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  1. The Set Up

    Wiglaf and Mordred meet for the first time and end up having their worlds collide. Your 'Introduce Everyone' Arc, if you will.

    1. Hello

      In which they meet.

      1. Who’s the Other Guy?
      2. Friends?
    2. CamlannIn which there is a magic sword.
      1. Originality
      2. Airport
      3. Hiking Fun
      4. Heavy
      5. Here, Right?
      6. Peak-a-Boo
      7. Are we sure that’s not Mordred’s?
      8. Level Up
      9. Wiglaf Theatre I
      10. Sizzles
      11. It slipped…
      12. Ignored
      13. Rationale
    3. LiesIn which Wiglaf must lie to keep a friend.
      1. Ello’ There
      2. Å drit!
      3. Crystal Clear
      4. Work Horse
      5. That Works, Too
      6. Moving On Then
    4. Driver

      In which Wiglaf meets Driver.

      1. Airport II
      2. Post It
      3. Oh Yeah, That
      4. Got a Lift?
      5. Who Would Have Guessed?
      6. Gender Confusion
      7. Too Literal
      8. Could’a Been Janus
      9. Wrong Door
      10. Dejá Vu
    5. SiblingsIn which Arthur has a brother complex and Brat comes to visit.
      1. Brother Complex
      2. Denial Does Not Become
      3. Beg For It
      4. He’s Not Bitter
      5. Settled In
      6. Of Course He Did
      7. He Looks Familiar
      8. Phone Home
      9. The Sibling Appears
      10. This Could Be A Problem
      11. It Probably Is A Bad Time
      12. And On Your Knees, Too
      13. I Don’t Know How Either
    6. Camping

      In which there is camping.

      1. It’s Good For You
      2. Yes, She’s Ticked.
      3. First Night
      4. Broken Hearts
      5. He Has Sibling Senses, Too
      6. She’s Got Spunk
      7. That’s Real Love, Right There
      8. And We’re Back To That
      9. Seeing Double
      10. If You Were Wondering…
      11. Yes, He Noticed.
      12. That’s Not Funny
      13. Had Enough.
      14. Dinner’s Important, Too
    7. Together

      In which Wiglaf and Mordred realize it's forever.

      1. Wiglaf Theatre II
      2. Mordred Likes The Attention
      3. Took Um’ A While
      4. Yeah, He Does
      5. They Do Look Good
      6. I Like The Braids…
      7. Not Nice, Indeed
      8. Mordred Got Lucky
      9. More Like Five
      10. Pin-Up I
      11. She Should Know Better
      12. Somewhere, Mordred is Laughing
      13. Stripes Suit Security
      14. Semi-Sadist
      15. Well That Hurt
      16. Admit It, You Saw This Coming
  2. The Garrott Family

    Arthur and Sedrick have a fight. Safir gets thrown off to play with Grandpa and Madame Garrott tries to get her son to burn down a village. Fun all around. Your 'filler' arc.

    1. Family Part IIn which Janus comes home.
      1. Home Sweet Home
      2. Daddy Knows Best
      3. Grandpa
    2. Grace Part I

      In which the Valkyries are jealous.

      1. Loyal Ladies
      2. Azrael’s Lucky
    3. Fight Part IIIn which the fight starts looking more like a fight.
      1. So Mordred DOES Have Competition
      2. Habits Are Hard To Break
      3. Best Friends Forever
      4. …Like a Married Couple
      5. Mother Dearest
      6. Sedrick’s Unappreciated
      7. Runs in the Family
    4. Grace Part IIIn which Azrael loves Grace.
      1. Azrael’s One True Love
      2. Angel of Death
      3. Destroy You All, Gosh Darn It!
    5. Fight Part IIIIn which the fight ends after a slight transition.
      1. Pin-Up II
      2. That TV Has An Antenna!
      3. Restricted Information
      4. It’s All About Trust
      5. Like a Ninja
      6. Know it All
      7. Jealous and Proud
      8. Sedrick’s Bluffing
      9. Tell Me Sweet Lies
      10. Yum, Cake
  3. The Piano Concert

    Mordred and his family are invited to see his sister Boudica perform her piano on stage. Sadly, it takes them all a very, very long time to get there. The "Let's see how long I can draw this out without being boring" arc.

    1. Invited

      In which everyone is invited.

      1. And Back Again
      2. Riot Baby!
      3. She’d Be a Great Drag King
      4. He’s So Proud
      5. Male Bonding
      6. His Morals
      7. Pin-Up III
      8. I Think They Missed The Point
      9. You Really Can’t Blame Her
      10. If They Only Knew…
      11. That’s Like, A Lot of Blood
    2. Onwardin which everyone heads off to the concert.
      1. Nostalgia
      2. When They Were Young
      3. Maybe Next Time
      4. At Least She’s Happy
      5. Wiglaf Bought That Shirt
      6. Pumpkin
      7. Pin-Up IV
      8. That Ego Needs Checked
      9. When Pigs Fly, Wiglaf
      10. Daisies are Manly…Really
      11. Daisy Gets Around
      12. He Didn’t Deny It…
      13. So He Does Listen…Damn
      14. Light at the End of the Tunnel
      15. Grace is Lucky…
      16. Airport Security Lines are Boring
      17. And Off They Go
      18. We Need Some Soap Over Here
      19. Pin-Up V
      20. Azrael Trumps Population Control
    3. Hotel

      In which they all arrive at the hotel.

      1. No Complex…She’s Just Hyper
      2. He Likes Him
      3. Does Not Compute
      4. He Should Win An Award
      5. Yes Wiglaf, You Are
      6. It’s A Warning Shot
      7. Brynhildr Believes in Safety First
      8. No Need To Shout
      9. Darn, Over Already?
      10. Wiglaf Would Have Killed to Hear That
      11. Avoiding the Issue
      12. Fangirl
      13. Sucks To Be You, Dude
      14. Duck!
      15. Many Were Lost
      16. Gasp! Arc One Recap!
      17. Full Time Job
      18. He’s Famous
      19. Man They’re Quiet
      20. Dress For Success
    4. ConcertIn which they finally get to watch the concert.
      1. Pin-Up VI
      2. At Least He Didn’t Lie
      3. He Doesn’t Think Highly of Himself
      4. Sedrick Really Hates These Events
      5. I Bet It Echoes
      6. So Close…
      7. Listen
      8. Spectator Sport
      9. Part of the Job
    5. The IntermissionIn Which There is an Intermission.
      1. The Intermission
      2. Gets What She Wants
      3. Storm Coming
      4. Yes, He Referred to Her as an Object
      5. Manager’s Work is Never Done
    6. Second HalfIn which Wiglaf takes the stage - against his will.
      1. Evil Smirk
      2. I Think Mordred’s Feelings Are Actually Hurt
      3. You Forgot Driver, Too. Didn’t You?
      4. He’ll Get It In His Sleep
      5. At Least Someone Likes Him
      6. Wrapping Up
      7. Last But Not Least
      8. What’s This Then?
  4. The PlantsMordred with pink hair? Driver has a suitor? Wait - Mordred has a friend other than Driver!? What madness is this? Wiglaf finds himself with actual competition for Mordred's friendship and he's definitely up for the challenge.
    1. Hobbies

      In which Wiglaf WILL find out what Mordred's hobbies are. If it kills them.

      1. Pin-Up VII
      2. Like A Puppy…
      3. Listening Is Important
      4. *Whistle*
      5. Yeah, Don’t Ask
      6. I Don’t Think That’s How Swords Work…
      7. Pin-Up VIII
      8. That Didn’t Last Long… (His Hair)
      9. I Think She Likes It
    2. HnæfIn which Hnæf gets frustrated.
      1. Obsessed Much?
      2. Now He’s Just Messing With Him
      3. Should Have Worded That Differently…
      4. Deal With the Devil
      5. Pin-Up IX
    3. RivalIn which a rival appears.
      1. Right to the Point, Isn’t He?
      2. Not Very Effective
      3. Don’t Call Him A Monster!
      4. Sit. Stay. Beg.
      5. Where Did Mordred Go?
      6. Pin-Up X
      7. Distracted
      8. Happy First of April
      9. Back to the Program
      10. You Tell Us
    4. Time OffIn Which Azrael and Co have a little down time.
      1. Down Time
      2. Always A Trick Question
      3. Bad Grace
      4. Five’s A Crowd
      5. Boys Will Be Boys
    5. JealousIn which Wiglaf gets Lancelot out of his apartment.
      1. Like Statues…
      2. He’s Watching You
      3. It’s Friggin’ Pink
      4. And He’s Gotten There
      5. He Knew That
      6. Hanging Out
      7. And He Shall Be Called Charlotte
      8. Lime Flavored
    6. Night OutIn which Arthur gets Sedrick out of the house.
      1. Run Little Man
      2. A Decade Behind
      3. When You Dive In
      4. Mistake
      5. The Crowd is Totally Watching This
      6. Bouncer
      7. This Won’t Be Pretty
      8. Where’s The Other Guy?
      9. While They Fight…
      10. Don’t Draw Attention, Idiot
      11. Dragons Are Easy
      12. Trigger Happy
      13. Regenerating Undead
      14. Even Zombies Need Dental
      15. Not Happy By Choice
    7. BrunchIn which Lancelot joins Wiglaf and Mordred for one last meal before he goes off again.
      1. Pin-Up XI
      2. Keep Dreaming
      3. Hissy Doesn’t Like You Either
      4. Transition Time
  5. The Rescue

    Geoffry's old VP and Secretary, Horatio, makes an appearance begging Wiglaf to help rescue his boss after ten years of captivity. Watch as they face down the Garrott family on their home turf!

    1. His Story

      In which Horatio begs for help.

      1. To Love One’s Job
      2. This Happens Too Often
      3. This Happens More Often Than You’d Think
      4. Tidiness is Important
      5. Needs a Matching Jacket
      6. No Sharing Here
      7. Upbraiding
      8. Yup, He’s Married
      9. Boredom Saves The Day
      10. Sounds Simple Enough
      11. Compete With The Sword? Easy.
      12. Beats a Brother Complex
    2. TrainingIn which Gawain joins the Garrott ranks.
      1. All Jobs Have Them
      2. Run
      3. No! The Tape!
      4. Now He Runs
      5. Watch It!
      6. Maybe They’re Both Nuts?
      7. Pin-Up XII
      8. Convenient Change of Subject
      9. That’s a Good Feeling
    3. Bad NewsIn which Hnæf delivers some unwanted news.
      1. Mid-Day Bath Fanservice
      2. Show Me That Baby Blue
      3. You’ll Want Popcorn
    4. Getting In

      In which our rescue team enters the manor.

      1. Road Trip
      2. Coconut Banana Please!
      3. Smoothies Take Priority
      4. Driver Rules
      5. The Moat Dragon’s Name Is Al
      6. Cute Little Guy, Too
      7. Appearance is Deceiving
      8. Keep Looking
      9. Hitting It Won’t Work
      10. Red Collar
    5. Door DelayIn which many things prevent our heroes from passing through the main gate.
      1. Kentucky Daddy
      2. The Count Is One
      3. Just In Time
      4. That Job Haunts Him
      5. He Never Learns
      6. Easy Mistake
      7. Plans Are For Suckers
      8. Take Your Best Shot
      9. Shall We?
      10. Pin-Up XIII
    6. GalenIn which Hagen gets her partner back.
      1. He Needs It More
      2. Can’t Break It If You Didn’t Make It
      3. She’s Touching Him
      4. Run Zombie Run
      5. Big Daddy
      6. Run Faster
    7. CrashIn which everyone runs into each other. Mostly.
      1. When It Hits The Fan
      2. Sick
      3. Shouldn’t You Know?
      4. What Did You Expect?
      5. Giant Boulders, Too
      6. The Only Way To Travel
      7. Chill Out
      8. Regular Day At the Office
      9. Enough is Enough
      10. ‘Pure’ Does Not Mean ‘Good’
      11. They Should Lie
      12. Viewer Discretion Advised
      13. Back On Track
    8. They MeetIn which the seeking group finally meets the sought after.
      1. Domestic Bliss
      2. Best Served Cold
      3. Should Have Brought A Map
      4. Almost as Good
      5. Fancy Seeing You Here
      6. Reunion
      7. Pin-Up XIV
      8. He Lies. He Loves Interrupting.
      9. They Are Horribly Similar
      10. TMI
      11. Kid Needs To Get Out More
      12. The Cuffs Are Stylish
      13. Said A Mouthful
      14. Now He Overreacts
      15. Perfect Match
      16. Pin-Up XV
    9. ConfessionsIn which people admit things they probably should have known all along.
      1. Paying Attention Is Overrated
      2. Love Hurts
      3. Violence Isn’t the Answer…?
      4. Mother of the Year, That
      5. We Are Not In Horatio’s Box
      6. Only One Adult
      7. He’s Not Joking
      8. Diplomacy is the Enemy
      9. Pin-Up XVI
      10. It’s a Respectable Game
      11. All Business
      12. That Would Have Been Easy
      13. He Got Bored
    10. LeavingIn which everyone heads their own way....again.
      1. Think of the Dental
      2. You Get Used To It
      3. It’s Cheaper In-House
      4. No Hair Ties Allowed
      5. Try Again, Lackey
      6. Brother’s Intuition
      7. That Would Get Boring
      8. Pin-Up XVII
      9. She Got Bored
  6. The Bliss

    Mordred drags Wiglaf along on a quest for a new magical Artifact named 'Bliss' - but what does Azrael want with it? And more importantly - are Gawain and Hagen going to survive their first field mission together!?

    1. Grace

      In which Azrael hears voices.

      1. Did You Hear That?
      2. You Thought He’d Be Pretty?
      3. Bad Company
      4. Yes, That Is His Name
      5. All the Time in the World
      6. Everyone Was Thinking It
      7. Pin-Up XVIII
    2. ArtifactIn which Wiglaf and Mordred get up and do something.
      1. Reversed (Almost)
      2. Doing Chores Helps, Too
      3. We Couldn’t Survive Two
      4. Keep Trying
      5. He’s Done This Before
      6. Maybe Even Bigger
      7. Hey! It’s Part of Her Job!
      8. It Was Something Else
      9. Pin-Up XIX
    3. MissionIn which Arthur over reacts as per usual and Grace gets nervous.
      1. Break’s Over
      2. Not a Brother Complex
      3. It’s An Important Insert
      4. Loiter While You Can
      5. And Don’t Screw Up
      6. At Least Someone Knows What It Is
      7. Zipped Lip
      8. Pin-Up XX
    4. Journey Go!In which Wiglaf and Mordred head out to seek the Orb.
      1. I’ll Take Some of That Beefcake
      2. A Big Boat
      3. It’s a Bluff
      4. The Boat is a Pinto
      5. Money Makes Things Happen
      6. Burn, Dude. Oh, Wait. Frozen, Dude.
      7. It Has A Leak, Too
      8. Pin-Up XXI
    5. ControlIn which Azrael follows orders.
      1. Learn To Read Minds
      2. Perks.
      3. Grace is a Jerk
      4. The Other 2% is All You
      5. No One Is Coming
      6. Good Timing
      7. Grace is Good For Something
      8. It Really Never Works
    6. Mother OceanIn which Wiglaf gets in a good 'I Told You So.'
      1. Jinxed It
      2. Three Seconds Later
      3. If You Say It…
      4. Hagen Wears Short Shorts
      5. Gratitude
      6. Better Than Drowning
      7. Take A Swim
    7. WorryIn which the Valkyrie Sisters jump into action.
      1. She Misses Him Already
      2. Love them PJs
      3. He Pitches
      4. Small Price To Pay
      5. Surprise is Overrated
    8. BullIn which Wiglaf calls bull on reality and Mordred tells him to get over it.
      1. At Least It’s Not An Iceberg
      2. You’re Thinking Too Hard
      3. Yes.
      4. He’s Already There
      5. He’s Worth More Than That
      6. Apples Won’t Save You, Either
      7. Brief Interlude
      8. Pin-Up XXII
    9. Missing

      In which life is unkind to Azrael.

      1. Distract and Evade
      2. Signs Are Meant To Be Read
      3. They Did Tell Them
      4. Azrael Has Flyer Miles
      5. That Counts As Not Working
      6. Grace Got You Out, Didn’t He?
      7. Who Doesn’t?
      8. Karma?
      9. More Than That, Actually
    10. Gathering

      In which they all combine in one in many other arcs.

      1. A Bladesmith
      2. Smile Back; It Likes You
      3. Time Flies
      4. Snips
      5. Because You Left Him On The Boat
      6. Pin-Up XXIII
      7. Wish My Teeth Were That Color…
      8. He’s More Of A Bruiser Anyway
      9. Snap
      10. Might Want A Bandage
      11. Or Anytime After
      12. Shop Keep Is Camera Shy
    11. Reveal

      In which everyone finds out what Bliss does.

      1. He Could Be A Replica!
      2. Camlann Certainly Never Forgets
      3. One-Sided Conversation
      4. Poor Water Jug
      5. He Is WAY Too Nice
      6. At Least One Problem Was Solved
      7. That Special Sort of Love
      8. One Phone Call Later
  7. The Transition

    Mordred's got a new tag-a-long, Lancelot's back, Azrael needs a new job and Generic needs to realize that the Valkyries just aren't interested in him.

    1. Bliss Really Is Ignorance

      In which Mordred realizes he will be forever plagued by idiots.

      1. Spell It Again
      2. That’s How The Colors Dance
      3. That Stuff Is Hard To Clean Out
      4. Killing Him Might Work, Too
      5. Selective Intelligence
      6. Say ‘Thanks’ Already
    2. Roomies

      In which Generic has house guests.

      1. Predictable
      2. It Was Medical
      3. Pin-Up XXIV
      4. Common Sense…or Not?
      5. …Not
      6. He’s Too Used To That
    3. Orb Meets Home

      In which Bliss comes home and drives everyone crazy.

      1. But It Floats!
      2. Better Than Stamps
      3. He Hid in the Closet
      4. They’re Both Right
      5. Good Intentions Fail.
      6. Petty Revenge is Serious Stuff
      7. In Fiction, Anyway
      8. Bird Doesn’t Lie
      9. Pin-Up XXV
      10. Fair Market Value In Fact
    4. Leech

      In which Azrael is a bum.

      1. Pet Peeve
      2. He’s Got A da Vinci, Too
      3. He Takes The Arts Seriously
      4. Two for Two
      5. It Was Probably Expensive, Too
      6. His Chest Is Distracting That Way
    5. Now What

      In which Lancelot needs another reason to hang around.

      1. Salt, Too
      2. No Poking
      3. Puns Make Bliss Chuckle
      4. Do Not Touch
      5. She Misses Shoes
      6. Before It’s Too Late
      7. He Did Throw You Out A Window
    6. Decision

      In which Azrael finally makes a decision.

      1. What’d He Say?
      2. He’s Got Flow Charts
      3. And The Wind Blows
      4. Time For Change
      5. Going To Catch Flies
      6. He Does What They Say
      7. Or Awake. He’s Not Picky.
      8. And Write It Down
  8. The Sword

    On a quest to make Bliss visible to the rest of the team, the group runs into another fellow who holds one of the mysterious artifacts in Bliss and Grace's set. Only this time the consequences of the artifact's powers might be more trouble than the team can handle on their own.

    1. Camlann's Back

      In which Camlann is returned to the main team.

      1. Camlann’s Screaming On The Inside
      2. Wiglaf Tells It Like It Is
      3. To See The Floor Shows
      4. Enemy of Magic Items
      5. Camlann Joins The Line
      6. They Thought The Glow Held It Up
      7. They’re Tired of Repeating It
    2. Ben and Éclat

      In which we meet yet another person slowly being driven insane by an 'inanimate' object.

      1. Nice To Be Missed
      2. Ben Doesn’t Appreciate The Help
      3. What Were The Odds?
      4. Censored
      5. All In The Name
      6. Ben Spent a Lot On Those
      7. Belts Are The Rage
      8. Pin-Up XXVI
    3. Memories

      In which Bliss tries to remember and the team realizes they have to visit Azrael.

      1. Near Useless Facts
      2. He Couldn’t Steal Cable Either
      3. Driver Is Cooking Omelettes
      4. Batter Up
      5. Activated By Water
      6. Who Else Can He Beat Up?
    4. The Women

      Ben and Éclat meet the Valkyries...and Generic, but he's less important.

      1. He’s Handling This Well
      2. Ben Should Take A Hint
      3. On The Back Of The Neck
      4. They Love Flying
      5. Not So Different
      6. Could Be A Long Wait
      7. Mood Swing Time
      8. He’s Very Bored
      9. Pin-Up XXVII
    5. Power

      In which Wiglaf and Mordred arrive with their crew just in time to see Éclat cut loose.

      1. Plants Don’t Have Luggage
      2. Straight To The Good Stuff
      3. Zing
      4. Just A Griffin
      5. One That Will Last
      6. New Pothole
      7. The Sidelines
      8. You Can Ignore Talking
      9. A Wild Ben Appears
      10. Time To Listen Up
      11. Light It Up And Out
      12. One At A Time
      13. Collateral Damage Ahoy!
      14. It Feels Really, Really Good
      15. Pin-Up XXVIII
    6. Camlann vs Bliss

      Camlann continues his rampage only to meet his match in the form of a small blue orb.

      1. Smores Would Be Nice
      2. Choke A Hero
      3. It Distracts Him
      4. Mordred Did
      5. Already Forgot
      6. There Could Be More
      7. Safety Before Modesty
      8. Say Sorry Already!
      9. Lost The Manual
      10. Easy Come, Easy Go, Easy On?
      11. Going To Need A Bigger Truck
      12. Pin-Up XXIX
    7. Benjamin

      In which Benjamin talks about his sword.

      1. You Don’t Need Two
      2. He Learned That From Grace
      3. A Regular Vacation Even
      4. It’s Contagious
      5. Holding Onto That Grudge
      6. She Likes Feathers
      7. Another Power You Didn’t Use
      8. Clothing Damage
      9. Worst Insult He Could Think Of
      10. Sound Logic
      11. Pin-Up XXX
  9. The Friend

    It's Mordred's turn to learn something about Wiglaf's family. Outside of the bratty sister, of course. In the meantime, Sedrick crosses a line that he can't return from.

    1. Last Straw

      In which Sedrick can't stand the goody-goody act any longer.

      1. Just A Matter of Time
      2. Daddy Knows Best
      3. Note The Pronouns
      4. Standard Villainy 101
      5. Going To Change The Game
      6. Old School Needle
      7. When Opportunity Passes Out
      8. High Pain Tolerance
      9. Watch Your Mouth
      10. Accountant At Heart
      11. He Was Not Gentle
      12. Old Associates
      13. Pin-Up XXXI
    2. To HomeIn which Wiglaf goes home to meet the folks and drags his "friend" with him.
      1. Smart To Wait Until They Left
      2. Do What Mamma Says
      3. Communication Needs Work
      4. Her Dinner Is Worth It
      5. Meeting The Parents
      6. The English Is For Mordred
      7. Yes, You Missed It
      8. Parental Instinct
      9. And Chloroform
    3. New ManagementIn which Sedrick sets down some new ground rules.
      1. He Really Hates Them
      2. He’s So Happy To Be Out
      3. By ‘Closet’ He Meant ‘Room’
      4. Your Room, His House
      5. Smooth Operator
    4. Bad NewsIn which Wiglaf gets some bad news and Mordred doesn't take it well either.
      1. That Telephone Game Sucks
      2. Reliably Unreliable
      3. He Likes Cats
      4. Wiglaf Is Holding His Clothes
      5. Death Is The Line To Not Cross
      6. Pin-Up XXXII
      7. Research The Facts
      8. Keeper of the Green
      9. We’ve All Done It
    5. New RulesIn which Sedrick lays down the law.
      1. Better Not To Risk It
      2. It’s A Gel Pen
      3. Should Have Seen The Wedding
      4. Only For Arthur
      5. Not Bad For Her Sixties
      6. He Hates Her Too Much
    6. Bliss is BackIn which the Bliss comes back.
      1. Bliss Is Back, Jack
      2. Grace and Éclat Know Better
      3. Because of Bliss
      4. B-L-I-Double-PISSED
      5. Bliss Works Fast
      6. He Is A REALLY Good Listener
    7. FathersIn which two fathers connect.
      1. Sponge Baths and Patience
      2. You Should Do That, Yes
      3. Pin-Up XXXIII
      4. She Could Be Guarding Air?
      5. Hate To Kill The Cute Ones
      6. Don’t Argue With Daddy
      7. Looking Out For His Kids
      8. Lucky To Be Grounded
      9. No Time To Change
      10. A Little Faith, A Little Trust
      11. Old Enough To Know Better
      12. Emotional and Over Prepared
      13. Run. Faster. Arthur.
      14. Garrott Blood
    8. Call OutIn which Sedrick gives an ultimatum and Wiglaf has to answer.
      1. He Hopes Arthur Is Late
      2. Only In His Head
      3. Even Marked It With an ‘X’
      4. She Worries, You Know
      5. Tactless
      6. It’s Gonna’ Be Cold
      7. Dessert Would Be Better
      8. To Anywhere Else
      9. Can See It From Here
      10. He Only Needs One
      11. And Wiglaf Shall Read
      12. Status Matters
      13. It’s Wiglaf. That’s Why.
      14. Lancelot’s Vengeance
      15. It’s Quiet, Too
      16. Don’t Even Get Him Started On The Betrayal Thing
      17. He’s Mastered Breathing, Too
    9. Four For AllIn which everything happens at once, fight, make up, break up--let's go!
      1. Might Miss The Attention
      2. She Needed The Hug
      3. We’ve Seen This Before
      4. One Question At A Time
      5. Pin-Up XXXIV
      6. Because You’re Not Far Enough
      7. Explosive Anger
      8. Just Like Last Time
      9. Camlann Can Do Anything…Almost.
      10. He Can’t Even Process It
      11. No, He Hasn’t Noticed Mordred
      12. Record That For Posterity
      13. I Just Said That!
      14. Parents. Got To Love Them.
      15. That Used To Be For Me
      16. Even Remembered Her Birthday
      17. Change Is A Good Hurt
      18. Need To Catch Up
      19. He’s An Accountant
      20. Nurture Wins
      21. He Didn’t Even Question It
      22. Pin-Up XXXV
  10. The BossAn artifact owner catches news of Bliss' destruction and heads out to take her over from Mordred--only she gets caught up in something bigger as the group discovers the creators of the artifacts!
    1. NeighborsIn which a collector sees the news and Mordred and Wiglaf find out some things they missed while in Sweden--from their neighbor.
      1. Two Too Many
      2. Caught On Tape
      3. There Is No Detox
      4. He Has Great Timing
      5. I’m Sick of Traveling Scenes
      6. Excuse on the Fly
      7. Only Azrael Is Cuddling
      8. Very Manly Shrieking
      9. You Knew That, Wiglaf
      10. She Doesn’t Appreciate That
      11. Hnæf Would Still Find You
    2. ConfinementIn which Arthur and Sedrick catch up now that everything has calmed down.
      1. Blind Spot
      2. Used To Someone Listening
      3. Arthur Is Taking This Well
      4. Straight To The Gut
      5. One-Sided Friendship
      6. Wonder Where He Got It
      7. Happy First Of April II
    3. Smack DownIn which confrontations occur and Mordred is kidnapped!
      1. How Did We Get Here?
      2. No Real Experience
      3. Pin-Up XXXVI
      4. He Made Pictures
      5. A Club No One Wants To Join
      6. He CAN Hear You
      7. Sewn, Not Zipped
      8. Don’t Do Friends Favors
      9. Don’t Work With Them Either
      10. Don’t Correct Him
      11. They’re Both Mean
      12. Mordred in Distress!
      13. It’s A Rotary
      14. Meddling Parent is Meddling
      15. Always Someone You’ve Never Met
    4. Story TimeIn which the artifacts share a bit about their pasts.
      1. The Motive Is Always Selfish
      2. Watch What You Say
      3. Grace Wouldn’t Need Them
      4. Most Expensive Thing He’s Ever Owned
      5. Shanghaied
      6. Grace Is Helping
      7. Touch Goes Both Ways
      8. Not A Club Member
      9. Pin-Up XXXVII
    5. Father MattersIn which Wiglaf and Mordred's fathers go head to head.
      1. He’s Rather Mad, Too
      2. Everyone Else Has One
      3. He’s A Sore Loser
      4. Security Installed His Own
      5. And Practice
      6. That Room Is Too Small
      7. You Knew He Could Get Loose
      8. Yeah, It’s Gonna’ Be That Bad
      9. There’s That Down Hill
      10. Not The Same From Him
      11. And He Appreciates It
      12. Parents Think Alike
      13. Pin-Up XXXVIII
      14. They Go Way Back
      15. He Can See Them All
      16. It’ll Come To Him
      17. Vilhelm Is The Accountant
      18. Refuses To Call Him “Boss”
      19. At Least He’s Home
    6. BossIn which we meet Vilhelm's boss.
      1. Hit Where It Hurts
      2. Big Bad Boss
      3. Crushing Loneliness Is Good For Getting Artifacts
      4. He Understood Alright
      5. He Really Likes That Mark Kid
      6. Annoyances
      7. Give it Time
      8. You Do Not Want That Number
      9. Stop That. He’s Monologuing.
      10. Red Greed
      11. What Was That 4th Option?
      12. Malachi Enjoys Winning
      13. What She Came For
      14. Vilhelm Handled Him
      15. Vilhelm Does Not Want To Know
      16. Limitations
      17. Three To One
      18. Just Another Day At Work
      19. He Prefers Hand-Copying
      20. Pin-Up XXXIX
      21. Tough Decision
      22. Wrong Answer
      23. He’s Seen Worse, But Still…
      24. It’s Replaceable
      25. Think You Know Someone
      26. She’s Back
    7. ArtifactsIn which the artifacts come together.
      1. Bad Reunion
      2. Ledger Is Gonna Make A New Rule
      3. It’s Not Her Fault!
      4. Collectors Collect!
      5. Pin-Up XL
      6. Someone’s Grounded
      7. A Security Never Tells
  11. The AdjustmentSome big changes have been happening, and Mordred & Wiglaf & Co. find themselves struggling to adjust.
    1. GrendelIn which Mordred gets a dog.
      1. They Will Regret Making Him Do Chores
      2. Bad Habit Of His
      3. And It Begins
      4. Say You Love It, Wiglaf
      5. At Least Pretend, Wiglaf
      6. Because A Cat Will Help
      7. The Dog Grendel
      8. Like Cats and Dogs
      9. He’s Glad He Remembered You
      10. Or Just Annoying
      11. Desperation, Maybe?
      12. Herschell Tastes Good
      13. Animal Etiquette
      14. She’s Taking It Well
      15. This Is Where Size Matters
      16. She’s Frisky Today
    2. MalachiIn which Vilhelm goes home, and has to answer questions.
      1. Home, Not Work
      2. Change The Topic
      3. He’s a Daddy, Too
      4. Lennart Doesn’t See A Phone
      5. Vilhelm Knows When To Give up
      6. Jumping Past Conclusions
      7. Pin-Up XLI
      8. Unlimited Everything
      9. His Affection is Bigger
      10. Could Still Be Good
    3. EightiesIn which the pets go missing and someone has a secret hobby revealed.
      1. Edge of Patience
      2. Panic Mode
      3. A Little Like Dad
      4. You’re The Hero, Wiglaf
      5. Rehashed
      6. It Was a Traumatizing Time
      7. She Loves It
      8. She’s Ready When You Are
    4. DinnerIn which there is an awkward family dinner.
      1. The Best Guest
      2. One of the Top Reasons
      3. And Loses Track Of Time
      4. There Are Stories There
      5. Too Scared To Fight Around Wiglaf
      6. Fond Memories
      7. Just Accept It
      8. Mad For Mad’s Sake
      9. Pin-Up XLII
    5. CompromiseIn which there is compromise.
      1. Revenge Comes Later
      2. So Much Revenge
      3. Handy Escape
      4. Disappointed
      5. Just Another Work Day
      6. Revenge. It Came.
      7. His Pain Threshold Is Small
      8. Diane Is Going To Hurt Him
      9. Prefers Dogs. She Said That.
      10. Bond of Master and Pet
      11. It Was Fashionable Then
      12. Little Company
      13. Don’t Leave Unattended
      14. Pin-Up XLIII
      15. Dog is Fine. Watch HER.
      16. It Doesn’t Work That Way
      17. She Knew It
    6. Miss The MasterIn which the Valkyrie Sisters invade Guy's Night.
      1. Worse Than A Dog
      2. He’s Upset, Too
      3. She Is Not Amused
      4. Bonding Gone Wrong
      5. You Never Know A Person
      6. At Least Brynhildr Will Be Happy
      7. Competition Is All It Takes
      8. He’s Pretending For His Sanity
      9. It’s Going Down
      10. Éclat is Rooting For Ben
      11. Crossed That Line
      12. It’s Always The Rocks
      13. They’re Taking It Well
      14. She’s Been Waiting For This
      15. Don’t Have Time For That
      16. Unlike Her
      17. He Is Still In This Game
      18. Ben Is Too Happy
      19. The Game Got Serious
      20. He Misses His Work
      21. The News’ll Get It Soon
      22. Grace Is Happy Again
      23. Offscreen Epic
      24. Rock’s Don’t Bleed
      25. Red Point
      26. He Always Forgets That Part
      27. Got A Taste and a Whiff
      28. Pin-Up XLIV
    7. MinionsIn which Arthur Garrott's minions are bored.
      1. She Missed Out Last Time
      2. At Least Gawain’ll Survive
      3. Escape Faster Kid
      4. Look Forward When Running
      5. Not Feeling Himself
      6. And There Was Snow! And A Hill!
      7. Age Matters
      8. He’s Quite Popular
      9. And Yet Still Sees Fine
      10. False Alarm
      11. He’s Experimenting
      12. Fresh Blood Over Yonder
      13. Azrael Misses The Uniform
      14. Driver Will Have Her Revenge
      15. Wrong Question
      16. Really The Wrong Question
      17. Regretting That Question
      18. Pin-Up XLV
    8. A MeetingIn which Lancelot causes trouble.
      1. He’s Mad For Science
      2. At Least One Thing Worked
      3. What Hurts The Most?
      4. You Need To Look Good
      5. They Bring The Green
      6. Change and The Same
      7. Last To Know
      8. She’s Sensible
      9. They Really Like Green
      10. It’s A Big Moment For Him
      11. Wiglaf Will Jump On That
      12. So Many Plans He Has
      13. Don’t Worry, He’s Coming
      14. Lancelot Was Waiting For This
      15. Jack Is For Any Season
      16. Proper Rivals
      17. Wiglaf Could Use Some Help, Guys
      18. Wiglaf Still Needs Help
      19. Missing The Action
      20. Pin-Up XLVI
      21. In It Together
      22. Initiating a Loophole
      23. That Attitude Helps
      24. Lancelot’s Too Into This
      25. Don’t Breathe
      26. At Least They’re Impressed
      27. Round 2: Rise From The Muck
      28. He Prepared For This
      29. Hope For Good
      30. Pin-Up XLVII
    9. New JobIn which Vilhelm accepts a new job.
      1. He’s Accepted Worse Jobs
      2. New Friend
      3. Always Have To Ask
      4. Don’t Call Her ‘Bell’ or ‘Anna’
      5. This’ll Work
      6. Quit Now, Vilhelm
      7. You Know Where They’re Going
      8. He’s Not Talking To You
      9. Slightly Concerned
      10. Pin-Up XLVIII
      11. There is a Bright Side
      12. Boss Always Gets His Way
      13. Hit Her. Just Try It.
      14. Had to Happen Eventually
  12. The CampsiteWiglaf and Mordred tackle camping, this time without Mordred's meddling siblings. But they might wish that was the worst of their problems.
    1. Camping AgainIn which Mordred wants to go out and camp, to everyone's surprise.
      1. Try Two
      2. Go Try Something New
      3. He’ll Go Alone. Just Watch Him.
      4. He’s Feeling Nostalgic
      5. Just Like Old Times
      6. The Woods It Is
      7. She Never Leaves
      8. He Wouldn’t Tell If He Knew
      9. Listen To Him
      10. He Did. Sort of.
      11. She’ll Care Later. It’s a Good Book.
      12. Pin-Up XLIX
      13. Now Who Can’t Wait?
      14. Worry Wiglaf, Worry
      15. She’s Thinking
      16. He’s Still Picking Something Out
      17. I Thought It Was Camping?
      18. She Will Hunt You Down
    2. Freedom Is CampingIn which Geoffry has had it.
      1. He Brought The Kid, Too
      2. The Kid Is Wise
      3. Denial Is A Fierce Beast
      4. New Ways To Care
      5. Caught in The Middle
      6. She Is Not Happy, Janus
      7. Pin-Up L
      8. Geoffry Is In Control…Not
      9. For Now, That Is
      10. Trouble This Way Comes
      11. Sidelining This One
      12. Explanation Not Needed
      13. They Are Not Alone
      14. Extended Family Time Fun
    3. New ArrivalIn which our campers meet someone out of this world.
      1. Missed A Few Times
      2. Left Ten Minutes Ago
      3. Undershot
      4. Only A Little Lost
      5. Bit Outside The Loop
      6. Yup. Good Thing That.
      7. The More The Merrier
      8. Pin-Up LI
      9. They’ll Manage Somehow
      10. Bliss and Mordred Are Still At It
      11. Trade One For Another
      12. What Janus Saw In Him
      13. Forgot About The Chains
    4. New RecruitIn which Boss decides he wants a new addition.
      1. Joy of Work
      2. Something New
      3. Dan Believes You, Really
      4. And It’s Free!
      5. Jade Is A Monster
      6. That Aim Was On Purpose
      7. The Owners Get Along
      8. It Was An Afterthought
      9. He’s Old. It Happens.
      10. Could Be Waiting For A While
      11. It’s Been An Hour
      12. It’s Not Just Boss
      13. Introduction’s Again!
      14. Malachi Likes It Easy
      15. Dan Has A Point
      16. Tents Have Thin Walls
      17. …Or Was It?
      18. Finished Early
      19. Information Travels Quickly
      20. Apathy Hit Hard
      21. No, He’s Not
      22. Poke. Pop. Splash.
      23. Explanations Would Be Nice
      24. Fuxiyiya Has Six
      25. Soon To Be Crowded
      26. Pin-Up LII
      27. Pin-Up LIII
      28. Getting Crowded Now
      29. Bitter About The Manicure Threat
      30. Another New Recruit
    5. Jelly SpudIn which there is a jelly spud, and it drives Mordred crazy.
      1. It’s Not All Tech
      2. Security Rules
      3. Careful Now
      4. Left Behind Again
      5. Don’t Look Outside
      6. Don’t Mix Magic
      7. To The Point
      8. Crowded In There
      9. Confined Space
      10. Natural Good Looks
      11. Really Need Honesty Now
      12. Don’t Look Behind You
      13. Starting to Suspect
      14. Happens When He Panics
      15. Sensible Ones
      16. For Security’s Sake
      17. Pin-Up LIV
      18. He’s Getting Impatient
      19. Jade Does NOT Do Failure
      20. They Are Very Bold Still
      21. Avoiding The Issue
      22. Definitely Stalling
      23. Abominations Get Lonely, Too
      24. There’s Risk and There’s Stupid
      25. And It’s Good
      26. Camlann Has Been Waiting
      27. Pin-Up LV
    6. The SwordIn which Camlann is done.
      1. He’s Right There, Guys
      2. Mordred Asked
      3. It Wasn’t A Question
      4. Loss of Words
      5. He Should Be Worried
      6. Not Talking
      7. He’s Out Of Practice
      8. First Impressions Are Rough
      9. “Done” Doesn’t Cover It
      10. Camlann Knows
      11. It Hid Well
      12. Should Have Noticed
      13. The Violence Has Been Censored
      14. Better Known Elsewhere
      15. Playing With Fire, Fuxiyiya
      16. Wise Decision, Fuxiyiya
      17. It’s Been A Weird Day
      18. Been A Rough Ride
      19. Silent Bonding
      20. Feel Honored. He Came In Person
      21. Not Vilhelm, But Close Enough
      22. He Scares A Lot Of People
      23. The Jelly Spud Is Sensitive
      24. His Patience Is Better
      25. Only Two Missing Here
      26. And A Lot Of Red
      27. Proud Spud
      28. Too Many Teleporters
      29. Sharing Is Caring…Sort Of
      30. Not Even Worth Eating
      31. Rely On Those Instincts
      32. No Raises For Them
      33. Help Keeps Him Busy
      34. Camlann Is Tired
      35. Not Used To The Quiet
      36. Role Reversal
      37. Driver Takes Care Of That
      38. He Started Blocking Out Red
      39. Maybe Next Time
      40. They’re Going Home Soon
    7. Home AgainIn which everyone goes home. Again.
      1. Really Lucky
      2. They’ll Be There Soon
      3. Just Another Day In Springland
      4. They Better Show Up
      5. Pin-Up LVI
      6. They Were Bored, Too
      7. That Would Be The Failure
      8. He Missed Wiglaf
      9. Trying To Be Nice
      10. Because She Wants It
      11. Going Back To Blonde, Too
      12. About Time, Driver
      13. A Little Alike
      14. Had Time To Think
      15. Won’t Say They’re Scared
      16. Unreliable Narrator
      17. When Don’t You Forget?
      18. Pin-Up LVII
  13. The ArtifactsCamlann is not a member of the set.
    1. BondingIn which Camlann tries to fit back in with Mordred and Wiglaf.
      1. It’s Not Weird
      2. Mordred Isn’t Disturbed
      3. Better Than Being Creepy
      4. Wiglaf Needs A Shirt
      5. Why Not Camlann, Too?
      6. Too Much Ego
      7. The Dye Was Not The Important Part
      8. He Wants You To Look
      9. Talk Through The Pain
      10. Camlann’ll Deal With It
      11. He Responds To A Third
      12. New Look, Old Habits
      13. Quartet Away!
      14. Flattery Always Works
      15. Talking To Himself Now
      16. King Of Grudges
      17. It’s Hard For Him To Admit
    2. RegroupIn which the quartet joins up with old friends.
      1. Not Used To Civilian Life
      2. Friends Worry
      3. Don’t Take It Personally
      4. Ran Out Of Things To Fight Over
      5. Sword Has Good Taste
      6. Ben Feels Better
      7. Tea Fixes All
      8. Stories They Could Share
      9. They’ll Work It Out
      10. Stars Aligned Or Something
      11. They’ll Make It A Party
      12. Sword Talks
      13. Grace Is Still Laughing
      14. Azrael’s Having A Good Day
      15. Mordred Won’t Admit It Is
      16. Waiting Won’t Kill You
      17. They Can Loophole, Too
      18. Ben Hasn’t Replaced You, Wiglaf
      19. They’re All Looking Good
      20. He’s Not Doing Research
      21. Rant Is Worth The Pain
      22. Ben Is A Formidable Force
      23. Too Proud To See Them
      24. Just Go See Them
      25. Driver Took Camlann Outside
      26. Pin-Up LVIII
    3. Heading OutIn which the crew heads out to find their goal: A way to see the artifacts.
      1. Ready To Go Nowhere
      2. Been Ready To Go
      3. New Friends Everywhere
      4. He’s Still Outside Getting Air
      5. Team Is Ready…Maybe
      6. They’re Concerned
      7. At Least He Likes Gossip
      8. Ledger Is Also A Ledger
      9. You’re Off Topic, Ledger
      10. They’re Getting To It
      11. Old Urges Are Hard To Kill
      12. Driver’s With Ben In The Car
      13. Still In The Car
    4. The LakeIn which the crew returns to a familiar lake.
      1. Camlann Is Not Happy
      2. Camlann Honestly Forgets
      3. Good For A Visit
      4. Sidelined
      5. The Grumpiness Didn’t Fool Him
      6. He Looks Magical
      7. Herschell Has Good Networks
      8. A Name Tells Us Nothing
      9. He Hates His Full Name
      10. Pay Attention Team
      11. He Absolutely Did
      12. Ben’s Coming
      13. Dropped On Shore
      14. Hard To Talk Underwater
      15. Mordred Should Have Known
      16. Look Around A Bit
      17. Wiglaf Is A Strong One
      18. Ask And It’ll Be Done
      19. Camlann’s Happy To Show Off
      20. All About The Names
      21. Camlann Impresses
      22. Camlann Lives For Praise
      23. Mordred Won’t Help Either
      24. Pin-Up LIX
      25. Camlann Could Drop It Any Time
      26. Ask Camlann Instead
      27. Ben Got The Swords
      28. They Should Talk To Him
      29. Pin-Up LX
      30. More Flattery Ben
      31. It Might Have Been
      32. Grace Is Amused
      33. “Pet” Implies Fondness
      34. Get Ready Boys
      35. They Held Camlann Down
      36. Condense That Hatred
      37. Perimeter Does His Job Right
      38. Hold Tight, Camlann
    5. The ArgumentIn which they fight over the lake.
      1. Slacking Wiglaf!
      2. Sidelined Again
      3. Don’t Push It, Peri
      4. Due For A Visit
      5. Hnæf Didn’t Deny It
      6. King Of Multitasking
      7. Precaution Fail
      8. So Many Bored Artifacts
      9. Got Way Off Track
      10. Get In There, Driver!
      11. Be More Persuasive
      12. Ben Won’t Let This Drop
      13. Hnæf Just Became Busy
      14. True Friendship Nags
      15. The Others Are To The Side
      16. You Saw This Coming
      17. Welcome The Lake
      18. Pin-Up LXI
      19. Magical Means Monologue
      20. Live With It, Buddy
      21. Two Gates
      22. He Hates The Sidelines
      23. Sideline Chatting
      24. Bliss Can Move, Don’t Forget
      25. He Still Moonlights
      26. He’s Not Magic, But He’ll Talk
      27. Taking A Break Now
    6. The ShowdownIn which they fight with the lake, and discover something new in the process.
      1. You Can Plan A Bad Day
      2. Still A Bonding Point
      3. Mordred Is Guilty
      4. Wiglaf Keeps His Own Tallies
      5. Easiest Way To Get Water
      6. Didn’t Want To Get Wet
      7. Mordred Could Do It
      8. He Honestly Forgot This Time
      9. It’s Still Raining Out There
      10. No More Water
      11. Obligatory Reunion Nagging
      12. Good To Talk It Out
      13. Possible Equal Matches
      14. Go Be The Hero, Wiglaf
      15. Lake’s Up Next
      16. Wiglaf Still Has Violent Needs
      17. Now There Will Be A Fight
      18. Don’t Be Jealous, Guys
      19. Azzie Is Having Another Crisis
      20. Hard To Listen To Two
      21. He’s Having Fun Now
      22. They Fight Between Banter
      23. Ben Is His Best Friend Now
      24. Not The Best Time, Fellas
      25. Camlann Wants To Fight Together
      26. Bliss Is On It!
      27. Hollow Mountain
    7. The StoneIn which the fight with Lake is interrupted by the discovery of a mysterious stone that seems to be exactly what they were looking for.
      1. Little Bit Of Light
      2. It’ll Hit Him In A Second
      3. It Is Hard To Admit
      4. Gawain Is The Zombie
      5. He’s Worried Like Crazy
      6. Long Walk Back
      7. Climb Is Easy Either Way
      8. Soon To Be Spotlight
      9. Too Busy Thinking Of Other Things
      10. Pay Attention, Camlann!
      11. Meeting The Hero Quota
      12. Lake Is Annoyed In The Back
      13. Wiglaf Remembered That
      14. Ben Can Hear It, Though
      15. If Grace Is Worried…
      16. Ben Is Going To Hit Him
      17. Don’t Forget The Others
      18. It Was Kinda Obvious
      19. Eye Opening Conversations
      20. Jealousy Everywhere
      21. Dark Magic Senses
      22. It Takes A Lot To Scare Grace
      23. Ben Has Had Enough
      24. It Was Never Going To
      25. Everyone Gets One
      26. Lots of Distractions, You Know
      27. Azzie Didn’t Expect This
      28. Wiglaf Will Monitor It
      29. Bliss Is Different
      30. Grace Is Still Annoyed
      31. Wiglaf Always Knows
      32. No, Probably Not
      33. Shouldn’t Mix These Things
      34. Pretty Danger
    8. HumanIn which a few folks have to reintroduce themselves, and others have no idea how to deal with this new side to people they thought they knew.
      1. First Thing He Thought Of
      2. Give Her A Second
      3. The Bright Side Of This
      4. Bad Chemistry
      5. Freedom Is Relative
      6. That Didn’t Change Any
      7. They’ll Both Write It
      8. Sure, Mordred, Sure
      9. It’s A Guestimate
      10. Forever Jealous
      11. Camping Awaits!
      12. Pin-Up LXII
      13. Camlann Wants To Be Useful
      14. Just Compliment Him
      15. Why Is Anyone?
      16. Wiglaf Will Say No Anyway
      17. Everyone Else Is Inside
      18. Mobility Achieved…Mostly
      19. Camlann Gets Lonely
      20. On The Same Page
      21. Mordred Might Leave
      22. At Least Breakfast Was Free
      23. Ben Slept Through It
      24. Kicking Is New For Grace
      25. She Really Wants Breakfast
      26. But The Shoulder Is Comfy
      27. He’s Extra Tired
      28. They’re Ignoring Grace
      29. Get A Snack
      30. Mordred Is Too Tired to Notice
      31. Could Be A Mountain Resort
    9. InhumanIn which a certain cult seems to have an issue to deal with.
      1. Ledger Will Figure It Out
      2. The Boss Can Hear You
      3. He Really Is A Busybody
      4. Boss Weighed His Options
      5. Maria, The First
      6. Jade Is Shouting
      7. Together The Longest
      8. And Amuse Maria
      9. Get The Facts First
      10. Immortal Problems
      11. Boss Has Employees To Consider
      12. They Could Be A Problem
      13. Pin-Up LXIII
      14. Membership Has Been Down
      15. What Works, Works
      16. Jade Does Not Want To Go
      17. You’ll Have To Suffer, Jade
      18. Wrong Room
      19. He Likes Interior Decorating
      20. Birds of a Feather
      21. Mud Baths Are Nice, Too
      22. Jade Still Blushes
      23. Plan In Comfort
      24. It Was There, Okay?
      25. Convince Him Harder, Jade
      26. He’s Prepared For This
      27. She Likes Jade, Really
      28. And It Was Eight Bad Years
      29. Your Friend’s Kid Is Here
      30. The Gem Is In His Pocket
      31. Maria Is So Amused
      32. Driver Has Mixed Feelings
      33. Camlann Would Love It
      34. Camlann Might Be Worried
      35. Boss Has Second Thoughts
      36. Just Kiss Already
      37. Jade and Maria Argue Loudly
      38. Jade Is Processing
    10. CollisionIn which transformed artifacts run into inhuman monsters.
      1. Like Three People Voted
      2. But Ben Will Hear About It
      3. They Will Regret This
      4. Too Late, Kiddos
      5. They Didn’t Share The Rocks
      6. Total Agreement Is Rare
      7. Boss Is Fascinated
      8. Pin-Up LXIV
      9. Too Scared To Swoon
      10. Yes, Grace. It Does.
      11. Bliss Knew It Was
      12. It Didn’t Go Far
      13. Boss Will Put Her Down
      14. Quit The Denial
      15. Good Guess, Driver
      16. Maria Is Onto Something
      17. Bliss Negates Magic
      18. Just Listen To Her And Run
      19. You Tell Him, Wiglaf
      20. About Time, Buddy
      21. Keep Your Distance, Boys
      22. Boss Will Sure Try, Though
      23. Jade Worries
      24. Camlann Is Offended
      25. Take The Compliment
      26. They Should Really Leave
      27. One Hit Is Not A Win
      28. Could Hold On All Day
      29. Back Up The Talk, Boss
      30. Camlann Won’t Fix That
      31. You Could Help, Mordred
      32. They’re Having Fun For Now
      33. He’ll Get Up When He Wants
      34. Give His Back A Minute
      35. Driver Trusts Him
      36. Grace Wants To Live
      37. Boss’ll Make Jade Do It
      38. True Statement Is True
    11. Wiglaf vs BossIn which Boss takes things more seriously and Wiglaf has a fight on his hand.
      1. The Real Fight Starts
      2. Grace Won’t Judge
      3. It’s Good He Can’t Remember
      4. At Least He Missed The Art
      5. Camlann Is Done Watching
      6. Camlann Was Really Just Lazy
      7. It Was Sort Of Thoughtful
      8. Camlann Values Himself Now
      9. Camlann Dropped Them
      10. Play Catch With Them
      11. Camlann Can Teleport, Too
      12. Both Too Good At Dodging
      13. Back To Punches It Is
      14. Bliss Would Have Liked It, Too
      15. Pin-Up LXV
      16. They Brought Clothes
      17. Wiglaf Can Take It
      18. Magic Cult. Magic User.
      19. It Can Be Both, Wiglaf
      20. He Won’t Even Eat You
      21. Boss Is Not In The Mood
      22. Blue Stage. Blue Wings.
      23. Wiglaf Didn’t Say They Were
      24. Half the Battle Is Mental
      25. Hard To Forget Those Wings
      26. Boss Loves Hair Pulling
      27. He’s Listening Thank You
      28. His Spine Might Snap
      29. Wiglaf, Stop.
      30. They’re Staying Inside
      31. Hurts More Than You Think
      32. More Like Extra Limbs
      33. Not Enough Blood Either
      34. Azrael Asked Camlann
      35. Boss Is Going To Count
      36. Grace Would Disagree
      37. Get Out There, Grace
      38. Call Him Out, Ben
      39. Hero Instincts Persist
      40. Pin-Up LXVI
      41. They Can See It
    12. New ChallengerIn which an old face makes a reappearance and gives Wiglaf the pep talk he needs.
      1. Another To Boss’ List
      2. Of Course Brat Did
      3. Siblings Reunited
      4. Don’t Forget These Things
      5. Azrael Just Noticed
      6. Wiglaf Doesn’t Know Either
      7. The Truly Important Point
      8. Mordred Might Hide
      9. Always The Exception
      10. A Near Conspiracy
      11. Brat Was The Bully
      12. An Empty Threat
      13. He Feels Better Up High
      14. They Both Miss Clothes
      15. Desperation Breeds Friendship
      16. Too Much Bad Mouthing
      17. No Power Lines Out Here
      18. Camlann Should Fix That
      19. Camlann Is So Proud
      20. Camlann Made Plans
      21. Don’t Pretend You Know Him
      22. Camlann Holds Many Grudges
      23. Brat Gave A Pep Talk Even!
      24. Jade Misses You Too, Boss
      25. Still a Sword at Heart
      26. Boss Is Taking Aim
      27. Boss Knew About This
      28. All About Looking Cool
      29. Lake Doesn’t Care
      30. Azzie Has The Worst Denial
      31. Infinite Life, Not Patience
      32. Camlann Likes The Sky
      33. Boss Is Getting Bored, Too
      34. Boss Calmed Down
      35. They Both Want Praise
      36. So Much For The Arena
      37. Wiglaf Liked That Mountain
      38. Pin Up LXVII
      39. Lake Liked The Mountain, Too
      40. Space Clears His Head
      41. Boss Is Waiting For Camlann
      42. Boss Is Having Regrets
      43. It’s Her Second Power
      44. Bored Doesn’t Describe It
      45. That Hurts More Than It Looks
      46. Understatement, Boss
    13. ResurrectionIn which Boss comes back and fights new challenger, Camlann. Properly.
      1. Everything Returns To Dust
      2. Any Time Now, Fellas
      3. Boss Will Figure It Out
      4. Next Up Is Purple
      5. He Got A Little Closer
      6. You’re Getting Too Nice, Azzie
      7. So Much Naked Rage
      8. New Maps Will Be Needed
      9. What Villain Doesn’t?
      10. Shut Up, Azzie
      11. Azzie Is Sick Of Drowning
      12. Brat Is Totally Fine
      13. Pin-Up LXVIII
      14. Boss Plays For Keeps
      15. He Takes Work Seriously
      16. The Ego Always Wins
      17. Those Still Hurt, Too
      18. She Floated Really Far
      19. At Least There’s Green
      20. Neons, Camlann. Neons.
      21. The Next New Design Trend
      22. She Would Be Red
      23. Bliss Is Done With You, Too
      24. A Lie By Omission
      25. Skirt Suits Are Fashionable
      26. It Was Already There
      27. Super Cute
      28. Take That Back!
      29. That Answer Wouldn’t Change
      30. They’re Floating Above
      31. He Doesn’t Like Worms
      32. She’s Like His Mom
      33. Wiglaf Loves Killing Monsters
      34. He Met Azrael First
      35. Pin-Up LXIX
    14. Final FightIn which Camlann is angry his fight didn't happen and decides to end this chaos once and for all.
      1. The Reveal Next Time!
      2. Just Go With It
      3. Boss Has Nothing
      4. Brat Is Lazy Today
      5. He DOES Have A Fan Club
      6. Big New Friend
      7. They Made a Table
      8. Magic Isn’t Physical
      9. Camlann Is Onto Something
      10. Get Azrael Out of The Water
      11. Azrael Wants Land
      12. No One Knows How Long
      13. The Monster Forgave Him
      14. Plenty Of Room On That Tail
      15. The Battle Continues
      16. Their Hands Are Still Clasped
      17. No Need To Get Serious
      18. Trouble From The Deep
      19. He Did Forget
      20. The Arm Wrestling Continues
      21. Make All The Friends
      22. Eternally Stubborn
      23. He’s Confused You Need More
      24. It Has Feelings
      25. Perfectly Chooses His Battles
      26. Time Means Nothing
      27. He So Is
      28. This is the Last Fight
      29. It Still Counts as His Win
    15. New NormIn which the transformed artifacts go home with everyone else and leave the Boss problem for another day.
      1. Pin-Up LXX
      2. A Short Walk Back
      3. Her Hair Grew Out
      4. That’s Exactly What He Did
      5. Fresh vs Recycled Air
      6. Reunited At Last
      7. Compensation for Height
      8. Return to the Third Wheel
      9. He Wants A Hug, Too
      10. He’s Getting That Hug
      11. He Loves The Hug
      12. Communication Is Key
      13. He Wants Another One
      14. Mordred’s Game
      15. The Magic’s Gone
      16. He Abused The Hotel Right
      17. They Missed Each Other
      18. Hug Blocked
      19. Mordred Went To Get Bliss
      20. Mordred Has No Shame
      21. Not Quite The Old Days
      22. Believe What You Want
      23. Get These Boys Home
      24. 1497. He Had Emotional Distress
      25. Lake Got Used To Company
      26. Wiglaf Did Do That
      27. Pleasant Observations
      28. Materialism Wins
      29. Always A Realist
      30. He Missed Hanging Out
      31. Their Hate Is Worse
      32. Nothing Works Right
      33. The Van Is Easier
      34. You Know Better, Azzie
      35. He’ll Still Order You
      36. You Are A Brat
      37. Wiglaf Built A Van.
      38. Pin-Up LXXI
      39. Give Him Some Credit
      40. He Wants To See It
      41. They Can’t Share
      42. He’ll Get What He Asked For
      43. Don’t Forget His Strength
      44. Miss The Rush
      45. Pin-Up LXXII
      46. Moving Buildings
      47. Safety Is Important
      48. Everyone Is Strapped Down
      49. It’s Literally Her Name
      50. Wiglaf Was On Autopilot
      51. He Was REALLY On Autopilot
      52. They Are Staring At A Wall
      53. You Can’t Explain Perfection
      54. They’re Bolted Down
      55. Sleep Still Escapes Them
      56. He’s Out of Practice, Too
      57. They Travel Often
      58. He’s Sitting Too Close
  14. HumanityNow human, the centuries old artifacts must readjust to life in the modern world. Now that other people can see them, they can't exactly get away with whatever they want all the time! In the meantime, Sedrick and Arthur work on repairing their strained relationship.
    1. TrustIn which Sedrick asks Arthur to work with him again.
      1. Sedrick Is Beyond Bored
      2. Arthur Loves His Dragons
      3. They Will Make A Plan
      4. They Work For Arthur
      5. That’s All Sedrick Asks
      6. Can’t Walk Away Now
      7. He’s Barely Gone Out
      8. Make Some Mayhem
      9. Hagen Is Going To Have Fun
      10. Sedrick’s Had An Outfit Ready
      11. Arthur Isn’t Sure
      12. Sedrick Has The Undershirt
      13. Sedrick Might Hide That Shirt
      14. Benefits of Being Short
      15. Arthur Is Into It
      16. They Will Go Out Soon
      17. Arthur Shares Both Names
      18. Hagen’s Mom Would Help
      19. He Finds Loopholes
      20. Self Pep Talks Work Wonders
      21. Run Those Numbers
      22. Gawain Is Not Sure
      23. He’s Right To Question
      24. Change Does Wonders
      25. Pin-Up LXXIII
      26. You Can’t Escape, Sedrick
      27. Wear The Uniform
      28. They Need a Design Studio
      29. Arthur Tries Flattery
      30. Arthur Tries Again
      31. They Are Basically Together
      32. Planning? What’s That?
      33. The Rain Will Get The Credit
      34. Work Is Work
      35. The Outfit Grew On Him
      36. Rain So Thick They Can’t See
      37. Gawain Does Not Like Rain
      38. Arthur Shouldn’t Go Shirtless
      39. Evil is Evil
      40. It Is Still Raining
      41. Sedrick Has A Bias
      42. It’s More Like Pajamas
      43. It Was In Arthur’s Closet
      44. Gawain is Much Older
      45. Sedrick Knows Everyone
      46. Sedrick Will Say No
      47. The Usual Back and Forth
      48. Just Do It, Arthur
      49. He’s Got You There, Sedrick
      50. He Got Hungry
      51. He Is Cute In That Sweater
      52. Sedrick Doesn’t Like Cones
    2. RelaxationIn which Wiglaf and Mordred regroup, relax, and decide to go on Vacation.
      1. Arthur Finally Did It
      2. Stop Being Right, Wiglaf
      3. A Rival Is Basically Family
      4. He’s Not Worried
      5. They Have The Time
      6. A Vacation!
      7. He Might Like That One
      8. He Had To Bottle The Pride
      9. The Pride Isn’t Totally Gone
      10. A Bonding Vacation
      11. They Already Left
      12. Twenty Minutes Ago
      13. Pin-Up LXXIV
      14. The Vacation Begins
      15. Wiglaf Has The Schedule Covered
      16. Wiglaf Is Aware He’s Sleeping
      17. The Perfect List
      18. Homemade Breakfast
      19. Wiglaf Made Enough For All
      20. Mordred Is Taken Aback
      21. Stop Being Bashful
      22. They Think of Driver!
      23. The Schedule Is In Charge
    3. The TourIn which Wiglaf and Mordred go on a tour and meet an old friend.
      1. Wiglaf Loves This
      2. That Tour Should Be Scared
      3. That Happens Often
      4. Pin-Up LXXV
      5. Wiglaf’s Way Is More Fun
      6. Mordred Is The Boss
      7. It’s Dark, Too
      8. Lancelot Had A Headache
      9. Nicknames Are Adorable
      10. His Amusement Increases
      11. No, Lance Didn’t
      12. Wiglaf and Security Were
      13. Lance Has To Come Back
      14. Happy Face, Lancelot
      15. Lancelot You Know Better
      16. Lancelot Is Serious, Guys
      17. Security Wants To Compare
      18. It Is Suspicious.
      19. He Hates This Job
      20. He Needed That Hug
      21. It’s All About Those Hugs
      22. Now Lance Is Having Fun
      23. Empty Tour
      24. Why Yes They Are
      25. He Planned This
      26. Quick Costume Change
    4. The TrapIn which the tour gets cut short by a dastardly plot!
      1. His Lab Was Very Busy
      2. Lancelot Is Proud Of It, Too
      3. He’s Wiglaf, That’s Why
      4. Pin-Up LXXVI
      5. Lancelot WILL Figure It Out
      6. He Took Over A Storage Room
      7. He Won’t Fail At That!
      8. Security Is Great With His
      9. Use Those Senses, Wiglaf
      10. Straight To The Point, Lance
      11. Science Should Be Enough
      12. A True Realization
      13. While The Boys Argue
      14. She Was Hiding
      15. Both Are Right
      16. GeMo Hasn’t Attacked Yet
      17. Depends On What You Ask
      18. He Takes Care Of Them
      19. She Appreciates The Thought
      20. She Said Yes
      21. Watch The Rating, GeMo!
      22. Lancelot Knows Him Too Well
      23. He Wanted To Do That Tour
      24. And Wiglaf Will
      25. It Literally Touched His Heart
      26. Puppet Show
      27. Wiglaf Too Wants That Tour
      28. A Lovely Plant Woman
      29. Lance Can Fake It
    5. The Actual TourIn which Lancelot takes Mordred and Wiglaf on an actual tour.
      1. Driver Will Hunt You Down
      2. She Went Easy On Them
      3. Someone Is Lying
      4. So Many Flowers
      5. Neither Has A Job
      6. They Are Annoying
      7. Lancelot Has A Plan
      8. Pin-Up LXXVII
      9. Pin-Up LXXVIII
      10. Does He Have To Say It?
      11. Your Choice, Boys
      12. Successful Puppy Dog Eyes
      13. Right This Way
      14. It’s Proprietary
      15. Driver Entertains Herself
      16. Driver Is Feeling Cute
      17. Driver Wants To Drop In
      18. Mordred Can Be Sweet
      19. That Doesn’t Mean He Notices
      20. The Dress Is A Win
      21. Hissy Gets A New Friend
      22. Thanks Security
      23. The Color of Mordred’s Eyes
      24. No He Did Not
      25. Driver Will Fix Things
      26. Dating Can Wait
      27. Remember Your Friends
      28. The Full Tour
      29. Driver Likes Sweets
      30. Adult In A Candy Store
      31. Mordred Will Pay For It
      32. Too Irritated To Talk
      33. Mordred Said He’d Pay
      34. So Much To Do!
      35. Pin-Up LXXIX
    6. New BondingIn which Arthur and Sedrick work things out.
      1. Sedrick Will Have Ideas
      2. He’s Pretending To Be Upset
      3. Sedrick is a Bad Guy, Too
      4. He Draws The Line There
      5. Arthur Might Change His Mind
      6. Sedrick Is Oddly Proud
      7. Sedrick Knows
      8. Arthur Really Sort Of Is
      9. Sedrick’s Right Per Usual
      10. Dragons Are Not For Sale
      11. Arthur Could Play The Bad Guy
      12. Usually Security Does It
      13. Let Sedrick Loose Again
      14. See How Far He Gets
      15. He Will Be Evil Yet
      16. Madame Garrott Has Spoken
      17. She Made Herself Clear
      18. Sedrick Would Be Jealous
      19. That Is The Opposite
      20. He Missed The Point
      21. It Is Kinda Evil
      22. Sedrick Is Conflicted
      23. Arthur Has This Planned
      24. Grandma Has to Grandma
      25. Plan Is In Action
      26. Some Order Required
      27. Sedrick Deals With The Living
      28. Proud Mum
      29. Getting Scared Now
      30. He’s Waiting For Praise
      31. Sedrick Is Proud…Sort Of.
      32. Arthur Heard That
      33. Setting Down The Rules
      34. Peaceful Reflection
      35. Sedrick Would Want Another
      36. Shouting Between Rooms
    7. ShoppingIn which Driver wants to shop.
      1. The Trio Decides
      2. Security Wants To Stick Around
      3. WaM 1735. But Not That Much
      4. Relax and Enjoy
      5. Pin-Up LXXX
      6. He Said No Clothes
      7. Like At The Start
      8. Clothes Stayed At Least
      9. Her Hair Grows Slow
      10. Gotta Keep A Level Head
      11. Mordred Disagrees
      12. Violence on Hold
      13. Follow Her Lead!
      14. Driver is Right Often
      15. Suspicious of Them All
      16. Wiglaf Makes Jokes
      17. No More Jokes
      18. Pin-Up LXXXI
      19. The Author Missed Him
      20. Waiting For The Show
      21. Camlann Can Do That
      22. Camlann Has The Power
      23. Spiteful Thing
      24. He’s on Vacation!
      25. Supposed to Relax
      26. Driver Is Getting Bored
      27. Wiglaf Almost Suggested That
      28. Camlann Got Distracted
      29. Camlann Added The Swirls
      30. Don’t Test Her
      31. Camlann and Driver Bonding
      32. They Match Now
      33. Camlann Has Power
      34. Their Hair Is Green Too
      35. Customized Green
      36. They Will Hang Out
      37. It’s Perfectly Ruined
      38. Shopping For Shiny Things
      39. Mordred Can Afford It
      40. Owning Is Enough
      41. Attach Charms to the Chains
      42. He’ll Wear It Under The Shirt
      43. His Sister Is A Brat
      44. Can’t Think Of What To Say
      45. Fruit Punch on the Beach
      46. The Sidekicks Together
      47. Camlann’s Turn To Listen
      48. He Will Take Suggestions
      49. No Crime For You
      50. Bright Hair Is Bad For His Job
      51. He Had Too Many Options
      52. A Little Break
      53. Instinctive Pondering
      54. Pondering Life
      55. Still Going Over Options
      56. Driver Gets Stuff Done
      57. Camlann is Impressed
      58. Service and Friendship
      59. WaM 1791. Working on that Friend Thing
      60. His Hair Is Greased Back
      61. WaM 1793. Get Your Hugs, Camlann
      62. He’s Tired of Thinking
      63. Camlann Missed This Style
      64. Camlann Took It Back
      65. He Likes The Simple Really
      66. Too Much Intimacy
      67. Arthur
      68. He Trusts Wiglaf
      69. He Would Rather Just Avoid It
      70. Pin-Up LXXXII
      71. That’ll Work Too
      72. Who Doesn’t Love That?
      73. Relax and Enjoy
      74. Need Savory For That Sweet
      75. Modred Is Hungry
      76. A 4th Wall Break
      77. Thoughtful In A Way
      78. Hugs Are Great
      79. Give That Raincheck Five Min.
      80. Sometimes You Just Need It
      81. Wiglaf Gives Perfect Hugs
      82. Excitement is Contagious
      83. A Quick Agreement
      84. Still All For A Pub Trip
      85. No Need To Overindulge
      86. Done Perfectly Of Course
      87. The Puppy Eye Attack!
      88. All Settled
      89. Not Entirely Wrong
      90. He’s The Favorite
      91. Do Your Job, Security
      92. Or Else, What.
      93. Security Took The Hit
      94. Both Of You Stop
      95. Perfect At That, Too
      96. No 4th Wall Breaks For You
      97. Yummy Food
      98. Delayed Reaction
      99. His Limit Is Reached
      100. Mordred Is Doodling
      101. No Evidence Then
      102. He Won’t. But He Can.
      103. Staring At Ashes
      104. Everything Is Still Recorded
      105. Still On About The Doodles
      106. New Art Program
      107. Good Coffee
      108. Camlann Checking For Driver
      109. His New Default Prank
    8. MeanderingIn which the plot meanders for a bit.
      1. Got Him Again
      2. Cake Is Good
      3. Found A Toy!
      4. Early Bedtime
      5. He Could Do It Well
      6. A Day Well Spent
      7. The Author Blames Camlann
      8. Acceptance
      9. Camlann Can’t Override That
      10. Give Yourself A Hug
      11. Author Cameo
      12. Talking In His Head
      13. Always Thank You
      14. Who Needs Walls?
      15. Wiglaf Won’t Break
      16. Cheers To You Both
      17. Friends Until The End
      18. Almost Broke That Wall
      19. Stalling For Time
      20. Pin-Up LXXXIII
      21. Sweater Next Time
      22. Sweater!
      23. Thoughts
      24. They WILL Play
      25. Played Games
      26. He Could Play 100 More
      27. Not A Game
      28. Endless Vacation
      29. Neverending Plans
      30. Sleep Well Everyone
      31. Let Him Sleep
      32. The Downsides
      33. Still Waiting
      34. Another Year Gone By
      35. Friends Forever Literally
      36. Wiglaf Is Out Of Luck
      37. Lazy Breakfast
      38. Delicious Toast
      39. Evil Again
      40. He’ll Get Mordred Soon
      41. Change For The Better
      42. You Never Had That Touch
      43. Solo Plans
      44. Pin-Up LXXXIV
      45. Void In Her Soul
      46. A Day On The Town
      47. Keep Herself Company
      48. Pin-Up LXXXV
      49. The Creator Fixed It
      50. Wasting More Time
      51. Tell Not Show
      52. No Words Needed
      53. Simple At Heart
      54. Pondering Aloud
      55. Poor Lancelot
      56. More Amusement
      57. All The Amusement
      58. You Know He Would
      59. Crooked Vase
      60. Keep Talking
      61. Happily Listening
      62. He Very Much Is
      63. Girl’s Night In
      64. Doodles
    9. DetourIn which we see what Azrael and Grace are up to.
      1. Azrael Grew His Hair Out
      2. Get Used To It
      3. Gotta Make That List
      4. Short List
      5. They Know Each Other