New Store!

The WaM Store Page has recently gotten a cleaned up new look – why you may ask? Because WaM merchandise is finally expanding!

I’ve had prints for sale via the dA Prints Program for a while but those haven’t sold very well (which I don’t completely understand – the quality of the dA Prints are really top notch.) so I’m expanding the options a bit.

So I went ahead and jumped into the T-Shirt world with a sparkling new WaM Zazzle store that offers a new variety of products such as T-Shirts, Binders & other stuff.

Now this is where readers’ input comes in – What would you like to see in the store?

Do you want stylized quotes from the comic (if so – feel free to comment with your favorites!)? More character super-stylized images (such as the Galen example in the store)? Bikini shots? Favorite characters? Other feedback?

Let me know what you want to spend your money on so I can see what I can/have time to do! :D

Edit: Product Shots! :D

Galen T-Shirt

Galen T-Shirt - Pic by Mike! :D

Skull and Heart

Skull & Heart Shirt


you should have up there a silver turtle neck the looks like chain mail, and I like the idea of having quotes on t-shirts with some image on it and you have a lot of good one, there always seems to be some random quote at the bottom of the page :D


other possible ideas…

blue shirt with yellow “SECURITY” band

Hnaef – “don’t crawl in the vents”


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