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A Lie By Omission

Boss gets weirder and weirder every time I sit down to write him. I swear. Even I don’t know what he wants at this point.

Sorry for flaking today, too. I was already feeling bad yesterday when I got some really bad personal news. I didn’t take it too well and was sort of out of it all evening. I’m feeling better though, so hopefully the rest of the week goes smoothly despite bad-thing-I-can’t-detail is going to be a thing probably for the rest of the week.

Wish me luck.

Edit: You know the drill. I get into a late loop and stay there. I was working on something else and lost track of time and well, WaM’ll be up late Friday. And probably Sunday, too, knowing me. But just ’cause you guys are good sports, I might just draw Boss in a water kilt ’cause you asked. :D


Weird. Yeah.
Boss can’t make clothes out of thin air, but he can easily alter existing clothes.
Yet he can make tons of water out of thin air.. (assuming he didn’t steal it somewhere in Cape town..)
He should have magicked himself “water kilt” or something :D


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