Swedish Corrected & Other News!

The Swedish

Some of you may have noticed that Wiglaf’s Swedish improved about ten fold with Friday’s  strip – this is thanks to Watch volunteering his time to help translate Wiglaf’s dialogue.

But here’s the best part – thanks to Watch’s translation fixes for old comics and Hogan’s friend Nirlem (Johnny Johansson) providing additional translations – all of the old strips should have corrected Swedish.

I think I’m still in a bit of shock that so many Swedes actually read this strip. When I created it, Wiglaf was Swedish b/c the Wiglaf in Beowulf was half-Swede – I didn’t realize I might actually attrack some Swedish readers. :) So, thanks for putting up with the previous translations and now that I have help I hope to make sure it’s correct from here on out!

Now if I only wrote strips ahead so I could actually ask for translations in advance for his dialogue…

The Fanart & Pair-A-Thon

No new fanart, but I did rearrange the fanart page just a tad. When I wrote the Pair-a-Thon prizes, one of them involved having your entry included in the main fanart gallery. Well, when I wrote that I forgot about my wanna-be OCD. Since I use the WP Gallery system…to do that I’d have to reupload the image into the fanart gallery and make a duplicate. That. Well, let’s just say it makes my wanna-be OCD very unhappy.

So instead, you’ll find a link to the Entry page where you can see everybody’s entries forever and ever! So…yeah. I don’t think anyone actually cared about that part of the prize anyway. XD


And finally, I just want to extend a thank-you for everone who’s reading, commenting or just lurking around. It really makes drawing the strip worth it and I don’t think I mention how much I appreciate you guys. :happy:  So I’ll just say it now -

THANK-YOU! *hugs everyone*

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