More Books!

Hey guys! If you don’t keep up with me on other social media sites like Twitter or Tumblr, you might not know that I’ve had a few more book releases since Children of Hephaestus was released! :D

Some handy places to see my books (and buy them! *hint hint wink wink*) are as follows:

Broken Pocket – My official Book Hub hosted by yours truly. It has all the information you’ll need in one place.

Goodreads – My Author profile. You can check out my book reviews here, add them to to-reading list, or even leave a review of your own! :D

Amazon Author Central – All my books for sale on Amazon. :D

And you can also find my books on Barnes & Noble/Nook, Kobo, iTunes/iBooks and Gumroad!

Last but not least, I’ve joined Write-On! by Kindle where you can read some free stories/see some works in progress! :D

Thanks a bunch guys! And as always, thanks for reading! :D

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