve been a huge Slade fangirl since he was adapted to the Teen Titans cartoon series, so it’s not hard to believe I’m grabbing issue #2.

And, this last one isn’t from the new DC 52, but it did catch me off guard:

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam (Issues 1-4): My experience with Captain Marvel is pretty limited – I saw his part in “World Without Grownups” (JLA/Young Justice) & a small fight in the first Superman/Batman movie, but otherwise all I knew was he was a kid who turned into Captain Marvel. Comixology had the first issue for free, so I went ahead and snagged it because I was bored.

I was pleasantly surprised. It’s from the DCKids line (Yay Tiny Titans!), so the stories are light, and the art is much more cartoony, but it was a fun read and it made me laugh. It was actually a nice break from all the doom and gloom I’ve been getting from my DC 52 picks. (Detective Comics, why won’t you leave me alone!? XD).

I really enjoyed the artwork & I got all current 6 issues for .99 a piece, so not a bad deal. My only caveat is that I really only liked the first four issues. The artists/writer changed for issues 5 & 6 and I’ll admit I lost interest. The art style lost that fun, lanky edge & it distracted more than I’d like form the story. But the first four were great with Black Adam vs Captain Marvel.

And it had this face:

Theo is not having a good day.

Round Up

I think that’s really it for this go around. I spent so much of my time working on my Rumble-Fest OCT entry I didn’t have much time for other things.

I think now I’m going to go get caught up on Digimon and save the last episode of No. 6 for when I’m ready to give it my full attention. XD

Green Hornet

Go see the Green Hornet. Just go do it.

I’ve been on a total super hero/masked hero kick lately between getting back into the Watchmen and finally catching a few episodes of the new Young Justice. (ROBIN <3)

Saw the preview for the Green Hornet and went – this will be good. And it was. I rather wish I’d actually heard some of the radio shows or read the comic now. Or seen this super popular tv series staring Bruce Lee. Heh.

But, I saw the next best thing – the new movie with Seth Rogan & Jay Chou.

Kato needs no explanation – Jay Chou was all over this role and Kato was every bit the genius, hypercompetant sidekick he was supposed to be. I didn’t think it was possible to squeeze that much amazing into a single person and then make it better by sticking him in the freaking Black Beauty (I think the only car that could compare is Roger Smith’s from Big O).

What surprised me was how much I liked Britt/The Green Hornet. Sure he was a jerk through most of it, but you could tell that it was mostly from frustration. He was just trying so hard to succeed at something, anything, at all, and kept falling on his face that it was hard to hate or dislike him. And when you stick him next to someone like Kato well – it just sort of amplifies it by eleven.

The movie was fun, hilarious, had a great bad guy, and the action scenes and car chases were amazing (Did I mention I saw this in 3D? XD). I was laughing, smiling, and was on the edge of my seat the entire film.

It wasn’t the grit and realism and commentary of Watchmen – but it had all the fun and unrealistic stunts that make caped crusaders so much fun in the first place.

Britt & Kato. Brothers forever. XD Loved it.