That’s right! The Pair-a-Thon is here for round five! Few changes this year, mostly revolving around the prizes, but that shouldn’t change the core fun of it! :D

Let the Forth Annual Adventures of Wiglaf & Mordred Pair-A-Thon Begin!


EDIT: It was a close call this year, but the winners are up & we’re good to go until the 6th Pair-a-Thon! :D Thanks so much for entering everyone! It was a small, but really fun year. :3

See Below the Cut for more rules and information!

The Mission:

Your goal? Either draw or write about your favorite pairing in Wiglaf & Mordred. I don’t care if it’s canon (ex. Geoffry & Janus, Horatio & Viola) or completely random (ex. Grace x Camlann showed up last year). If it’s what you ship – go for it. Just make sure to keep it clean and follow the rules!

All entries will be posted on a separate ‘Entries’ Page (and I’ll link to this blog from the gallery page, too!) and will remain up indefinitely. So even if you don’t win – you still get a little attention!

Mirrorverse and/or Genderbent Versions of the characters from  sketch sessions are also fair game if you want.

The Voting:

All entries must be in by February 7. At that point, a link to all entries will be posted on this blog post. On February 8 I’ll start accepting your votes for the winner!

From February 8th to the 13th (10PM EST) I will be accepting votes via e-mail. More information when the voting process begins.

The Prize:

Fanart and Fanfiction entries will be judged separately! So that means there’ll be a 1st & 2nd place in Fanart & a 1st & 2nd place in Fanfiction.

1st & 2nd place are the same this year:

1. A WaM Pin-Up Request. (What characters & what they’re doing, etc. UP TO 3 characters in the request!)

The Rules:

1. Entries must be e-mailed to me at pairathon@wiglafandmordred.com by February 7th. (12 AM EST Feb. 8th to be exact.)

2. Keep it PG-13 people. Suggestive is okay, but absolutely no explicit content! (Don’t push your luck, is what I’m saying.)

3. Keep it to couples (That means 2 people!). You’ve already got free range of pairing–let’s not make it too complicated by getting threesomes or foursomes involved. >.> However!! That doesn’t mean the picture is limited to 2 characters – you’re free to add extra characters reacting to the couple of choice in the background should you choose.

4. Up to 2 Entries per person. I realize a month is a long time and you might come up with something better down the line. So I’m allowing you two chances.

5. Since written entries are being judged separately, you  may submit a written entry in addition to your two drawn/art entries (or vice versa if you’ve already submitted two written entries). This means the maximum number of entries you may have is THREE – where one must be in a different category. (So, 2 drawn and 1 written, or 2 written and 1 drawn.)

6. Pairings involving Hnæf or Safir MUST be rated G and platonic. They’re kids, folks. I’d rather not push my own luck around here, okay? However! I will make an exception if it takes place in the future and Hnæf is 18 years or older  in your drawing. That is all.

Got it? Great! :D

Send your entry to pairathon@wiglafandmordred.com ! 

(Also! Don’t forget to include a link to your website/comic/DApage/SquibyPage/Whatever Page so I can link to you & let others see more of your work!)


I have an idea but I don’t draw very well so it wouldn’t do it justice.


I’m planning to enter. I’ve even already got it sketched out! But school keeps getting in the way of working on it *sad face*.
I’m still trying tho xD


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