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Looking for a quick read? Well you've come to the right place! My short stories range from 2-10k words. Short Stories bound into a collection will be listed as the collection, while single stories not yet included in a compilation will be listed alone.

Titles listed in Alphabetically Order.

Flower Buds: Short Story Collections.

Flower Buds will be a collection of short stories from 500 to 2000 words that are currently being posted as Patreon Rewards. Each volume will contain 30 shorts, and will be listed here as they are completed.

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Room of Maggots: 5k words, Self-Edited.

Rating: Recommended for Age 16+ Story contains strong violence and mature language.

Summary: Rosie goes to the cellar to retrieve a glass of wine for her husband's dinner party, but finds herself trapped in the dark with a dead body when the door vanishes. With only a single light, and the smell of rotting flesh assaulting her senses--how is she to get out?

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