URL Change

Hey! Some of you ┬ámay have noticed www.wiglafandmordred.com no longer directs directly to the site…

I was re-reading my Terms of Service for my hosting and apparently they don’t permit .htaccess redirects to directories and/or sub-domains. Heh. Decided not to press my luck & removed my redirect before anything could come of it. I might send them a line later & see if I can’t work something out/get permission to put it back up though since I’m only doing it for one site instead of a bunch of them (which is why I’m assuming it’s not permitted in the first place). We’ll see.

So now the link is now  back to a good old regular parked domain (aka it just sends you to liliy.net instead of liliy.net/wam).

LESSON: Read your Terms of Service more often than once every few years. XD

Just thought I’d let you know in case anyone got confused. ^^;;

*makes note for next batch of business cards to include both web urls*

On the bright side, maybe now ‘www.wiglafandmordred.com’ will stop showing up as a referral link in my stats. That always drove me crazy. XD

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