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Harry Potter Widget Goodness

Harry Potter Quote Conjuror

The Harry Potter Quote Conjuror by the Leaky Cauldron. This thing is so cool. I love it and as you can see above it has a snug place in my desktop next to my other widgets…even though you can’t see the other ones in the picture. In any case – I’m a mediocre Harry Potter fan. I liked the first four books (I’ve yet to read books six and seven and don’t get me started on book five.) and I enjoy the movies. Alan Rickman as Snape was one of the best things they could have ever done. Anyway, even as a mediocre fan I adore this thing.

Not to mention it has the wonderful artwork of Heather Campbell (Makani @ Deviantart) alongside the quotes. It’s sleek, it looks great and I highly recommend it!

Anyway, it’s great and you can either get it at the top of the link of this post or download it from the apple site. ^_^