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A Little Like Dad

Hey! It’s the first WaM of the New Year! :D

Also, that means it’s time for…DA DA DA!


I switched up the prizes a little (It’s just Pin-Ups this year), but hopefully that’s still enough incentive to join in and participate! :D

Especially since just like last year, I still owe someone a prize! XD Whoo hoo.

Anyway. Have fun & I can’t wait to see those entries. :3

EDIT: WaM’ll be late Friday. Look for it Saturday Morning. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Red” by Taylor Swift

The whole song. Love it.


Ah, poor Security, he didn’t even get the benefit of being left drinking age. Too bad. XD Now I want to see how he’ll act in different situations without his powers.

Hnaef, you’re being needlessly cruel denying Mordred your aid in finding that dog.


Oh Security. Don’t you know that, as soon as you become drinking age, the fun in clandestine drinking immediately diminishes by a factor of four?

*raises a glass of eggnog (lait de poulet = chicken milk! Hahahaha. . . ew) to share with the commenters and author.


eeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE!!!! <3 Security~ So fucking cute~
I can't contain the squee!

*fanboys all over the cute that is security*


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