No WAM today. T_T  Still sick.

In the meantime…you guys can write suggestions for pin-ups. If I like it I might do it.

Oh – and True Magic has a contest going on. :D Need to get my entry done for that…


Aw, so sorry you’re still sick, Liliy. Prayers for a quick recovery.

A really cool pin-up would be Wiglaf, Mordred and Driver dressed as pirates! :)


Oh no! *Brings you a truck-load of chicken noodle soup.* The news, panic-monger that it tends to be, is blaming a high percentage of this rash of illnesses on that H1N1 flu, and several cases have developed into pneumonia through secondary infections. If you keep feeling ill much longer, please get yourself checked, OK? And keep drinking lots of fluids. LOTS of them. *Wraps you up in a virtual blanket.*

A pin-up, huh? Background characters on a ship deck. The By-Standers, the Generic Thief, the miners… shouldn’t they get a pin-up at some point. XD


Hope you get better soon

Pin-up, I would like to see Mr. Garrot in his glory days like what you did with his wife and maybe with Driver’s dad in the background or something


Feel better soon!

Hmm How about the Princess Bride? I can’t decide who would be what character, besides Wiglaf being Wesley (look both their names start with W — it’s fate!) but I think it would be hilarious. (Especially if Mordred is in a dress XD )


Being sick is never fun, hope you feel better soon!

Pinups? Arthur and Janus back to back could be pretty cool. Janus looking all smug and smirky and Arthur in barely contained rage.

All the others mentioned look fun too =)


Sick? Poor thing…I’m kinda frail myself so I know what that feels like. Stay warm, drink plenty of liquids, take some vitamins, take lots of naps, don’t forget to eat, and do NOT be afraid to whine to be spoiled. You’re sick, you deserve to be pampered. Watch TV, just be crabby all day if you want. You’ll get better soon…

Hm. Pin-ups, huh? I say…Arthur. I dunno what he’d be dressed as but I want Arthur. Ooh! How about Arthur an Wiglaf doing that little arm-pulling arguing thing over Mordred? ‘My brother!’ ‘My friend!’


Awww…sorry to hear you’re sick. =( *hugs*
I just started reading earlier this week, and I love the comic.

Pin-ups…what’d be awesome is Mordred as the Joker with Wiglaf as Batsy. xD
Or something like that.


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