WAM Survey

This is a sticky post. It is always here. Look one below for latest news. :3


I’ve discovered that it’s incredibly easy to create a survey via Google Docs to get more information. So – I’ve made one up to find more about my readers and what they’ve taken from WAM.

So, if you love me (or are bored…) please take the time to fill out the WAM Survey.

Thank-you much for your time!


And of course:


And just for fun, someone did an analysis of all the data and compiled it. You can see the PDF of it here for fun. :D

(Please don’t redistribute the data/file, though. He worked hard on it, and I’d like to keep track of where it is. :) Thank you!)

Edit on 10/11/14: I’ve taken down the survey and removed the results. It’s served it’s purpose. Thanks for everyone who participated over the years! :D


I’m sorry I couldn’t remember where I found WAM! It was an ad somewhere, in February, maybe!


It’s okay. It was only there if you remember, really. :) So you’re all good.

Thank-you for filling it out! :D


I only realized after I finished my survey that I gave the wrong webcomic as to where I found the ad for WAM. Cheesemonkey…..

Ah, well…I did fill it out and all, so it’s all good, right?


Wow, looks like i was the first to fill it out, also this is my first comment on the site….i feel special. I hope the survey helps you in whatever capacity you require.


Hey, would there be any way to make some cool constantly-updated graphs from the survey, especially for people’s favorite and second-favorite characters? And it’d be cool to see who everyone ships too!


Someone actually did an awesome chart make-up for everything. XD I just haven’t gotten around to uploading it. It’s hanging out with the fanart I’m still sitting on. But no, no instantly updating anything. Sorry! ^^;


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