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A Big Boat

When ‘ze Muse holds back her creativity, she holds back her creativity. *_*

*passes out* The color delay has been brought to you by well, the usual suspects –, and of course Youtube.

On that note -

The Brave Little Toaster.

I got my hand on the soundtrack and rewatched clips and reminded myself how awesome that movie was. According to my mother I had it playing every chance I could when I was little and the scene ‘Worthless’ is up there on my list of favorite animated moments (Behind The Clock Tower scene in The Great Mouse Detective which will forever remain my favorite animated moment of all time -and a few others).

The point is – if you have not seen this movie. Go do so. Right now. Stop reading my comic and go buy it, rent it, or heck – watch it on Youtube. Have tissues ready and be prepared to never throw an appliance away ever again.

Thank-you and have a nice day.

(But do come back and keep reading WaM afterwards…I need you. *_* Your attention keeps me going. Like a battery. A big battery. Why do I keep posting stuff at odd hours of the morning when I haven’t gotten any sleep? o_O)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Worthless” from The Brave Little Toaster


Maybe he can’t swim. Probaly that chainmail of his.


Agreed, GrimmDealer, he probably finds it difficult to swim. HOWEVER! ALSO remember that he is a Swede. The Norwegians were the ones that primarily went a-Viking in boats. And you know the saying: “Out of the weeds/Came a thousand Swedes/ Chased by one Norwegian.” Of course he wouldn’t like boats!

KGJ has a Norwegian heritage. We apologize for any offense. –Mgmt.


Why does Wiglaf dislike boats? He probably gets seasick. Even heroes can get that.

You’ve gotta laugh at how Hnaef fell over in surprise when Security popped up out of nowhere over his shoulder. XD


If Wiglaf gets seduced by a sexy sea monster who resembles Angelina Jolie and sires the ultimate monster…
I’m not sure if I’d go on a killing spree or die laughing. Hmm.


Wiglaf wouldn’t get seduced by a sexy sea monster. didn’t you see strip #11 :D


I know. Strip #11 is actually one of my favorites. That’s why I would die laughing. :D
But theoretically, if he doesn’t get seduced by a sexy sea monster, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he could be seduced by a NOT sexy sea monster.


Ew. Brain filter in the comment section, please!


Maybe Wiglaf gets an urge to go all sailor when he’s on a boat. And ends up sailing the whole thing by himself!

Or maybe all sailors fear him for some dramatic deed on the high seas!

Or maybe they’re really lengthy and he has nothing to do for the duration of the trip. Gets a little stir crazy without people to be saving and things to be doing. A restless Wiglaf is an invitation for trouble <_<

Either way, Security remains awesome ^_^


“Security remains awesome”
It almost seems like you think security cannot be awesome :raisebrow: , despite it being the core of his being! :X =D


Just a theory, but if Wiglaf can carry the tree seen in pin-up XV with ease, I doubt swimming with chainmail on would be that big of a deal. Though he could still have an irrational fear of the water or drowning, unrelated to the chainmail.


I watched the Brave Little Toaster not to long ago. for a kids movie it’s really quite disturbing at points. also Tony the Tiger voiced the vacuum cleaner.


That movie seriously traumatized me as a kid. And yet people wonder why we have an entire generation of clown-haters?


Psh; you don’t need that movie to hate clowns. They’ve always creeped me out….wait. I watched that movie a lot as a child…I wonder. *ponders*


A friend of mine is absolutely terrified of clowns. As in “if you show her a picture of a clown, you’d better be wearing earplugs and protective padding because she’ll scream and then maim you” terrified. And, yes, she’d watched a lot of the Brave Little Toaster growing-up.

Reply will eat your soul, if you’re not careful. One minute, you’re looking up “Jerk with a heart of Jerk”, the next, it’s been three hours and you’ve somehow ended up reading every single “Our Tropes are Different” trope.


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