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A Decade Behind

I can’t seem to draw Sedrick’s hair lately. It thwarts me. *sighs* Ah well. Arthur looks good inĀ  my new belt I just bought for my birthday back in March. *pats him*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“You and Me” by Tiffany


Oh-ho! So Arthur can admit that he knows he likes his little brother more than other people can stand!

That’s an… interesting clubbing outfit. It makes me wonder what you’ll be dressing Sedrick in, Liliy. (And I adore the way you transitioned from gray to pink and back to gray, just for that one panel. XD) Sedrick’s hair might just be saying it needs a cut. *Muses.* A mohawk, perhaps? Kidding, of course. It looks nice all fluffy as you have it.


Hah…unless I’ve got my decades completely mixed up (which is possible) he’s supposed to be dressed like early 90′s…I think. But that’s what I wanted when I drew it. More than likely it’s not even close. XD

Thus…he’s a decade behind. Heh. I need more sleep. XD


I don’t know. He probably is dressed in ’90s stuff, especially with the purpose-scuffed knees to the jeans. *Shrugs.* Never attended a club in the 1990s, never really wanted to, so I wouldn’t have any idea. Thank goodness he isn’t wearing lame, though! *Shudders.*

Sweet dreams and good rest!


clubbing? what is that?

no, really, what is clubbing?


Going to a Dance Club/Bar/Night Club or two. Basically going out to drink & socialize at various clubs – thus ‘clubbing’. :D


“Clubbing,” verb, to club: To go to one or more entertainment venues known as clubs–which may or may not include actually entering the club. To participate in the activites of a club. The term, “clubber,” is often used to describe people in the act of clubbing or who habitually go clubbing.
This verb most often references visiting dance clubs–I.E. discos–but can also be used to reference visiting strip and other kinds of club.
This activity is best summarized as a poor choice which can be costly, offers no long-term benefits and carries substantial risk of short, medium and long-term harm of a variety of different kinds and severities. If someone suggests clubbing as a potential activity they are one or more of stupid, naive, idiotically horny, and dangerously bored.


I love the last line there-If someone suggests clubbing as a potential activity they are one or more of stupid, naive, idiotically horny, and dangerously bored. :lol2:


I find that one of my most reliable methods of making a good joke is to go well past the point people have no trouble agreeing with you, clear past, “Wait, that’s not right,” through to the point people would ask, “Are you stupid or insane?”
The hard part is to do that while saying things that aren’t flat-out incorrect so that they get stuck in trying to work out what’s wrong with what you said and have no choice but to laugh.

Thank you for being a good audience member and sharing your laughter. :)


Uh oh! Home movies! Run away! XD

Soon Sedrick will probably wish he could just leave Arthur at the club. ^_^ I’m curious what Sedrick’s dress style will be for clubbing.


I hope not a backless black minidress for his sake, the colouration wouldn’t work. Maybe something with a lot of flashy sequins or beads? Probably lots of clevage.
I dunno… he’s going clubbing so a clubbing dress of some kind probably.


lol i dunno sedrick really doesn’t seem like a crossdresser to me……buuuut i could be wrong…


Hmm, let’s see, Sedrick has three choices, clubbing, home movies, or get a gun and shoot himself in the face.

If I was him I might go with the third, or fourth unnamed choice, burn all home movies and make new one of Arthur mourning said movies :D Although then Arthur might kill me, but that’s a price I’d be willing to pay.

BTW, I love this comic, I check every single Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday for the updates, Wiglaf is awesomes, but Mordred is awesomers, and Sedrick makes for a very close second to be awesomers. :cool:


Really like your screen name– “Topsey” was always cool, but giving it that read aloud function was a nifty idea. :)


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