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A Day On The Town

I wanted to draw Driver in a cute dress so I did. HAH.

Edit: Oops. I got home late and was playing with my dog. XD; No time for the comic. Sorry! See you on Friday!

OH. And if you enjoy reading and writing online, today for Leap Day, Belletristica is having a once every four year event! If you have an account and read a chapter (you press the “I have read this” at the end of a chapter), then you get the Stargazer title and the Vaya’s Comet achievement. :D I’ve also started to post writing there if you’re interested and need something to read for the event. ;D The site is based in Austria’s timezone, so hurry! :D


In a dress? Driver, you’re a handsome woman. To the point where people mistake you for a guy, and almost all of your dates are gay guys who mistook you for a guy. To the point where the only guy who has ever been interested in you, that we know of, that isn’t gay is Lancelot.

Basically, if you want a date while in a dress, you have to go see Lancelot. Your history suggests that you can’t get one otherwise. …and that half the people on the street would accuse you of wearing drag.


I’m liking Driver’s look here, a merging of her old & new looks.

It feels like things have come full circle for her after all the stuff that’s happened & she’s enjoying herself again like she used to.


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