That’s right! WAM is holding it’s first contest! Hurrah!!

And being the pairing nut that I am, how could I not make it a Pair-a-Thon? So be the first to participate in the First Annual Adventures of Wiglaf & Mordred Pair-A-Thon!

Entries must be received by February 7th!


The Winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.


See Below the Cut for more rules and information!

The Mission:

Your goal? Draw your favorite pairing in Wiglaf & Mordred. I don’t care if it’s canon or completely random. If it’s what you ship – go for it. Just make sure to keep it clean and follow the rules.  :$

All entries will be posted on a separate ‘Entries’ Page (and I’ll link to this blog from the gallery page, too!)

The Voting:

All entries must be in by February 7. At that point, all entries will be posted on this blog post. On February 8 I’ll start accepting your votes for the winner!

From February 8th to the 13th (10PM EST) I will be accepting votes via e-mail. More information when the voting process begins. But the gist is: 1 E-mail Per Person with 2 Votes.

You can Vote now! :D

The Prize:

The Winner will recieve:

1. A Year’s Subscription at Deviantart OR $25 in GaiaCash. (*See note below about Gaia Cash)

2. Choice of image for next Pin-Up image. (What characters & what they’re doing, etc.)

3. Their entry posted in the main fanart gallery.

The Runner Up will recieve:

1. Choice of image for Pin-Up image. (What characters & what they’re doing, etc.)

2. Their entry posted in the main fanart gallery.

The Rules:

1. Entries must be e-mailed to me at pairathon@wiglafandmordred.com by February 7th. (12 AM EST Feb. 8th to be exact.)

2. Keep it PG-13 people. You can get suggestive, but no explicit content! I’m going to be strict with this one so don’t push your luck. :|

3. Keep it to couples (That means 2 people!). You’ve already got free range of pairing; let’s not make it too complicated by getting threesomes or foursomes involved. >.> However!! That doesn’t mean the picture is limited to 2 characters – you’re free to add extra characters reacting to the couple of choice in the background should you choose. ^^

4. Up to 2 Entries per person. I realize a month is a long time and you might come up with something better down the line. So I’m allowing you two chances. :cool:

and finally

5. Azrael x Grace WILL be considered a valid pairing – but! This is on the grounds that you do something with them. Azrael just standing there or just lounging with Grace will not count. So you’ll have to get extra creative with this one. :D

But now, what you really want -


Send yours topairathon@wiglafandmordred.com !

*As far as the GaiaCash is concerned, Gaia Online doesn’t allow you to buy or give Cash to other users. So instead I’m offering $25 worth of merchandise from the Gaia Cash Shop or Phin Phang (The Aquarium) of your choice. :)


I’m in! :D More dA subby would be nice, and BTW, how long of a subby, full year?

And for the Gaia Cash, you could always buy a $25 card and snailmail it to them. :lol2:


Yeah, a Year’s subscription. And I’m trying to avoid mailing out stuff right now. XD


Yes, a year long subby would be so much better than the 3 months I have now. X3 Not that I’m complaining, it’s still nice to have, but the year long would be awesome. :D

Lol, I probably won’t want to either, but just putting out suggestions.


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