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Hey everybody!! WAM’s been updating regularly for a little over a year now and I was hoping to do some sitting back and looking at what I’ve got and where I’d like the strip to go in the future. What’s been working well, what hasn’t, etc. I’m sure a few of you are familiar with the drill. And I’m sure you also know the author shouldn’t tackle such things alone or they miss things. Sort of like proof reading your own essay – you never catch the spelling mistakes until someone else looks at it.

So, that means I’m going to recquire some help from you guys, the readers! Don’t worry, it won’t be anything too difficult. :$  What I want from you is:

What is your favorite strip(s) of WAM so far and why?

And that’s it. ^_^ And because I won’t ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do myself – here’s my answer:

Strip 98: Tell Me Sweet Lies I won’t deny, there’s quite a bit of bias with this being my favorite strip. For starters, Sedrick & Arthur are my favorite characters and there’s no denying I put a bit more effort into this strip than usual. But really it’s panels 4&5 that win it over. The heat of the dialogue and closeups made the scene.

But anyway, if I keep going on too much longer I’m going to look even more vain…heh. So – it’s your turn! Comment away should you choose. The feedback is much appreciated. ^_^ *hugs all around*


There are so many great strips it’s impossible to pick just one. So I’ve compiled ten of my favorite WAM strips so far (in no particular order). My favorites are the following:

1) Strip 127: And Off They Go – I enjoyed seeing all the characters in the series doing funny things on the plane trip, especially Wiglaf irking Driver and Hnaef annoying Security.

2) Strip 23: Post It – This is a favorite because it is Security’s first appearance, and he’s my favorite character. He gets in a funny punchline and officially establishes himself as a great character for the series.

3) Strip 46: Yes, She’s Ticked – I love the dialogue between Driver and Security. Plus, Driver’s facial expressions and body language are priceless. You can see her thoughts perfectly even though her eyes are hidden.

4) Strip 73: Well That Hurt – Liliy drew the action here really well, making it fun to look at. The panel where Wiglaf topples Azrael is a great action scene.

5) Strip 104: Male Bonding – I especially enjoy the contrasting behavior between Wiglaf and Mordred here: Wiglaf gives Driver his best wishes for her date while Mordred just looks bored, and Wiglaf drags Mordred out to go bowling even though he’d rather isolate himself from the world.

6) Strip 107: I Think They Missed The Point – The combination of all the hilarious stunts that Wiglaf did in the bowling alley and Driver’s fury during her unfortunate date left me laughing a lot.

7) Strip 101: Riot Baby! – Security in riot gear is just too great. He’s a very versatile character. :D

8) Strip 99: Yum, Cake – There was great interaction between Arthur and Sedrick. It was interesting to see how they concluded their little spat, and Security had a terrific cameo in this one!

9) Strip 87: Azrael’s One True Love – The Valkyries are great in this one. It’s very funny to see them morph from geniality to disdain because of Azrael’s absurdities.

10) Strip 112: When They Were Young – The whole flashback to Arthur and Sedrick’s televised ultimatum was perfect, with Arthur getting overconfident and Sedrick brutally crushing all resistance by blowing away a protester. It was all excellent. :D

These are my definite favorites, but all of the WAM strips are very fun and creative. :happy:


Wow; quite a list there. XD I’m noticing a trend with favorite character and favorite strips. :curious: But that’s to be expected I think. :lol:

Thanks so much for sharing. ^_^


I don’t know what’s my favourite *overall*, but 112′s the one that made me love Sedrick.

And the one, I don’t know the number, but where Mordred revealed he knew who Wiglaf was the whole time, because I didn’t see it coming at all.


Always good to know what strips give Sedrick the love. :$ And I know the strip you’re talking about. ^^

Thanks for replying! *hug*


I’ll go with #110: That’s Like, A Lot of Blood.

I rarely find Wiglaf or Mordred as entertaining as the other characters in WAM, particularly Azrael and the Valkyrie’s, and Sváfa is my fav’ of that bunch so it’s nice to see her and Azrael.

And that really is, like, a lot of blood. :omg:


I’m sorry, Liliy, I’ve tried. But I keep coming up with a list as long as your arm. It would take less time to write the few in my disfavor. Do you want me to write out my favorites, anyway?


I probably should have explained that(and I don’t know how to do links and bold letters on this site >_>).

It gave neat insight into Driver and made Mordred seemed a little nice. Plus the whole thing with Azrael being quiet up till the end, then coming out with the line about getting dirty before the concert with Grace, pure genius; hilarity. And slightly disturbing, when you think about how he’s going to get dirty with a rapier. :argh: :shocked: O_o D: :|


I really like “So He Dose Listen…Damn-123″ Because Mordred shuts them up by saying their argument before Driver and Wiglaf say anything. Love all the facts too. :love:
And the look on Driver’s face says she agrees with Wiglaf about the headphones. =D


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