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A Little Faith, A Little Trust

Sedrick is officially Yandere. TVTropes told me so.


But no, seriously, Hnæf. Run. Daddy’s going to hurt you.

Arthur and Janus shall be playing the comedic relief for now–because it’s about to get heavy with Sedrick and the kiddies.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Letters From The Sky” by Civil Twilight


Hildeburh, pick up your brother and RUN! D=

Maybe if Sedrick realizes that both his kids don’t want to help him he’ll stop being… AS nuts?


Hnaef is playing a very risky game. He should follow Hildeburh’s advice and run.

I like the vivid expressions for all the characters. Sedrick and Hnaef are especially effective here.


Ohnuuuuu!!!! Hanaef hasn’t even been abused yet and I’ve already got tears in my eyes!!!!! D’: Panels five-eight basically broke my heart. *hides the tears!*


D’AWWWWWWWW… :’D Hildeburgh loves Hnaef enough to tank Sedrick for him. Who presumably taught him all he knows. … O.o Yeah, Hnaef. It’s time to run.


Not Hnaef! I’m not sure he can cheat death like Gen or Security. Please, PLEASE little Hnaef, just run for once! I hear Mordred gives reasonable benefits… okay maybe not, but it’s better than dying right?


omgomgomg SEDRIIIIICK!!!! WTW.
“can’t get him back to break his legs if your head isn’t clear.” AHAHAHAHAAA! (maniacal laughter.)


Security, get your blue-pantsed little but in here and take the poor, delusional child away before he goes and gets himself killed. PLEASE SECURITY I LOVE THE BOY TOO MUCH TO SEE HIM DIE ;n;


Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Security was already there, just hanging around in the background like he normally does, waiting until the last minute to jump in…but that’s just me XD


Points for drawing Janus in proper running form. But unfortunately, it makes her look so like a damsel instead of a villain.


Omg… I’m so scared for Hnaef right now.
Also, I love Sedrick’s reasoning that Hnaef was jealous of Aurthur… instead of what the actual reason is.


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