That’s right! The Pair-a-Thon is here for round four! I’m really excited for this year…like I am every year! :D The rules are pretty much the same as last year, but here they are again if you need them! So without further ado:

Let the Forth Annual Adventures of Wiglaf & Mordred Pair-A-Thon Begin!

Winners posted! Thanks for another great year! :D

Submission & Winners can be found here! :D

See Below the Cut for more rules and information!

The Mission:

Your goal? Either draw or write about your favorite pairing in Wiglaf & Mordred. I don’t care if it’s canon (ex. Geoffry & Janus, Horatio & Viola) or completely random (ex. Grace x Camlann showed up last year). If it’s what you ship – go for it. Just make sure to keep it clean and follow the rules!

All entries will be posted on a separate ‘Entries’ Page (and I’ll link to this blog from the gallery page, too!) and will remain up indefinitely. So even if you don’t win – you still get a little attention!

Also – just for kicks: The Mirrorverse and/or Genderbent Versions of the characters from the Ustream sketch sessions will be welcome if you’re so inclined.

The Voting:

All entries must be in by February 7. At that point, a link to all entries will be posted on this blog post. On February 8 I’ll start accepting your votes for the winner!

From February 8th to the 13th (10PM EST) I will be accepting votes via e-mail. More information when the voting process begins.

The Prize:

Fanart and Fanfiction entries will be judged separately! So there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for both categories.

The 1st Place Winner will receive:

1. 2500 points at Deviantart (You are welcome to donate your  points to a friend if you do not want them.)*

2. Choice of image for next WaM Pin-Up image. (What characters & what they’re doing, etc.)

The Second & Third place entries will receive:

1. Choice of image for WaM Pin-Up image. (What characters & what they’re doing, etc.)

The Rules:

1. Entries must be e-mailed to me at pairathon@wiglafandmordred.com by February 7th. (12 AM EST Feb. 8th to be exact.)

2. Keep it PG-13 people. You can get suggestive, but absolutely no explicit content! I’m going to be strict with this one so don’t push your luck. :|

3. Keep it to couples (That means 2 people!). You’ve already got free range of pairing–let’s not make it too complicated by getting threesomes or foursomes involved. >.> However!! That doesn’t mean the picture is limited to 2 characters – you’re free to add extra characters reacting to the couple of choice in the background should you choose.

4. Up to 2 Entries per person. I realize a month is a long time and you might come up with something better down the line. So I’m allowing you two chances.

5. Since written entries are being judged separately, you  may submit a written entry in addition to your two drawn/art entries (or vice versa if you’ve already submitted two written entries). This means the maximum number of entries you may have is THREE – where one must be in a different category. (So, 2 drawn and 1 written, or 2 written and 1 drawn.)

6. Pairings involving Hnæf or Safir MUST be rated G and non-romantic. They’re kids people and while I know that a certain pairing with Hnæf is rather popular (I’d imagine due to the fact his mentality is a lot older than 12) I’d rather not push my luck around here, okay? However! I will make an exception if it takes place in the future and Hnæf is 18 years or older  in your drawing. That is all.

Send your entry to pairathon@wiglafandmordred.com ! 

(Also! Don’t forget to include a link to your website/comic/DApage/SquibyPage/Whatever Page so I can link to you & let others see more of your work!)


I just thought I should let you know that on the Current Submissions page it says all entries are due by January 7th instead of February 7th.


I entered something a couple of days ago, and I dont see it yet. I’m not sure if I got the email address right or if you haven’t got it yet. I just want to make sure you get it.


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