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A Bladesmith

Ha ha, you forgot about them, didn’t you? And man, makin’ Gawain a Zombie was the best thing I’ve done yet. It makes him this cute little abuse toy for pain. *pets him* Oh~ Yes. Yes you are.

Ah Camlann. Just not his day~

And on an unrelated note – I love how #35 in my 100 Theme Challenge came out. See it here~ See it now. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“I Wanna Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles


Poor Gawain! He takes pain so cheerfully. XD And Hagens being cute too in her excitement over vacation. This is why I can barely pick favorites in your cast, they’re all too awesome. XD


Gawain and Hagen will soon come to appreciate the full power of Camlann, and re-sheath him. The wall of words :D Even a Zombie is not immune from that.


You know, Mordred doesn’t really need to keep Wilgaf around to wield Camlann…

All he really needs is a pot holder!



Ha ha, it’s pretty different with a zombie when it comes to Camlann’s tricks. XD And Hagen looks very cute throughout this strip.


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