Children of Hephaestus

Children of Hephaestus Cover

Series: Children of Hephaestus, Book #1


Approximately 128,000 words.

Children of Hephaestus (Children of Hephaestus, #1)

Back of Book Summary:

The Olympian's Children are alive.

The project is a success: fully-functional, autonomous androids are born into the world with a hunger for affection and startling intelligence. Hecate and Iacchus are marvels of modern science, near indistinguishable to their living, breathing counterparts.

But no one knows how they work.

As the laboratory tries to reverse-engineer these remarkable children, their creators find themselves locked into the role of parents as the androids 'imprint' on their favored employees. Some welcome the androids with open arms, while others are bribed to put up with them. Giles Firmin oversees it all as the head of the project, watching as his friends and co-workers are dragged deeper into the androids' world.

Vanity, Rage …and Murder

Just when the worst of the lab's troubles seem to be the boys' fragile emotional states, the lab is sideswiped by a new threat: Murder. A ruthless serial killer invades the androids' "home," leaving a trail of dismemberment and empty eye sockets. Detective Lester Saxon is on the case, stepping into a world that appears to make up its own rules. The victims' only connection?

Involvement with the Olympian's Children.


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