2010 Pair-A-Thon Winners!

Yay!! And I know it’s a little late but I’m still announcing the winners on Valentine’s Day so that’s all that matters. :D


First Place: Entry #1 By KGJ – Safir x The Bystander! :D

Second Place: Entry #9 by Caitlin – Gawain x Arthur :D

And There was a tie for Third Place (we keep having ties…) -

Third Place(s): Entries 12 & 16 by Gray Seraphim & Lizzie respectively. (Wiglaf x Driver & Brat x Mordred)

Congratulations everyone! Expect an e-mail shortly concerning your prizes. :D

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Oh, wow! But wait– I thought– oh, wow.

Thank you everyone! And congratulations Caitlin, Gray Seraphim, and Lizzie. This is just too darned cool. :ohhyeahh:


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