Katsucon Cosplay – Sample

Whoo hoo~ So Katsucon 16 was a lot of fun! Only ran into one fan but that’s okay. I wasn’t exactly recognizable as Mordred.

However, KGJ was a dead-on Wiglaf and she even had a REAL chainmaille shirt that she made herself (6 in 1, galvanized steel rings). I swear to you – this thing was a beast. I barely lift the thing – at least 40 pounds.

And she wore it like it was nothing. XD She’s awesome.

However, most of the pictures were taken by a friend so until I get copies…here’s a couple of the better shots that my brother got:

Anyway – Katsucon was awesome. :D


Wow, you guys look spectacular! :cool: The costumes look terrific, and they really invoke the comic characters well. I like how you tied Mordred’s scarf around the arm; it looks cool, plus the orange meshes well with the pink shirt that way. Your gloves are great too. KGJ’s chainmaille is just awesome-looking, as are her boots. You must have had a great time at the convention. :D

Hey, I’m curious: What are Wiglaf and Mordred saying to each other in the picture where they’re sitting by the fountain?


What they’re saying to each other depends on if you’ve seen the other pictures in this particular series or not. Personally, for a stand-alone like this, I’m in favor of either nothing being said (Mordred’s stance says it all) or Mordred saying, “Lackey, I said no hugs in public.”

What do you think, Liliy?


Liliy, Mordred looks great, and that whole thing was fun. Thanks for being such a good sport. Your brother took some great photos! Strangely enough, I actually like the very first one here. Action shot. XD You’re more of a dead-on Mordred than I was a dead-on Wiglaf: you have the body-language down pat (I need to study some more).

…..but I really need to fix that shirt…. and those boots….. >_< Among other things. Next year they will be perfect. Next year. (I won't insist you wear Mordred again, but Wiglaf will be back.) Next year, a proper (but not sharp or metal) Camlann will also be there, and he will talk and not appreciate the unworthy drawing him. *Cackles unheroically.*


Hi! I wish I could have seen your cosplay, I think when I saw you she was wearing the boots but the rest just normal clothes… Sorry if I freaked you out with my awkwardness. I’m super shy and have trouble talking to people I don’t know. Especially if I think they’re super awesome. XD


Wait…. Is that the chainmaile made out of pop-tops?


wait, no. Dang… I can’t believe It, I couldn’t find you there.


No, that wasn’t the chainmaille made out of pop-tops. We saw that one, though. It looked kind of neat… the guy used a technique that was a variant of Roman scalemaille craft.

You didn’t see this because it took place at approximately 1:00AM. You’d have had to be out and about in the hotel spaces, when most of the diversions were taking place at the workshop and video rooms, to catch us. It would have been a matter of queer happenstance.


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