Comments for Color

Here’s how this is going to work – for each strip that has at least 10 comments from different people (actual comments, not one-word posts or ‘posting for color!’ and the like) I’ll reupload the strip in full color.

Sound good? Sounds fair to me. Not only do I love reading comments, but it helps me get an idea of who’s reading. ^_^ So only post one comment per strip.

And yes, I know what this sounds like. You’re bribing me for color. Be thankful I’m not going with the original plan of making you give me money to color the strips. :P

(And if you’re new – Updates on Sundays! ^^)


*Chuckles.* And what happens if you get ten or more comments on a news post? Visions of rainbow text dance through my head. ^_^

Anyway, sounds like a good deal.


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